Oh, Vern….

Hi Suzanne,
Joe Wade commented on your link.

Joe wrote: “Here is an edited clip from one of the protest video’s for Vern, it is evident right off the bat Vern is being pushed out of the car so that Banks and Leonard can wave to the crowds.

Mr. Vern is about to feel pain he never fathomed.


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  1. -I was aware this was happening, but I didn’t know the whole story once Dennis Banks and AIM
    took over

    -the sad thing is, someone probably abused Vern, and he didn’t know because he’s blind… it was
    only somebody pointing out what had happened and putting it on youtube, that people understood.

    -now the police and hospital might never catch who did it, because of AIM’s greed and interference,
    and USING THIS VICTIM like they always do, for their own greed and dishonesty, with the ideological/
    political jargon to frighten and intimidate the hospital.

    -it’s such an old pattern, can’t somebody walk up to Dennis Banks, slug him one, plant it on the
    old kisser, and when he falls, say into the mike that the money has dried up for the debauched
    lech. And the party is over. No more drugs, booze, girls and money. Just hopefully a prison
    sentence. (one can always hope)

    -see they create the problem, like any good criminal organization (the hospital’s abuse), and now they
    have the solution… it’s the money they want funnelled in, so they can fight over it, and maybe spend
    $1 million on a dilapidated small hospital (everyone takes their cut), and the rest disappears

    -the reason I say the statement from Vern Traversie is not his voice, is because it’s a white voice,
    I don’t know who wrote it, but it sounds like a school teacher. I am trained to notice and understand
    the ‘voice’ of writers, which always comes through in their writing. It is part of the way they speak,
    so you have to listen to them speak, and then read their writing. I was taught to find my writer’s
    voice, like a signature, and then refine and enhance it.

    -listen to Vern Traversie speak, then read his statement.

    > Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 11:41:16 -0400
    > Subject: Hundreds protest alleged mistreatment of Native patient : rapidcityjournal.com – Rapid City, South Dakota|||joanheart@hotmail.com has shared something with you
    > I see. It’s about the money… $100 million dollars
    > And that’s not Vern T.’s written words, not his voice
    > http://rapidcityjournal.com/news/article_1287b4f8-a3d2-11e1-8987-0019bb2963f4.html#.T7-oHAqLlSY.email
    From: Voices of the People


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