Rezinate hits the mark yet again, another direct hit against the BS propaganda machine of AIM!

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Personally I’ve always found it a little bizarre that an “innocent” person would confess/boast to others that they did in fact commit a crime, but that is the way of braggarts and blowhards I suppose-that creates another difficulty for the Peltierites and AIM to contend with as they proclaim their advocacy for Annie.

Here you have two individuals presented as icons by AIM who have made diametrically opposed statements, that can only imply one or the other is lying-if it was Annie who was lying about Peltier how can any of them support her? On the other hand if Peltier is lying how can he be supported?

To make sense of this one need only to understand the necessity of embracing both-it is an effort to maintain some measure of legitimacy and protect the AIM/Peltier home front. But in doing so it can be likened to walking on eggshells-great care…

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