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Had a friend ask me what I thought LPDOC would do when Peltier passes on?

I believe it will present something of a quandry for them-not a lot of options as I see it. I suppose they can attempt to continue on under the guise of some posthumous “exoneration” but I don’t think the numbers or money will be there.

They can switch allegiance and attempt to work the same game with Graham, or they can just fold up, go away, and find a different cow to milk in the hopes the herd will follow them.

Initially I believe there will be some profit taking when Peltier moves on, but I don’t see it as being sustainable -and if the money isn’t there the “devotion/dedication” will decline in direct proportion to that-after all this has become something of a free market enterprise -Peltier has been commodified, and like all commodities

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