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Obviously our efforts to educate the public & the news media about the American Indian Movements real character & agenda does not seem to sink in with the celebrity hungry people who remind me of the women who lined up to date OJ after he got off of brutally murdering his wife, and a man who only tried to return a pair of glasses Nicole had left behind where he was her waiter….

The real murderer was never sought, everyone knew OJ had murdered these two people, yet his athletic career saved OJ from accountability & justice, & OJ kept on doing what he was successful at…being abusive, controling & dangerous!

Only when OJ was caught, yet again…acting outside the law, did OJs victims familys have any measure of relief & feeling a cold-blooded murderer was removed from society.

Yet, until OJ was behind bars, women lined up to date or sleep with an obviously sick, evil, & dangerous man…

People are mezmerized with evil, even at putting themselves & their loved ones at risk by pursuing a relationship with this type of damaged human being….so full of their own celebrity & fame, they actually believe they should be able to get away with murder, if they are well connected enough, have enough money, or……can con the public into believing there is a justifiable reason for their carnage without justice for their victims or accountability…

Like with the execution murder of Ray Robinson at Wounded Knee, whom AIM says they never saw…a black man, in a sea of red & white AIM supporters….

Or, of Anna Maes execution-rape….on the orders of AIM leadership.

Bad Boyz behavior is coveted on reality TV…

So much so…we were alerted to the fact there has been many millions of dollars spent on a native reality program….that will never be aired sources say…

Where did that money come from…or whom did the money go to…

Why does the mainstream media support the AIM abusers, murderers, rapists, liars & thieves, when the real human interest stories lie with AIMs victims & survivors, not the fraudsters of American Indian Movement.

Do YOU really wish to participate in Lakota ceremony sanctioned by the American Indian Movement…

If so, you should know what that means to your family, your personal relationship with your Father, Creator, your tribal territorial lands, and all that you hold Sacred…

When you engage in the selling of Lakota Sacred ceremony, with the American Indian Movements blood of the innocent on AIMs hands…which in true Spiritual Lakota protocols is not allowed.

Which all the soap & water, & so-called justification of AIMs crimes will NOT wash the blood of the innocent away.

Think of that when you want to support AIM which = nothing more than supporting evil….

What goes around comes around….

You, your family, & relatives like Lakota, Vern Traversie may be used for AIMs personal agenda, which has nothing to do with the harm done to Vern, who was used to shore up AIMs failing image as what to aspire to if you are 1st Nations blood.

Check out AIMs blood quantum, which you should be aware of…

AIM never has had the authority to do what AIM has done on the backs of real 1st Nations people.

Murder, rape, lying & theft and the SACRED do NOT go hand in hand….think people, use your common sense about this very important issue.

Celebrity & fame does not allow a person or anyone to change age old Ancestorial moral values of 1st Nations tribes & 1st Nations people, but AIM has… & has gotten away with it so far!


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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