Knowing who is who…with the Bellecourt AIM Sun Dance at Pipestone!

Yep….Clyde Bellecourt has been doing his Sun Dance here for years, started here at Pipestone about 15 yrs ago with AIM helping Yanktons getting a Sun Dance started…. so the monument could be THEIR-AIMs sacred site.

 After 4 yrs the Yankton said thanks, go away….

Clyde said no, this is MY Sun Dance, so there have been two Sun Dances confusing people ever since.

Billy Bryant is George Bryants other son, he is a drunk and lives where ever he can, has been kicked out of most places.
6/24/2012 12:58 PM, Suzanne Dupree wrote:

Hey Pipestone…
Got this from the crew, they are wondering what is up with AIM & Bellecourt with this Sun Dance at Pipestone…
Bryant-Bryon is just the kind of character AIM leadership loves to use to give AIM any measure of legitimacy….in doing Lakota ceremony!
We don’t know who he is, (we do now!) but, he is the man listed at the Bellecourt Sundance as the link with Pipestone, and as a pipe maker there…
We have looked at the Pipestone site at the pipes’ page, and there is a B. Bryant listed, we now no longer wonder if this is the person who is representing the pipemakers there for AIM… at Clyde Bellcourt’s Sun Dance…..
-So the AIM poster PR people got Bryants name wrong….no accident, to be sure.
AIM will use anyone AIM can, especially an alcoholic or celebrity-fame seeker….like the son of famous pipemaker George Bryant, hoping people will NOT connect the dots…. 
Also there is an author, Bill Bryons or something
like that, who wrote a book on the pipes at Pipestone, a while ago….this seems to be the same individual.
One last comment about AIMs-Bellecourts Sun Dance at Pipestone…
Clyde, it is NOT your Sun Dance…it is a Tetuwan Lakota Sacred Ceremony, & your Sun Dance is as phoney as your hair color & limited 1st Nations blood quantum….
You & AIM are bought boyz of the US Govt…you disgust me, you greedy, lying, abuser!

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. jpwade says:

    his public statement, “I did it for the brotherhood” , LOL

    In January 1986, Clyde Bellecourt was arrested, along with a group of Indian and non-Indian associates, in possession of an estimated $125,000 worth (5.000 “hits”)of LSD and other “hard” drugs (cocaine).

    Charged on eight counts of being a major drug distributor, each compounded by a conspiracy charge, Bellecourt accepted a plea bargain arrangement and confessed, entering a guilty plea to lesser felonies shortly thereafter. Amazingly, Federal District Judge Paul Magnuson–at the height of the Reagan “War on Drugs”–then sentenced him to only five years imprisonment (of which he served less than two).


  2. jpwade says:

    this guy’s legacy of dirt reaches the skys, amazing how people still think he is such a traditionalist.
    Beginning at least as early as 1982, AIM – Clyde Bellecourt began to openly support his brother’s propaganda campaign against the indigenous resistance in Yapti Tasba , thereby lending weight and credibility to what appears to have been a CIA “Black operation.”

    Espionage against indigenous nations.

    Between 1982 and 1991, AIM – Clyde Bellecourt openly supported the collaboration of his brother, Vernon, with a settler government, to wit: the Government of Nicaragua, in the oppression, imprisonment and killing of members of the Miskito, Sumo, Rama, Garifuno and CreoIe peoples of the Atlantic Coast region of Nicaragua, known as Yapti Tasba (see Point 2. Charge Two; Paints 5 and 6, Charge 3, “Charges Against Vernon Bellecourt.” above). To this extent, and through various actions of his own, Clyde Bellecourt may also be said to have collaborated. Through this we charge, we will establish that Clyde Bellecourt’s collaboration also went much further, to include the com- mission of espionage against the Miskito, Sumu and Rama Nations, as welI as the Creole and Garifuno peoples of the Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast region.


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    Yes, Clyde & AIM/US Govt operatives & there Syrian Sioux US Govt HANDLER covered up the murders of PERRY RAY Robinson via David Hill, & John Trudell/Abourezk’s planned murder of Anna Mae


  4. Now the Panthers are aware of the murder of PERRY RAY by AIM & who shut down by Obama’s Executive order, Brandan Johnson’s appointment to stop the bloody trail right back to the Code Pinko’$$$$$$ currently occupying the White House!
    Obama exited the service for Supreme Court Judge, to calm down Black Lives Matter group over the overwhelming evidence AIM/Abourezk murdered Robinson & used even Black politicians/Judges/attorneys etc to Cover up & bury their act, BTW Black Lives Matter is also the Syrian Sioux handiwork, along with Canada’$ Idle No More….if something works, they never change their blueprint of demonic acts against humanity, under their immunity by Corrupt Govt elected officials…now don’t forget either about Abourezk’$ Legacy of Pedofiles…ICWA!
    He shall burn in hell with his deceptive Corrupt lying crew by CREATOR…we, as the Equalizers are taking the Head of the Snake….got more Intel, now is the time to give it!


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