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Now we need ask ourselves of WK2 and those who declared it a “war” such as Robideau, Means, Banks etal what was the true motivation, and how much of the “political speech” they have devoted to it over the decades is propaganda, screaming lies, and hatred?

The “political  language” they continue is an attempt to convert lies  into truth, and if not to make the murder of Ray Robinson and others  at WK2 either non existent or respectable in a “war” for “liberation”, then at a minimum a predictable and acceptable form of collateral damage as occurs  in “war”.

Among the many questions to be asked is that of profit-in being the moneyed class among us how have they enriched themselves by continually fanning the flames and beating the drums of war while avoiding any mention of real time issues within our communities?

War, or least the talk of war…

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