Something important the media & public need to read & digest for all those who support Peltier, as a BS political prisoner!

Enablers Unite!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 6:15am ·
 I am not interested in getting into any arguments regarding Peltier, I know the truth thru the exchanges I have shared with him, his cousin Robideau and others who have known him outside and inside the penn.
Leonard knows exactly what I know, and like a coward still refuses to have a conversation with me regarding my mother.
His silence speaks volumes to us.
The fact remains he shoved a gun into my mother’s mouth and interrogated her for being an informant.
Thankfully she shared her experiences with our family when we saw her last when we begged her not to go back to SD months before her execution.
Leonard bragged to my mother about shooting one of the agents while he begged for his life.
Leonard denied our family help stating he would not ” participate in incarcerating another Indian Man”.
He currently publically supports AIM member Graham who was just convicted of murdering Annie Mae in Dec. 2010. Robideau argued with Leonard about his choice to support Graham and told him” he would go down with Graham for that decision” and in frustration Robideau resigned several times, struggling with the truth and Leonard’s decision. Leonard needed to support his AIM brothers in their support of Graham knowing that Graham would be able to name the other individuals present at the house where the decision was made to execute Annie Mae.
For 28 years our family has sat and waited for justice and not once did Leonard nor the AIM leadership contact our family to offer assistance, yet they had no problem using my mother’s image, quotes and murder as their platform to profile their injustices.
Does anyone else see this as strange?
When the names of AIM members and Leonard began to be whispered in NDN country regarding my mother’s kidnapping, interrogation and murder and indictments were issue, then and only then, did Peltier make a feeble attempt to contact us by writing a letter, unaware I had already contacted Robideau and several others independently to reconfirm the gun in the mouth interrogation and other info being whispered in our communities. When I asked Robideau about what had happened in Oglala and if in fact Leonard had shot those agents, he paused for several seconds and said he “I can’t answer that I am Leonards first cousin !”.
When I then asked him if he had shot at the agents he immediately answered I fired my gun in self defense .
I have read comments recently where LP supporters and others have asked whether individuals are Native or not, when addressing facts being shared on several Facebook walls.
A strange question considering at least a third of AIM and LPDC supporters are non NDN.
I did not think it was a requirement to be NDN to fight for justice and demand the truth?
I have seen defamatory accusations and name calling like racist, divisionary , FBI/ CIA, propaganda, liable, cointel pro, family against family, and personal vendettas, yet not once did I read any facts or information to contradict the facts being shared here.
Let me remind you all that those were the exact comments and accusation made to my mother before Leonard Peltier shoved that gun into her mouth, and AIM members marched her off to her death.
People can argue all they want on whether Peltier got a fair trial or not, the facts remain that if he were to be retried again not only would he remain where he is for his participation in the shootout, but also be charged with conspiracy for his knowledge and participation in the murder of Annie Mae.
He has lied to us and he has lied to his supporters.
If people can’t see the obvious in Leonard’s knowledge and involvement in my mother’s murder, then they need to recheck what the definition of truth and justice is in their lives.
Otherwise they do nothing but support the hypocrisy and lies that AIM and LPDC are beginning to represent.
And, don’t fool yourselves into thinking they are not synonymous, Leonard has always supported AIM and AIM had always supported Leonard.
SO trying to make a distinction that they are two separate entities when it comes to the murder of Annie Mae , and Perry Ray Robinson fools no one but yourselves.
This is an ugly truth and to deny it then makes you no supporter of aid in the defense of the women suffering in our own comminutes today , in fact you have now become the enablers.
Denise Aqueash-Pictou
Daughter of Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou
Supporting & enabling AIM murderers, rapists, pedofiles, liars, thieves & media manipulators is where the problem lies with the truth becoming self-evident…
People would rather embrace a lie, than to educate themselves of the truth, which clearly shows all those whom chooses to embrace the evil of AIM & enable that evil, is as evil as AIM is itself…

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. Maybe, this situation with Robideau was the reason, all of a sudden Robideau died under mysterious circumstances in Spain, & AIM did NOT go all out with a big fanfare & the usual huge amounts of ink in the media & newswires….


  2. Sharing comments from this post….
    Look at how AIM continues to use our children…against the truth!!!!
    Enablers Unite!.
    Posted by:Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 6:15am ·

    Dispelling AIMs myths & propaganda…

    You, Joe Wade and 42 others like this..

    Michelle Thrush I feel the same…
    February 8 at 6:38am · Like · 1.

    Mark Johns-colson ‎:)
    February 8 at 6:52am · Like · 1.

    Kira Young
    I see AIM’s refusal to contact you or your family, support of Graham and simultanious use of her image and quotes, without permission as nothing short of psychological torture, under the guise of honoring Annie Mae. It is not an honor for …See More

    February 8 at 7:04am · Like · 10.

    Brian Wilkes Well said!
    February 8 at 7:10am · Like · 3.

    Tina Darling Thank you
    February 8 at 7:46am · Like.

    Akicita Zu Isnala

    February 8 at 7:53am · Like · 4.

    Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior Elaine who do you know in Annie Maes immediate family? If you are going to make such statments then have the courage and decency to name them .

    February 8 at 8:08am · Like · 7.

    Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior Sent them home for Identification? LOL! Do you know where Home is for Annie Mae ? Who is this infamous family member you know ?Or did you make that up too ? still waiting for your answer…
    February 8 at 8:21am · Like · 6.

    Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior So then you do not know Annie Maes immediate family …I didn’t think so.
    February 8 at 8:24am · Like · 6.

    Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior Elaine this is Denise, and I ask you again who do you know in Annie Maes immediate family ?
    February 8 at 8:35am · Like · 6.

    Staci Duchene I love this note, it was well said and spoken…I always thought this was the most indecent act of murder ever committed……
    February 8 at 9:25am · Like · 1.

    Kura Hatake Yes, Elaine, identify yourself for us all please. And present your evidence as well.
    February 8 at 9:48am · Like · 5.

    Tina Martin LOL Good for you Denise…calling out the fakes, who claim they know your family…as suspected..NO reply back…from Elainestar Hamman..she just made herself look like a fool….

    February 8 at 1:20pm · Like · 9.

    Kura Hatake Mark:​sc2pz1C5bQ4

    Anna Mae :Gun In Her Mouth
    Short Documentary about the execution of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash by members of the American Indian Movement…

    February 8 at 3:05pm · Like · 1.

    Kura Hatake You must have not watched the video, Mark.. An FBI agent says ANNIE NEVER WORKED WITH THE FBI. Janklow got away with it because it is the same corruption that killed Annie that permits such behavior.

    February 8 at 3:41pm · Like · 1.

    Kura Hatake And since you brought up cointelpro, here’s an article my mom just posted on the subject. Annie did not meet the criteria of cointelpro..

    February 8 at 3:43pm · Like.

    Kura Hatake​story/1737/755/​Cointelpro:-_How_to_Spot_a_​Spy.html

    Cointelpro:- How to Spot a Spy | Before It’s News

    The actual size of the group or movement being infiltrated is irrelevant. It is …See More..

    February 8 at 3:43pm · Like.

    Joe Wade
    ElaineStar Hamman’s question and replies reminds me of a song,

    “Yeah, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
    And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go.
    They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catc…
    See More

    February 8 at 4:04pm · Like.

    Joe Wade ‎”This is an ugly truth and to deny it then makes you no supporter of aid in the defense of the women suffering in our own comminutes today , in fact you have now become the enablers.”

    One of the most negative backlash’s from those in the past and those today who are unable to own up to the truths

    February 8 at 4:08pm · Like · 1.

    Joe Wade Yes!, ” they need to recheck what the definition of truth and justice is in_their_lives”

    February 8 at 5:35pm · Like.

    Lisa Piti Zeilinger You have many supporters Denise, and many who believe the truth. Don’t be discouraged by those who speak without knowing what they’re speaking of. Prayers are with you and your family.

    February 8 at 7:12pm · Like · 4.

    Jasmine Wolf
    When I was a child my father let some AIM guys crash at our house (this was the 80’s). I remember being scared of them because of the way they spoke and carried themselves. But most of all I remember they way they treated my mom, disrespect…See More

    February 8 at 8:14pm · Like · 9.

    Donna Reed We love you, Annie Mae… you’re a true inspiration to me !

    February 9 at 3:12pm · Like · 2.

    Kura Hatake Thank you, Jasmine, for sharing your experience with them. I think it will help others to see they are not the enlightened leaders they portray themselves as.
    February 10 at 7:22am · Like · 1.

    Kura Hatake​story/1747/165/​​ml

    Peltier And Too Damn Bad | Before It’s News

    I think the real issue with the Peltierites despite the obvious is that inspite …See More..

    February 10 at 11:10am · Like.

    Lanette London I do not know the story behind this. It is not here.
    February 13 at 8:11pm · Like.

    Tabatha Tavares ‎@Elaine, so let me get this straight… just because someone has crossed over, means they are automatically exempt from truth? I don’t see anything wrong with searching for truth. “It is better to keep silent and seen as a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

    February 20 at 10:34am · Like.

    Tabatha Tavares ‎@Jasmine, I know for fact that one of the many reasons my dad left the rez back in the 70’s was because of the violence created by AIM. I wish dad was here today, because I have so many questions for him.

    February 20 at 10:38am · Like.

    Tena Shannondoah i would never ever write, slander the innocent ever! Peltier is innocent if he wasnt, why hasnt he been convicted this is horrific this note is!! shame! slander is ugly, so are lies.

    March 9 at 8:14am (this is why AIM uses the baby AIMsters…, so easy to make believe a lie!!)·
    Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior: Tena, Peltier has been convicted (a long time ago), he is prison right? The truth hurts sometimes and yes Leonard and AIMs lies are ugly and it stops here.

    March 9 at 9:42am · Like · 1.

    Tena Shannondoah: Peltier is innocent, I hope one day they find who done that to your Mother, look at the feds, they did it… we know truth. He was set up , I say no more , deep in side you know they did.

    March 9 at 9:47am · Like.

    Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior
    Tena show me the proof, otherwise you are just repeating AIMs lies. Three trials , one guilty plea, & 23 eyewitness accounts prove otherwise. The only set up person people are those who believe the lies of the AIM leadership and Peltier. 36 …See More

    March 9 at 9:57am · Like · 1.

    Tena Shannondoah From my heart I prayer they find who done this to your mother.

    March 9 at 10:06am · Like.

    Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Woman Warrior: Tena they did find out who executed my Mother, and they-Peltier is sitting in prison, now comes the time for the conspiritors and the enabelers to be exposed. The only way full justice will be achieved so this bad medicine will no longer haunt us.

    The Tenas of the world is what we, whom know the real purpose & truth about AIM… have to contend with daily, with their either defending Peltiers actions, or their parroting AIMs lies & self-serving propaganda…
    We, the victims & survivors of AIM want Justice for Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash & for ourselves…
    Is that too much to ask for…after so much AIM destruction & carnage at the expense of authentic 1st Nations people…


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