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Hi Suzanne,

Had a couple of go-arounds with a Steve Brown; might be the same person as a Steve Savage; they both seem to hate Russell and love Dennis. Steve #1 came after me with a ton of insults because I left some comments he didn’t like in response to his article,
so the magazine erased all his name-calling but also my responses:

For the last 40 years, the media in general has merely parroted folklore from the likes of Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Clyde Bellecourt and John Trudell. They have accepted without question the claims of AIM lawyers Bruce Ellison, Charlie Abourezk, and Ken Tilsen. They ignore the facts which show that Dennis Banks is a proven liar, a philanderer, and a con man. They certainly never mention that Banks has been implicated in the murders of Leo Wilcox, Buddy Lamont, Ray Robinson, and Anna Mae Aquash, or that Banks was present when convicted killer Leonard Peltier bragged about shooting FBI Agent Ron Williams in the face at point-blank range.


Sadly, the media continues as AIM’s best friend and chief aider and abettor in literally getting away with murder. Despite new revelations, criminal convictions, and court testimony, so-called investigative journalists and commentators still find it convenient to stick with pat answers and worn out accolades from 1975, first hatched by AIM leaders and their co-conspirator lawyers. It appears that the leap in logic from authentic Indian warriors and truthful Indian history to modern-day killers posing as heroes is a media set-up too good to pass up. This shameless propaganda film from Lynn Salt and this review are just the latest examples.


Steve responded with more hate-filled childishness so I sent this:

No, Steve, you’re not at all defensive… gasp. Thanks for proving my point. And the way you express yourself… awe-inspiring! Glad to hear you’re not one of those irresponsible, supercilious (look it up) hacks whose unprofessionalism is one of the reasons it has taken so long to solve the Aquash murder. You obviously know better than Anna Mae’s daughters, several former AIM members, Dennis Banks’ former common-law wife, Robert Robideau, several FBI agents and US Attorneys, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and most recently, the Supreme Court of South Dakota, all of whom place your hero Banks in the motor home with his accomplice, Leonard Peltier, shortly before they both escaped the Oregon State Patrol on that night in November 1975. That would be the night Banks shot at the patrolman, and in the general direction of his wife and child, and Anna Mae, before putting the rig into drive and hightailing it, leaving the women behind and apparently deciding he had to get rid of the woman he suspected had tipped off the police.


Of course you know nothing of this because you rely on others to do the sort of hard investigative journalism you find so bothersome. Not to worry, we’ll continue to do your job for you, exposing the true legacy of Dennis Banks. Now get back to your agenda-driven AIM blather, the kind that earns you brownie points from white elites and wannabes, and defend this “well-crafted” joke of a film. Perhaps one of your colleagues should do a companion piece on Peter Matthiessen’s, “In the Spirit of a Crazy Hoax.” That could be right up their alley — or better yet, up yours!
Guess him calling me every name in the book passed muster but my one comment was out of bounds, LOL!

Oswald called, he’s retiring, partly out of frustration. Starting his own law firm. Good pick for a law suit action but he has no moola.


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  1. jpwade says:

    Steve Savage is a smuck, he re-defines spineless, and is fortunate to have fb to get his message out because his lips are are stuck on Dennis Banks hind side


  2. ryeder says:

    Hope all is well with you…..


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