On the attack…by AIM & James Abourezk of John Trimbachs presentation at the Dakota Conference….

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  • Suzanne Dupree James Abourezk hassling John Trimbach…at the Dakota Conference April 27-28th, 2012…there lies the truth of the matter, Abourezk should be in support of the FBI…not the bad guys!
  • Suzanne Dupree Big question, why…his, Aboureks lovey dovey relationship with AIM is out of character for the former Senator of SD, after AIM destroyed, desecrated & leveled a SD historical township…that no effort from his Senatorial office ever made any effort to rebuild or offer any financial assistance to those who lost everything they owned, because of the takeover of Wounded Knee by AIM….Abourezks obvious AIM buddies… committing acts of terrorism on US soil against US citizens.!
  • Suzanne Dupree Or…maybe AIMs Hollyweird celebrity has blinded James Abourezk, to whom his former South Dakota State Government position was suppose to serve, citizens of South Dakota, & that included the Riegerts, Gildersleeves, the 12 murdered victims of AIM on South Dakota soil…. all of the hostages & victims of AIMs….dont ya think!
  • Suzanne Dupree Oh, right…his son, Charles…by his own admission & website lists himself as an actor…was he acting the night AMA was brought to Bill Means house the night before she was executed ON THE ORDERS OF AIM LEADERSHIP TO PROTECT PELTIERS MURDERS OF THE 2 FBI BOYS….and, Charles did nothing to save her, though he had all the means to do so…think about that, & respond to the hypocracy that stinks of collusion of the US government & the AIM BOYZ!
    Photo: AMAs murderers all clumped together....supporting AIMs self proclaimed turf, lies, propaganda, murders, rapes, thefts....but, more importantly, the hijacking of Tetuwan Lakota Spirituality. That will be all their downfall....watch, listen, learn & share, the ass whoppin is a comin'!
    • Suzanne Dupree There will be NO reconcilliation or healing until the back of the beast is broken, the head of the snake severed from its body.
      We must NOT just be satisfied with the rattle off the tail of the snake…with Graham & Looking Cloud convictions, they did what they did on the orders of AIM hiarchy, not on their own…
      They knew beyond any doubt….they themselves would have been executed for not following AIM hiarchy orders…..So who is the real guilty parties….
      AIM & their US government handlers & counterparts who made the decision to elliminate the threat of Peltiers confession to AMA…that he had indeed executed the 2 FBI boys as they already lay dying, bleeding out… Peltier bragged to AMA Peltier had shot them both in the face.
    • Suzanne Dupree Do you really think ego inflamed Dennis Banks would allow an AIM Movement underling (Graham) to rape & murder his former lover, AMA without permission or orders from Dennis…
      Anyone who knows AIMs inner workings knows for a fact if they (or Graham) did this, they would get a bullet themselves….
      If Dennis hadnt said…loose the baggage (Aquash), who had loved Banks more than she loved her own life, or future to be at his side.
    • Suzanne Dupree This is just common sense…but, AIM supporters-enablers seem to have lost all common sense… instead favoring fabrication & fantasy.
    • Suzanne Dupree AIM will stop at nothing to rope in trusting, innocent people into AIMs fold & into compromising situations.
      Once there, people never can regain their true purpose or take back being sullied by the AIM frauds…like with Means Granddaughter approaching a certain very important person to the Legacy of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, with promises of reconcilliation & healing…
      What the olive branch is about….is getting this particular individual where they-AIM would be  able to easily to elliminate the threat of the knowledge the individual has.
      Much like so-called former AIM member… Richard Two Elk in Aug. 2008, attempting to get LBW to Wounded Knee with all of the Tetuwan Lakota ceremonial items she has been entrusted with by Frank Fools Crow & other Lakota Spiritual Elders for future generations use.
      I knew what I would be facing…and, it would not be a loving embrace by the users & abusers of the Sacred, reconcilliation, healing or recognition for doing the right thing, for the right reasons for the good of all mankind….& my Tetuwan people.
      I would never have been allowed to leave the barren South Dakota plains of Wounded Knee alive. I would be like all the rest of the murdered victims of AIM, buried & hidden…where my Minneconjou Ancestors had their final resting place desecrated by AIM in 1973….
    • Suzanne Dupree Do not be fooled by this age old AIM ruse…it is used only to gain control of what individuals represent to the real truth…viewed by the vain, aging AIMsters…. as a threat to AIMs control of 1st Nations peoples issues & the selling of Lakota spirituality, by knowing the truth, the real truth about what happened at Wounded Knee….& all over Indian Country during AIMs reign of terror.
    • Suzanne Dupree We were very sad to learn of SD Prosecutor, Rod Oswalds early retirement, stemming from the frustration of not being able to succeed in getting indictments against the real AIM (in collusion) executioners of Anna Mae Aquash!
    • Suzanne Dupree But…when you see the former SD Senator all buddied up with US Government agents-the American Indian Movement above, you can clearly see why. And, the South Dakota State Government & the US Federal level of reasoning of why this case against AIM… of executions committed by AIM of authentic traditional 1st Nations people has stalled…
      Fear of going up the US governmental food chain of all who was involved & participated in collusion… of giving AIM the green light to wage war against REAL 1st Nations people who threatened the government & AIM agenda…
    • Suzanne Dupree If I have offended any loved ones here by my statements above against & about AIMs luring tactics, it is by a lifetime of experience of staying alive & away from AIMs influences, lies & deceipt….
      AIM has destroyed my relationships with many people over the years, friends of years & years, & family…. when I could not give them what AIM promised, but never delivered…fame & celebrity!
      What I learned from a broken heart over their betrayal was this….people without honor, soul, Ancestorial respect, or moral compass will do ANYTHING with anyone….to have fame, celebrity & riches…off the backs of the innocent, honest & destitute.

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