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Dear Cody,

I want to thank you for your heart felt comment, I am sure many many of our Lakota-Dakota-Nakota people have the same questions about the same things you have asked me about in your inquiry for clarification…

The truth is before every ones eyes if they choose to see it, those who choose not to see are those somehow profiting from from the situation-issue, & it does not serve them to embrace the truth & to stop what they are doing.

Not all Lakota practicing our faith back home embrace AIMs faux Tetuwan Lakota ceremonies for profit hoax, but any who know what AIM is doing, & stands by while AIM manipulates & desecrates something that is so precious & Sacred to so many, will live only to pay the price by loss & despair before the dust settles over AIMs hijacking of that which is NOT theirs…

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