More for all to see…(Wambli Mato him High Elk & Swan), we both agree a lie is a lie, the truth IS the truth!


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Stacey Low Dog offered documents as evidence of the amount of monies Paula solicited in the name of Arvol and our Sacred Bundle. She raised the question: is the Keeper a Spiritual Leader or a Corporate Leader? As he’s being manipulated to allow this activity of exploiting the Bundle and himself by his partner and the monies that only benefit Paula and her family. That if anyone questions her activities she labels them trouble makers and enemies of Arvols’ and uses character assassinations to deter them. Wolakota Foundation, under the guidance of Paula Horn has used the Cannunpa as a marketing tool, and money making scheme that benefits none of our people, or the youth she proposes to work with, and it is only benefiting her and her family, as she is operating this foundation as it is a personal bank account to do as she sees fits. She writes fraudulent proposals and acts like a telemarketer as she is on the phone 24/7 soliciting donations for Arvol and the foundation, and shields all the calls coming in. The financial records show Paula as the main beneficiary of these activities.
  • Jerimey Morse sounds like the basics, thou profoundly deep in necessity when one considers “Saving” Pe Sla, which still kind of evades me…
  • Suzanne Dupree

    You need to know who I am related to before you go & start making threats… http:…See More
  • Geri Smith Save Pe Sla? , There is no doubt, excusing those with the blood of innocents to conduct ceremony, has resulted in much destruction, …See More
  • James Magaska Swan I really don’t care who you are, or who your related to…I don’t believe nor support anything your doing…WE are probably related (HOPE NOT!)….My family is from White horse I’m Enrroled at Che…See More
    (Ahhh, you should James…we Lakota always ask one another whom we are related to…no maybe you are NOT so Lakota after all…)
    I would not want anyone such as yourself in support of me, it would corrupt the meaning of what the Sacred is all about!)
  • Vivian HighElk FYI, le winyan ki glaskiya or gnaskiya, Cannupa Wakan ki he ahipi hehan, wicasa wan silcya wiyuhcan, le winyan ki hecel maka akal un, ca tona oyakahnigapi ki he, oyakahnigapi kte….See More
  • Vivian HighElk Miye ikceya winyan he maca, na le zuzeca ki womicaglaka sni. I am a common woman, this snake does not speak for me!
    (Why would I want to Viv, you speak with a forked tongue…your own words:
    Besides all cannupa’s are sacred and SO WHAT IF WE DON’T HAVE THE REAL OR ORIGINAL ONE HERE, what we do have is still sacred…
    But, Vivian, if the Cannunpa there is not the real or original one…why pretend It is?)
    To keep the donations & money rolling in for the select group profiting off the lie?
  • Vivian HighElk She is a wasicu snake, only out for publicity for her own good, no white man is gonna tell any story of the Cannupa for me, no books, I have rich oral knowledge and history and do not condone this snakes pathetic story!
    (What about Raymond Demallie, your good friend who is white who is suppose to be the expert in Lakota religion?)
    If your oral history is corrupt, it is what it is…my oral history came from the Uncis & Frank Fools Crow, Lame Deer & many other Elder Lakota whom I knew personally, FFC named me Looking Back Woman…in Green Grass Aug 1975!
  • Vivian HighElk If you want a debate with me zuzeca, I’m here, answer me in Lakota, lets see how cultural you are or how knowledgeable you are of my family, the KEEPERS of the CANNUPA!
    (Vivian, you have shown me time & again, you are very limited in your ability to debate this issue with me….especially, after you let the cat out of the bag the Cannunpa was NOT at Green Grass…Arvol gave you the boot!
  • Vivian HighElk You’re just a Non-Indian living by books written by your people, don’t you know the culture, history n language? History needs to be rewritten and retold but not by you or your books! Where’ve you been?
    AIM tried to burn the truth about the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin at Wounded Knee in 1973, but it has remained….
  • Vivian HighElk You’re such a phoney, get a life!
    I have a wonderful life, Vivian…& I do not have to live off of the Sacred for it!
    Your self-hatred is self-evident…Raymond Demallie said you have alot of issues.
  • Suzanne Dupree

    Looking back woman ,Canupa Wakan,The story and Pictures of Ceremonial Cheif Frank Fools Crow giving the sacred bundle to the Dupree family in 1971
  • Suzanne Dupree

    Looking back woman ,Canupa Wakan,The story and Pictures of Ceremonial Cheif Frank Fools Crow giving the sacred bundle to the Dupree family in 1971
  • Suzanne Dupree

    Looking back woman ,Canupa Wakan,The story and Pictures of Ceremonial Cheif Frank Fools Crow giving the sacred bundle to the Dupree family in 1971
  • Suzanne Dupree I am registered at Cheyenne River…I am NOT white, I am Lakota!
  • Jerimey Morse Vivian, reread your posting , ya know, someday people are going to run out of those race cards under their sleeves, and if one is going to use the old tattered cards they should at least throw it out with some truth attached to it
  • Vivian HighElk What does this have to do with PESLA?
  • Vivian HighElk I stand on my language if you want to call that “race cards!”
    (Viv, your language is all you have, I am glad you have it…however, you have no respect for yourself, no respect for Lakota Elders, Re: Marie Elk Head Fiddler, the Cannunpa if you lie, cheat , steal or embellish those are Lakota protocols…you cannot take your email said what you said, even though you really did not want to…heyoka medicine just works that way!)
  • Jerimey Morse Good question, considering your first couple of postings were accusations and finger pointing, and if you look closely at your message, it pretty much says , me, me, me , while you…See More
  • Jerimey Morse BS, Vivian… now you are back to trying to validate your traditional values, re-read your postings before doing so again!
  • Vivian HighElk Neither of you understand what I stated in Lakota, if you do, translate in a few seconds!
    (As I have said before Vivian, use the same language you & Arvol used to get those donations from the International Communities & the unknowing public…)
    You surely did not get them speaking Lakota!
  • Jerimey Morse So a person who holds a strong language foundation is suppose to be of sound qualities?  Hell, if that is all it takes, there is no wonder Hitler had it made!
  • Vivian HighElk Don’t get your wasicu qualities, the 2 of you!
    (Because we are not wascius…)
  • Jerimey Morse You, Vivian… have really put yourself into a corner, enjoy your stay, if that is where you are comfortable!
  • Vivian HighElk Call it whatever zuzeca #2
    Well, if you can’t tell the truth, Viv…why do you think you can judge others…playing by your own set of rules & Lakota protocols???
  • Suzanne Dupree

    James Magaska Swan I think its sad that as we make sacrifices for Pe’Sla we allow…See More
    Harlan Eagle Bear said he will address you about this….let’s see if you are as rude to a man, as you are a winyan….
  • Vivian HighElk I think this Looking Back Woman is actually a man, “Bring it on Swan…I await you. He Casa Sni yelo lol,” That’s a male dialect with the male gender ending “yelo” and butchering our sacred Lakota language. Hey hey, watch it LBW!
    So it is ok to butcher our Lakota ceremonies…but, not ok to speak as one was taught?
  • Vivian HighElk “Casa” is not a word!
    Suzanne Dupree says: He wicasa sni yelo!
    That fellow is no man at all!
  • Jerimey Morse was not aware the Lakota defined their language after a European mindset of alphabets , annunciation and categorization, interesting…
  • Jerimey Morse So when you write rabbit for instance, is the thought Lakota translated into English or first thought being English translated into Lakota ?
  • Suzanne Dupree Why don’t you just come & find out for yourself Vivian…all talk no action…save us from more self-serving blather!

    Sunday, April 3, 2011 This woman is Lucy Looking Horse misrepresentated by the S…See More
    Your big buddy, Vivian…Raymond Demallie is responsible, along with the SI!
  • Suzanne Dupree We will leave it for those who do not have a life…a meaningful one anyway…Vivian can you speak Hunoup….since you are such a Lakota linquist….
    (NO, you cannot…. because our Lakota Bear Medicine Society members were the only ones who did speak Hunoup to keep out the frauds like Arvol Looking Horse…& it is a Lakota Holy Man’s language!
    Which has been pretty much lost because of people like you!)
  • Suzanne Dupree He wicasa sni yelo!
    That fellow is no man at all!
  • Suzanne Dupree There, are you happy now Vivian…
  • Jerimey Morse Lost in translation?
  • Jerimey Morse I have often wondered if ancestry has language barriers , not really 🙂
  • Suzanne Dupree Your white buddy, VIV…Raymond Demallie, eh…he said you were great friends!
  • Suzanne Dupree The real message forgotten here is that these teaching of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin & White Buffalo Calf Pipe Winyan was for the good of all mankind, regardless of race, creed, color, gender or blood quantum….or does that even matter to you or James…Vivian???
  • Suzanne Dupree May Pe’Sla be forever in the hands of the Lakota!
  • Suzanne Dupree Point here…by Vivians High Elks own words…
    We are a poor people, barely in existence with our language, history (cannupa) and culture (cannupa) that are the basis for our everyday …See More
  • Jerimey Morse Wow! Good friends explains a bit, as in reasoning for trying to denounce someone, considering how much went bad after trying to “take” and pass off a persons identity, and yes it …See More
  • Jerimey Morse But, then again some people are “taught” to live in corners, they can stay there if they want , that is their choice
  • Lizzie Cornish Ooh, LOOKEE, it’s become the Suzie and Jeremy Show! Now the Gang’s all here, almost. Well, well, well… And I just LOVE the way Suzanne always ‘likes’ her own posts! Makes me roar with laughter…
    Ahh, the blister rides again!
  • James Magaska Swan Hey Vivian! Did you see “Smoking Crack Woman” said she was Registerd on Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe? She most be a Dog…Animals are the registered and the rest of us are enrroled Members….just saying…LOL.
    I may have used the wrong term, however I am still a member of the CRST & have been since 1956.
  • James Magaska Swan @ lizzie Ya Jerimey (wade) just needs a good ole fashing ass kicking and Suzanne needs to craw back under the rock she came out of..i tried watching her video..couldnt do it full of bullshit almost puked..
    Come kick my ass, punk ass….you will learn to respect the truth, women, & other peoples opinions…LBW
  • Vivian HighElk Geez, was going to reply back to the these zuzeca’s last night but, my internet went down. Today, I’m gonna pray for their wellness and hope they can find themselves and I hope th…See More
    Someone was trying to prevent you, Vivian from making a bigger fool of yourself, that’s why your internet went down…
  • Ásta Björk Waage @ vivian casa actually is a word its italian and means home 🙂
  • Vivian HighElk Not in the Lakota Language!
  • Ásta Björk Waage oh ok thanks 🙂

    *I, Hakikta Win need not say anything more, they make fools of themselves at every turn, show everyone they do NOT practice the Sacred teachings, cannot spell or articulate anything useful only using insults when caught in a HUGE lie….

  • The truth IS always the TRUTH…and, a LIE IS always A LIE!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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6 Responses to More for all to see…(Wambli Mato him High Elk & Swan), we both agree a lie is a lie, the truth IS the truth!

    This says it all in a nut shell…for the nut cases who call anyone names who shows them for what they are…users, abusers, exploiters, & embellishers…


  2. From Rezinate…
    Below a quote from a cartoon I saw recently. The very hallmark of colonization-that of passing the buck.

    “Our own people who would rather blame their own to gain favor as pet of the establishment before considering the systemic nature of colonization…”

    Right-the problem always lies elsewhere than with the individual-they have zero responsibility for their own actions, no personal strength to call upon as our ancestors did when they mounted up to fight.

    They’ve just laid down, made a treaty with alcohol or drugs, and ceded EVERYTHING.

    The welfare of loved ones and community is of a secondary nature-even their own personal welfare-and that is what’s becoming systemic.

    I know someone who is a clinical psychologist and they can offer an excuse, an explanation, for any kind of behavior-but having lived with a drunken abusive father while I may not have a piece of paper to hang on the wall or be a cartoonist I am qualified none the less to say that excuses and explanations don’t stop the hand that delivers the blow-they don’t put food on the table from money that was spent on getting drunk-they don’t pay for those new shoes in winter time or a jacket-and they sure as hell don’t stop the rape of woman or the commission of a crime…and I have yet to see anyone holding a gun to a drunks or rapists head forcing them to do anything.

    I’m a long time over this whining, crying, it’s nobodies fault because they are a victim BS-we all know about being victims, but we sure as hell don’t have to embrace it-I won’t, and I don’t care who has a problem with that.

    I’m not interested in being a pet of the Establishment of Denial.


  3. Priscilla Cox Magouirk commented on your post in Save Pe’Sla Priscilla Cox Magouirk

    12:42pm Sep 20

    She sent me a friend request long, long ago and I deleted her when I Googled her. I’ve known Arvol for a long time. She attended a sweat at my brother’s lodge and he said, she did not pray or sing. Just sat there and then left. She is trying to sell a book and this is why she is screwing around here. Disregard her.
    Never been in Pete Catches lodge…ever.
    Never sent this woman a friends request…seems like her so-called brother, Pete just had a molestation charge against him, and he drinks alot everyone tells me.
    I bet you wanted those pics, Prissy, but when I found out Pete isnt your real brother…
    Well, you are just another wannabe hanging out with this croud of losers!


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