Hackers & controlers on my computer….

We have located how you are controlling my computer(s), the docs, pics & personal  info you are sharing…

We have it all copied & have sent it off to the FBI.

You know being duel citizens growing POT on Denman Island, with your little video cam set up to see when law enforcement comes onto the island…is illegal, as well as using Rogers Wireless to hack people you do not like on Denman Island is illegal, too…

They will be down your road, North Central soon enough…better get out there & harvest before they arrive, they are aware of your camera &  have been investigating you for years now…

You have 5 minutes to release both computers or face being deported from Canada for illegal wire taps, hacking & selling personal information..FBI will be waiting to arrest you.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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1 Response to Hackers & controlers on my computer….

  1. Thanks Nutbar from Denman Island for letting us know you are still reading our email exchanges…still hacked into our system, we know for sure now, after your last little list of lies you tried to post here…
    You both fell into the trap.
    XZZY, saw you on my computer today, if I can see & find you controlling my Firewall permissions & settings on my personal computer….so can law enforcement & the FBI.
    You may be a Canadian Citizen now, but opening other people’s snail mail on Denman Island, & your 3 year pattern of stalking AW & I is coming to an end for you & your partner.
    You committed the crime before your Citizenship status changed, abusing your talent & employment to harass, cyber stalk & take Intellectual Property off others computers is illegal as well….
    Be seeing the Colmox RCMP soon about your continued hacking, stalking, cyber stalking, harassment & invasion of privacy, & theft of intellectual property, & looking & sharing our personal & financial information…is as well.
    We have your photo, & it has been sent to the proper authorities.
    You looked so shocked to see us at the Citizenship ceremony after all you did to make sure we never got the notification for me to appear…funny, how we ended up there at the same time, eh?
    That is just how the protection that surrounds me, will supercede any actions you have taken or will take in the future…I have photos with both your partner & your names on my computers, without any permission or authorization from us ever.
    You will be receiving by hand delivery a cease & desist order from our attorney….
    A notary copy also will be handed over to the Colmox RCMP, so they will have to do their job this time & not continue their lack of technology act, they will have to do their due dillegence in protecting our privacy & personal information from you & whom you have shared our information with…


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