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Had an exchange with a friend about how AIM has spun the truth over the
years which led me to coin the phrase AIMINTELPRO -the following is an
observation they made:

“The thing about counter intelligence that makes it the perfect cover or excuse is anything can be spun to be their fault. As long as you don’t know the facts and have an imagination, you can believe it. They could even claim drugs were slipped into food by the feds to cause hallucinations. It’s been done before so not a stretch.”

I couldn’t agree more and is what I refer to as “negative proof”. By that
I mean nothing more is required than to float a lie, a conspiracy tale,
and counter any rebuttal with it’s cointel-counter intelligence.

AIMINTELPRO: A covert black ops program created by AIM that exists solely to infiltrate their opposition and suppress the truth, attempt to discredit and marginalize efforts, assassinate the character of those who stand in opposition, obstruct justice, authorize and carry out murder, arson, intimidation, and general mayhem to achieve their goals.

Reports conflict as to the numbers involved in the assault that became known as WK2-with estimates running between two to three hundred.

Of the SACs (Special Aimsters in Charge) Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Leonard Crow Dog, and Clyde Bellecourt, only two can be correctly identified as Lakota, and of the two, Means and Crow Dog, there seems to be some question about Means.

Of the remaining occupiers only a very small percentage were actually from Pine Ridge itself, or Lakota.

Following the first wave of child soldiers, hostages were taken, their homes were searched and ransacked.

Livestock was confiscated and butchered,jewelry and other valuables, including, but not limited to, cash on hand were seized. Property was wantonly destroyed, people including elders were forcefully evicted from their homes and places of business, and at least one individual was hung on a cross and publicly tortured.

In direct contradiction of the Geneva Convention hostage prisoners were not allowed communication with outside family members, the Red Cross, or diplomatic/legal counsel of their choice.

They were also repeatedly threatened, denied access to proper nutrition, and the most basic of personal needs like access to personal hygiene  facilities.

Having by their own admission declared and engaged in an act of war, and instituted a reign of terror against a civilian population, claims against the AIM military junta who directed the assault should be submitted to appropriate legal authorities, the United Nations Human Rights Council, the International War Crimes Commission in the Hague, and the United Nations Special Rapporteur On Human Rights

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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