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According to geneaology documents contained within the archives of the Oglala Lakota College Russell Means is not Lakota by any contrivance he may choose to employ.

In point of fact as referenced in the previous blog by a commentator he is White, Crow, and Dakota -so the question arises what purpose has this role playing and theatrical venture served?

What has been the intent?

Even more to the point how can a non Lakota claim to speak for them, attempt to establish what amounts to little more than a faux republic, as in the Republic of Lakota, and announce that he as the “chief facilitator” is abrogating existing treaties ?

I’m a little surprised when he was  not  able to seek tribal office among the Dine that he didn’t lay claim to Dine ancestry, but even so if he had of his assault upon his then one armed eighty year old Father inlaw would have probably disqualified him.

Means in many ways reminds me of the fictional character Philip Nolan in Edward Everett Hale’s short story, The Man Without a Country.

Means life for the most part is a work of fiction, and in choosing to deny his true people, and his true ancestry, he has in my opinion became a nationless person having in effect renounced his own people, and in a very real sense a man without a country.

Little wonder he by his own admission is not fluent in the language, and certainly cannot be viewed as an authority on Lakota traditions and customs.

He is an interloper, a wannabe in the truest sense of the word who has capitalized on the poverty and suffering of the real Lakota people-as such it is a greater travesty that in not even being married to a Lakota woman he owns a ranch on Lakota land, boasts of his herd of seventeen horses, and reposes in a comfort that is an aberration in PR.

The Lakota need to take control of their destiny rather than allow a non member to usurp control or to prey upon their misery-a reality that has existed for decades during the wannabe Lakota Means era.

For Means to allude that he is Crazy Horse come again is no different than if George Bush did-for neither are Lakota.

But, then Means also claims he can become lightning.


At this reposting of Rezinates blog, Means has been admitted to hospital in Arizona, it is believed to be because his tongue cancer has returned….

Soon, Means will be turned to dust….for no man can beat his expiration date or Creator’s Supreme justice!

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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