Why & how it happened….

I did not report the rape by Means, because the rape was to insight revenge & rage in my Father, who had been passed the Cannunpa by FFC in 1971, after having the proper vision to carry the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin at FFC’s altar in 1970, the beginning of his Sun Dance commitment & his participation in the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Revival ceremonies from 1970-1975 beginning at Pine Ridge, and finishing at Green Grass, South Dakota with my adult naming ceremony by FFC, naming me Looking Back Woman (Means & Banks were both there to witness this important event in my family & my life.)
Any confrontation with AIM leadership over the rape, would have led to my Father’s own death-murder at the hands of AIM, when he… as any Father would have done had I told him, would have confronted the rapist of his child, a fellow Tetuwan Sun Dancer, in the middle of his Sun Dance Commitment at FFC’s altar, Sun Dancing right beside my Father at FFC altar…. that is just not ever done by a legitimately commited Sun Dancer or allowed in Lakota Spiritual protocols, period.
AIM could claim once again to FFC & petition him that… my Father, was not a full blood Lakota (not many in AIM leadership are re; AIMs blood quantum) or worthy, & make AIMs push for Crow Dog to be allowed to carry the Cannunpa, (which would have been even more disasterous to Lakota spirituality & faith), with LCD’s ego, monsterous, untrue embellishments, & the blood of the innocent on his money grubbing hands.
If anyone doubts my words of this unfortunate encounter with Means, I have always maintained because it was life changing for me… I was raped by Means on AIMs Trail of Broken Treaties in Spokane, the fall of 1972…. close to this time of year, not at Sun Dance-WBCP Revival Ceremony…in South Dakota in August 1972, as only the AIM supporting non-1st Nations gutter snipes have recently tried to imply.
AIMs BIA takeover in Spokane was on the 6 o’clock news, made news in Seattle, which should be archived with any local Spokane TV Station, KREM…being one.

My Father saw me standing next to Means, (not seen was Means holding on to me via the back of my coat lest I tried to run away) with the rest of AIM leadership at the AIMs Spokane BIA militant takeover on the evening news as the TV cameras rolled…

Later that night once I was able to get away from AIM & Means…after they continued on, on their Trail of Broken Treaties road show…

My Father called me & said, “Do not let AIM use you to get to me or the Cannunpa”.

But by that time it was too late, the rape occurred the night before, so affirmation of what I felt was the purpose of the rape by Means & his AIM member witnesses… was verified by my Father’s telephone statement to me, & I never spoke of it to him.

I took my lumps & responsibility for taking what my Aunties & female cousins thought about AIM, as my own…that I was safe with my own people, & was not at risk, I let my guard down…

I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time… with the wrong people.

As so many good people were, & were hurt badly in some way by their encounter…with AIM.

I walked into a set-up, a pre-conceived, well thought out plan of AIM leadership & their handlers of how AIM & Means planned their spiritual & cultural takeover, & that would encompass the rape & murder of many real, authentic 1st Nations people & their children who resisted AIM’s negative & brutal influences.

I never said a word about the rape to my Father, though Means called me daily from the road on the Trail of Broken Treaties, & directly from BIA Offices in Washington DC to find out if I had….

But, Frank Fools Crow knew, he could look inside you & know everything about you with the touch of his hand on your shoulder…

And, Means knew FFC knew what he had done.

So, in 1975 at my Lakota naming ceremony at Green Grass by FFC, at the completion of FFC’s 5 year series of WBCP Revival Ceremonies & accompanying Sun Dances, Means & Banks only skirted around our families encampment, but never actually approached close, circling the area around us as only predators do…

Like the cowards & abusers they are…

Means & Banks knew the Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man had had a plan for my Creation, & duty to my Tetuwan people, & FFC knew I had not done anything to provoke or bring upon the rape by Means myself…
There was a reason Means had 18 AIM members, (to bear witness to his rape of me), & none of the observers even attempted to help me, or stop Means in any way, for the rape was for Means to show all who were there to see, his AIM followers, not much older than my own 17 years…. no matter who’s child, wife, or Mother being abused by him…or anyone in AIM….
AIM was now in charge…

The Old Traditional-Spiritual Lakota’s dreams, their visions for the future & their accompanying manifestations to reality, would be overrode by the new AIM Boyz taking charge by fraud, force & violence…

No one was safe, not even those Lakota not even living on the Rez…as I found out unfortunately.

Never again did I trust someone else’s judgement about the character of someone, even my Lakota relatives… I have made it my life’s quest…to find out about people & their intentions myself, not ever through gossip, or hearsay…

Had I not trusted my Lakota family relatives views of Means & AIM, the rape may never of had the opportunity to occur, for I always had a chaperone while back home at Eagle Butte, South Dakota or at PowWow’s like at Rosebud….

I never was allowed to go anywhere alone.

The message AIM showed to all was they would be doing as they, AIM pleased with any man…woman or child, native or non-native anywhere in the world, any time…without accountability or justice for their victims….

Thanks, in part to the former Senator of South Dakota, James Abourezk & his Rapid City attorney son, Charles…..

Charles Abourezk was seen at Bill Means home the night before Anna Mae was raped & executed on AIM leaderships orders…only 6 months after the murders of the 2 FBI at Jumping Bull, three years after my rape by Means, & 2 years after Adrienne Riegert-Fritze’s molestation at the hands of her AIM guard during the staged event called the Seige of WK when she was ONLY 12 years old.

What is beyond belief is a South Dakota Senator’s son, Charles Abourezk…. did nothing to stop or prevent the Abourezk’s personal involvement or their collusion with AIM, AIMs legal team members, handlers & enablers in AMAP’s AIM sanctioned premeditated rape-execution…

Nothing..but pretend it never happened.

Along with the subsequent cover-up, AIMs immunity & the legal manipulations by the Abourezk(s) during Arlo Looking Clouds 2004 trial for AMAP’s rape-execution, long before anyone in AIM leadership or their handlers ever thought, the real trigger man, John Boy Graham would ever be extradicted from Canada, to face charges, trial & sentencing of AMAP rape-execution…to life without parole Dec. 2010!!!!

That was when AIM began to take the threat of the truth being exposed about their murderous reign of terror against real authentic 1st Nations people, to the public, bringing AIMs huge amount of criminal activities into the public domain…was & still is AIM leadership & their handlers greatest fear.

So, for all the AIM kool-aide drinkers, sucking up AIMs propaganda & lies…like about the FBI, whom they & AIM blame everything on, including AMAP rape-execution, that was actually planned & sanctioned by the very AIM leadership, (Means, Banks & their AIM supporting cohorts) AMAP had worked tiredlessly along side, had loved & sacrificed her life for, in her loyal belief of what AIM was suppose to be, but definately…as time & AIMs actions have shown us repeatedly time after time again…is NOT, & never have been.

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  2. Thank-you Rezinate…look at the latest from the gushing Means & AIM lovers…about Means being the Patriot of the Lakota, I just posted after it was sent to me from Voices of the People…this offering honoring Means made them sick!


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    courage and integrity you have just shared.
    Chi- miigwetch
    I would like to share this if I may..


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    And, now Means, Vernon, Trudell, Camp, Robideau, Tilsen are all with their Father Satan in Hell….CREATORS JUSTICE FOR AIMS VICTIMS! Thank you, CREATOR!


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