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“R.I.P.Russell means who helped us understand why it was important
2 understand our entwined past with the Native People of America.
R.I.P.”    Whoopi Goldberg

I saw this earlier on the Annie page and since I don’t tweet,twitter, twit, or whatever it is I thought I would address it in the blog.

I think Whoopi’s comment, though misguided in my opinion, was well intended-but I also believe it speaks to the pervasive lack of understanding about the reality of AIM, it’s leadership, and the truth of WK2.

I have been amazed at the lack of name recognition regarding Ray Robinson on a national level, but even more strikingly within the black community.

The absence of black leadership and celebrities in the struggle to obtain justice for Ray, closure for his family, and the repatriation of his remains is beyond comprehension to me.

Whoopi chose to use the word entwined when speaking…

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