Offering from Tom Hayden….

Another offering from sunny California’s Sana Monica… giving kudos to Means, & once again the Hollyweird state enabling one of the biggest frauds in history…

It is easy to say these things about a pedofile, rapist & murderer…when it never touches your family, your home, or your people…

Wasn’t Tom Hayden married to Hanoi Jane, who’s other husband down the road was…Ted Turner, whom is said (inner circles of WK survivors) to have purchased from AIM, the artifacts from the Seige of Wounded Knee stolen from the WK Museum, now housed in Turner’s New Mexico property…. (that was smuggled out by AIM & sold to Turner).

Maybe, the plane that dropped off the supplies for AIM during the Seige…. when it went back to the Hollyweird state… had those precious Lakota artifact items on board, (that had been cared for by the Gilldersleeve & Riegert familes, also the same native blood of Banks & Bellecourt…for decades.

This information was given to us from someone who had been inside the New Mexico Turner ranch, & had shared this information with a Lakota, who passed this along to us….

Heresay, maybe…but, with all the info from this link about Means re: Hayden, it makes sense.

Mean’s living in Sana Monica? Is that what all those donations canvassed for Means cancer paid for…why was Means not in his beloved South Dakota? Too cold? Or was Means where he was most comfortable…? Among his enablers & protectors like Hayden?

We would like to have a few words with Jerry Brown, about the fact the law reads harboring a fugitive (Banks) is illegal, especially when there was a request for extradition from South Dakota…looks like contempt to us by the governor of California…

A move to buy time to get Judge Nichol on board, & his wife given by Banks…an honorary membership in AIM… while having tea & cookies between Banks & the Nichol’s BEFORE THE SAME TRIAL JUDGE NICOLE PRESIDED OVER prosecuting Banks, where Banks walked free????

You have Hollyweird’s involvement in supplying AIM with aid, a media pass, celebrity & political enablement, & engaging in the theft of Lakota artifact items from the WK Museum Turner wasn’t interested in, worn out on the backs of the media….

What really happened during the Seige of Wounded Knee in 1973 by the American Indian Movement, is as vague as what happened in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012…except by the victims & survivors of AIM & the events of Seige of WK.

Peeling back the layers of lies is undergoing with both issues & events…

With so many famous celebrities involved, as well as politicians & government officials, all we can say is it would be best for Hollyweird to just entertain us…not enter into policies, politics, decisions & endorsements (of evil, Means) for other US Citizens or 1st Nations people…

Where the (Hollyweird celebrities), in many instances have limited education (not many with Chris Christoferson’s Rhode Scholar education) has dire consequences, which these very consequences…in their fluffy lives in the California state are never touched by…like life on the REZ today, with the negative effects & loss of culture brought to Indian Country by the dictatorship of 40 years of AIM influences & criminal activities…!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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