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This is what I think about truth-what it means to me and how it should be approached. I understand diversity and that others may differ with my interpretation, but simplicity serves a better purpose than the complexity pundits would advance.

Truth or lies can facilitate, and often times what is chosen is that which  is deemed expeditious-but the choice is what defines the person, choosing the lie in lieu of the truth fails on all levels to alter so much as an iota of the reality that exists whether is it accepted or not.

Truth exists independently, no one creates it unlike lies-that being so who deserves to be praised for speaking the truth as though they have created it?

A truth isn’t “discovered” as something new and novel-it always existed whether known or not, whether visible or not.

To claim such is much the same as saying Columbus “discovered”…

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    After finding files of cached locked files on my computer, my landline phone tapped via the internet, witnessing my hotmail emails of 11 years be copied, downloaded & shared with the unknown force behind all this corruption, murder, misconceptions & outright lies, which has continued to result in chaos…where darkness dwells, all I can say via the Above is: Now it is going to get interesting, real interesting since the playing field is being leveled by good old fashioned well researched journalism, unhampered, no matter what tactics are being used in media & TV sensationalism!
    Wish O”Rilley would sink his teeth into this, his program director several years ago explained his hesitancy being contributed to his dislike of doing historical pieces, well….his two books, the Killing of Lincoln & the killing of Kennedy are on the best seller list…so, hey FOX NEWS NETWORK, how about a little help here with exposing the prequel to Libya 9/11/2012 at the AIM & the US Governments staged event called the Seige of Wounded Knee where 12 bodies remain buried & hidden since 1973, and no one seems to care about those American Citizens & Internation Citizens who were murdered for not wanting to continue participating at the Seige & wanted to surrender, but AIM leadership who could have ended the standoff in a few weeks, because the wanted the media coverage drug the takeover out for 77 days…..ending in the complete destruction of the historical township…


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