Leo Wilcox Editorial….

To the Spokesman Review Forum   May 7, 1973;
(letters to the editor)

from Phyllis Shock, so many years ago, but not forgotten

           Leo Wilcox, Sioux warrior and leader of Crazy Horse, gave his life for his people.

Leo Wilcox was burned alive at Wounded Knee.

Time was when the Oglala Sioux under the leadership of Crazy Horse rode out to best the long-haired Custer.

Today the Oglala Sioux are under attack by the revolutionaries of A.I.M. renegades armed with Soviet AK-47 assault rifles and backed by federal funds, assorted Communists, and the usual Liberal clergy.

The Tribal Council of the Oglala Sioux voted 14 to two to evict the invaders but federal marshals refused to let them do the job.

When the renegades began kidnapping, and killing cattle, and terrorizing the families of the Sioux, Leo Wilcox of the Tribal Council addressed his people in a radio broadcast warning them of A.I.M. and its leaders.

He told them, Why do the A.I.M. leaders want to conquer the Oglala Sioux  The reason they want our name is because the Oglala Sioux name is big and strong and it will carry a lot of weight for all the publicity they seek…

Send Means and his renegades out of Oglala Sioux territory.  Crazy Horse was here and this land is sacred, and let no renegades or tokas contaminate it.

Tokas are Indians not of the Oglala Sioux tribe.  Of the A.I.M. bosses, only Means even pretends to be an Oglala Sioux – and, he is but one-fourth Sioux.

Within 24 hours, Leo Wilcox was burned alive in his car on a lonely road.

Leo s car had no sign of collision damage, and was very neatly parked on the paved shoulder of the road when it was found.

Leo was unconscious but alive during the fire;  the cause of the crack in
his skull is undetermined.

Newspaper reports have termed the death accidental but as far as the Pennington County Sheriff is concerned, the case is still open.

The Oglala Sioux are now all too aware that Tribal President Dick Wilson is speaking the truth when he says:  Banks and Bellecourt bear about as much resemblance to Sitting Bull as Al Capone did to George Washington.

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    We should wonder what happened to this brave woman who stood in her truth, the truth…and, had the guts to have her words published.


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    Murdering American Indian Movement doing what they do best…MURDER! Another victim! And you wonder why I share what I do about these animated by SATAN killers, rapists, and pedophiles who Crazy Horse would terminate instantly! Say “In Hell” and repeat after me… John Trudell, Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Doug Durham, Vern Bellecourt, Carter Camp and to follow when dead…Leonard Peltier, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Bruce Ellison and any and ALL of those complicit in the rape and murder of Annie Mae Aquash, murder of Black Civil Rights Worker Perry Ray Robinson and the other’s Leonard Crow Dog said were buried there and with the cover-up approval of the infamous Federal Bureau of Investigation. THEY have a special place in hell…just for them!


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