An opinion…Why does these spontaneous 1st Nations demonstration protests in Canada sound all too familiar????

And, they call themselves….Canadian Indian Movement.

This is a well planned coordinated staged series of events, starting with the fraudster from
Attiwapiskat, and happening all across Canada.

Sean Atleo, of B.C., waited till the Parliament was recessed for Christmas, and then says
these are spontaneous demonstration protests…

Now they are going to escalate, they are already blocking roads in certain areas of the
country, Fort McMurray being one of them…

He supports them, and supposedly the AFN, or Aboriginal First Nations chiefs and band councillors,
who have signed agreements with the feds, are not involved…

The key words are ‘spontaneous’, of the people, and ‘new revolution’…

The media is being politically correct and overly polite, I wonder if they realize they are
being manipulated…

There are flags, artwork, songs, etc., Sean Atleo said he would get even with the Feds when
they said they agreed with him last year and the Reserves are welcome to be Soverign and govern themselves and not be part of the Federal Gov’ts ‘care’ and control of them… (it’s actually about the money)

Sean Atleo was so shocked as were some of the bloated chiefs, it was funny, they back pedalled and trotted out the aboriginal poor on their land as proof they need more… gimme gimme…

What should happen, I predict, is that the ‘problem’ will escalate, until finally the Federal gov’t asks the AFN to step in and control its own people on its lands…

And then the blackmail by AFN begins… We will tell our people to stop, even though we never sanctioned this and we’re not involved, but you must promise us more money and more and more and more… and back down from shrinking our resource base… (money from the gov’t., they don’t even remember their land…)

There is so much fraud by the chiefs and band councils in Canada it is shocking, and I suppose some Indian Affairs beurocrats are part of that too…

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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3 Responses to An opinion…Why does these spontaneous 1st Nations demonstration protests in Canada sound all too familiar????

  1. I want to be clear here…I, HakiktaWin support self-determination for all 1st Nations people, no matter what side of the medicine line their traditional territories locale is at.
    What I do not support is the AIM tactics that are being used currently, which could escalate at any moment to murder, destruction & chaos, as we have seen in Libya on 9/11/2012, and in Wounded Knee 1973!
    Where word descriptions spontaneous & peaceful demonstrations were also at play before the bloodshed.
    We have verification AIM’s influences & Pro-AIM Canadian 1st Nations members were behind the Dakota’s trip to Iran…
    If the Dakota had stayed the course through the Canadian court system, brought positive media coverage of their case against Govt. Canada to worldwide attention, over Canada’s lack of land treaty agreements on the Dakota’s lands…the Dakota would have eventually won.
    The evidence was very clear the Dakota were not immigrants in their own traditional territories, as Govt. Canada has been saying, (& the Dakota were on their lands when the British arrived, the Dakota were shown in the archives in Ottawa, to be employed by the British)…this denying of the Dakota being from Canada, was so not to have to deal with their lack of a land claims agreement with the Dakota…
    Now, after going to Iran & meeting with the President of Iran…we believe, now the Dakota will have a much harder go with winning their case, after going to a country that opposes the North American way of life to the degree Iran does.
    So, in the end…the issue has been resolved in Canada’s favor via AIM’s influence with Terrance Nelson behind the trip.
    If Canadian 1st Nations, with American 1st Nations behind them in support, do not realize the manipulations at play to cut off all monies to tribes before it is too late, many 1st Nations people will be out looking for a job, instead of waiting for a check in the mail…
    The check from the Govt. comes from the desire to control 1st Nations natural resources, when the checks stop coming, that does not mean the government will stop controlling those resources, they will just take them, as now through Executive Order by Obama, signed spring 2011, the Feds can seize any privately owned lands or reservations lands deemed necessary for US interests….
    This is just an observation of many decades of watching Native issues be manipulated in Government(s) favor with the AIMsters behind the scenes, using everyone & anyone to achieve their ultimate goal…to stop 1st Nations peoples in North American from moving forward with real self-determination.
    Self-determination is just that…you have to stop taking the money from the Government(s), to have a valid arguement, you cannot have it both ways…like AIM has for decades for their own personal benefit.
    The best way to describe the AIM Game is speaking with forked tongue.


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