Lest anyone forgets…

AIM could not have existed without funding and support from certain quarters of the government.

American Indian Mafia…
Joseph Trimbach/FBI


Left to right: Carter Camp, Russell Means, Alex White Plume, Floyd Hand, Alfred Bone Shirt & Vic Camp

Richard Two Elk, a former AIM member, was not interviewed for the film partly because of his first-hand account of the Robinson shooting.
“I witnessed the incident when Robinson was shot in the leg and carried away after an argument with some of the leaders.
Carter Camp knows that Robinson died after bleeding to death and he has lied about even meeting him.”
Camp, an AIM leader who appears in the film, defends his actions as an instigator of several gun battles during the occupation. Two Elk laments that PBS now appears to be a part of the effort to cover up the Robinson murder in order to “glorify” AIM leaders. “AIM hijacked the legacy of Wounded Knee and exploited it for their own gain.
They cashed in and left their fellow Indians behind, homeless and destitute.
That should have been part of the story.
Now it appears that PBS has helped them/AIM get away with it.
Another fact not mentioned in the film is that most of the invaders were from outside the reservation.
They were not local people with local grievances.”


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  1. One down 5 to go….
    AIM is like a cancer, if you do not get it all, it comes back & kills you!


  2. As Alex White Plume, a 60-year-old Oglala Lakota activist states in National Geographic magazine’s cover story on the Lakota this month:

    “They tried extermination, they tried assimilation, they broke every single treaty they ever made with us,” White Plume said. “They took away our horses. They outlawed our language. Our ceremonies were forbidden.” White Plume is insistent about the depth and breadth of the policies and laws by which the U.S. government sought to quash Native Americans, but his delivery is uncomplainingly matter-of-fact. “Our holy leaders had to go underground for nearly a century.” It wasn’t until Congress passed the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, in 1978, that any interference in native spiritual practices was made a crime. “And yet our ceremonies survived, our language survived.”
    AIM drug cartel leader, Alex White Plume pictured above with the rest of the AIM brotherhood of murderers, rapists, pedofiles, liars & thieves…oh, yes expert propaganda spinners!
    Shame on you National Geographic…but, Harvey Arden worked for 28 years for National Geographic, figures…eh?
    AIM took away what the government could not… our Lakota honor & souls…and, the truth & knowledge that was our legacy gift from Creator!!!!


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    This reblog is for you…Alex White Plume & National Geographic, Harvey Arden’s former employer for 28 years before he got in bed with AIM & ALH!
    See how they are all interconnected?


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