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The Duprees….and, the truth about my gifted, not stolen…. or borrowed & not returned beaded dress.

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Glad you came to have a look at the truth…..

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Funny thing, the resident dogs, more commonly referred to as the hounds, take their association and responsibility to their extended family quite seriously. They’ve got a job to do, know what it is, and…

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Originally posted on Rezinate's Blog:
“Not trusted anymore”-that’s about as plain a language as can be employed-and I would think puts the AIM, Means, Banks, Bellecourt supporters between the proverbial rock and a hard place. The same crowd who…

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Presentation o…

Presentation of John Trimbach at the Dakota Conference April 27-28th 2012 Sioux Falls, SD about AIM that made Clyde Bellecourt lash out!!!! Posted on April 30, 2012 by Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree CWS – Wounded Knee (1) Thank you. Folks, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Turtle Talk:
The case, once again, is Native American Council of Tribes v. Weber (D. S.D.): DCT Remedial Order The court previously issued an order explaining how the ban violates federal religious freedom rights here. Since the…

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The story…

Several issues influenced the AIM decision to end the occupation. Of primary importance was the lack of food, electrical power, and medical supplies. The occupation had lasted 71 days and both factions believed that morale and support were waning. The … Continue reading

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