This Lakota Winyan is who told me Arvol Looking Horse is a fake!

Passing of Bea Medicine

Rights advocate Medicine dies

WAKPALA – Beatrice Medicine of Wakpala, a noted educator, scholar, author and advocate for minorities, has died.

Medicine, 82, died Dec. 19, 2005 during emergency surgery in Bismarck, N.D.

Medicine was born at Wakpala on Standing Rock Indian Reservation and grew up there. She graduated from South Dakota State University in 1945 and studied anthropology at several universities, earning a master’s degree at Michigan State University and a doctorate at the University of Wisconsin in 1983.

Medicine taught at Indian schools and colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada, including Stanford University, Dartmouth College, San Francisco State University, the University of Washington, the University of Montana and the University of South Dakota.

She was the author of two books about indigenous women. The University of Illinois Press published a collection of her writings titled “Learning to be an Anthropologist and Remaining Native” in 2001.

Medicine was an advocate for the rights of children, women, ethnic minorities–especially American Indians–and gay, lesbian and transgendered people, according to a news release.

She served as head of the Women’s Branch of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples for the Canadian government, helping draft legislation to protect the legal rights of Indian families.

She served as an expert witness in several trials pertaining to the rights of American Indians, including the 1974 federal case brought against the individuals involved in the Wounded Knee occupation of 1973.

Medicine received awards including several honorary doctorates, the Ohana Award from the American Counseling Association, the Outstanding Woman of Color Award from the National Institute of Women of Color, an
Honoring Our Allies Award from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the Bronislaw Malinowski Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Society for Applied Anthropology, and the George and Louise Spindler Award for
Education in Anthropology from the American Anthropological Association.

Another less formal honor she was accorded was having been the Sacred Pipe Woman at the Sun Dance at Sitting Bull’s Camp in 1977.

After retiring from teaching, Medicine returned to the Wakpala area, where she helped ensure construction of a new public school and served on the school board for the Wakpala-Smee School District.

At Medicine’s request, there will be no services, and the family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in her name to the American Indian College Fund, 8333 Greenwood Boulevard, Denver CO 80221.


My conversation with Bea Medicine came via Phil Lane Sr. who suggested I contact her if anything ever happened to him, so I could attain more information about why my information about the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin did not correspond with what was currently available…

I had called her in September of 2005, after getting up my courage, my cousin said Bea had been mean to her, so I thought Beatrice would tell me to take a hike…though, when she returned my call in October 2005, as she was packing to go back to the hospital for more tests…it was if we had known each other all of our lives….

With her throaty laugh, she gave me all I needed to continue on, my thoughts at the time was, if she doesn’t know…no one does!

Bea stated boldly, “My nephew is a fake!!!”

She heard my intake of breath over the phone & laughed repeating herself, “My nephew, Arvol Looking Horse is a fake-fraud…!”

I said quietly, “I have the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin….”

Without any hesitation Beatrice stated, “I know you have the Cannunpa Wakan, but what are you going to do with It?”

I replied earnestly, “I want to do what It was intended for, put the Calf Pipe back into ceremony.”

Bea said, “Those AIM Boyz do not want you doing that!”

She continued with a warning….”Be careful, they have murdered before, & will again if anyone threatens AIM’s hold on Lakota spirituality.”

We did not speak long, but our conversation was to the point, about which was foremost in our hearts, then & now…the future Legacy of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin.

As we parted Beatrice Medicine assured me she would be assisting me in my quest to fulfill my intention in putting the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin back into ceremony, & once again in the hearts & souls of our Tetuwan Lakota people & all of mankind.

As instructed to all assembled, by Martha Bad Warrior when she gave the history, description, linage, origin & ceremonial use of our Sacred Calf Pipe to Wilbur A. Riegert in August 1936 at Martha’s request that he record her words to her Lakota people & all others in attendance.

Unfortunately, Beatrice did not survive her surgery…for if she had, many many things would be different today than they are currently with Arvol Looking Horse continuing on with his charade of being the 19th Generation White Buffalo Calf Pipe Keeper!

As Phil Lane Sr said in one of his last conversations with me before his death, “Sis, when I see your father, Calvin at the otherside camp, I will tell him you are doing good things with the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, & we & your Lakota Ancestors will aid you in your quest to do the right thing with the Cannunpa by telling the truth of It’s true history.”

Cannunpa wakan wan oyate wicakahi kin heon,
Tokel econ wicasi kin hena ohinniyan ecunk’onpi kte,
Taku sica kin etanhan yuheyab unyuhapi kta.
Lecel ecunk’onpi kta ohinniyan awauncinpi kte.
Pilamayaye lo, Wakantanka.

The Sacred Pipe she gave to Our people
Will always be used as she did tell,
To keep it away from those of evil, the American Indian Movement!
To use it in the light & love of Wakantanka.
This we will strive to do.
Pilamayaye lo Wakantanka.
~~Lakota Prayer

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  1. She was the author of two books about indigenous women. The University of Illinois Press published a collection of her writings titled “Learning to be an Anthropologist and Remaining Native” in 2001.
    Guess Bea had Raymond Demallie in mind when she wrote this, eh?


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    I have done my due dillegence…has academia, nah….!


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  6. Jim Colter, obviously you belong to the Syndicate of Satan American Indian Movement Brotherhood & do NOT qualify for a response.
    Many prefer a huge steaming lie over the truth & your so-called legitimate Indian websites sold out their own 1st Nations people long ago!
    Your opinion amounts to squat in the bigger picture & no one can negate my DNA/Birthright as being who I am & represent, it is irrefutably NOT you & your crew of Hollyweird Pretendians!
    Hechetu yelo!
    Hoka Hey,
    Aug 24, 2016


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  8. Jim Colter says:

    My sincerest apology. My later research showed me you have valid arguments on many issues and are speaking out against the established powers that be. it seems to get complicated but I was wrong to be so quick to judge you.


  9. Jim Colter, to little…to late for your apology.
    My linage comes directly from Sitting Bull, a real Holy Man of the Teton’s Seven Council Fires.
    Your ignorant comments on my educational blog here is read globally & you are tagged, bagged & exposed as an enabler of lies, propagandist & slander against me which will NOT be tolerated.
    My investigative team is the best in the World, everything I write is fully vetted & is accurate.
    We will know or already do who you are connected to & what brand of underwear you wear!
    It is individuals like yourself blathering away like an idiot that enables & supports the Syndicate of Satan Brotherhood of evil & darkness.
    Many like yourself have learned the hard way you never mess with something “WAKAN” you do NOT UNDERSTAND & cannot control!
    Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ, the All Seeing Spirit who protects & enables me to do HIS work knows all & what truly is in ones mind, heart & soul & who betrays Him & His Word/Will….
    That is why one never puts in print what you have about my character, ethics & core values unless you want to challenge your Maker’s will/words, which is certainly very unwise…
    Words cannot be taken back, that is why they need to be chosen well before writing or speaking them.
    A hard, but necessary lesson from Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ, my Lord GOD.
    Whatever justice He seeks for your disrespect of me, the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, my linage will be HIS choice, & a lesson you will NEVER forget in your lifetime.
    And, you & you alone in your ignorance brought this on yourself….remember Wakan Tanka gave mankind free choice, & you made a very bad choice/decision to be disrespectful of who I am & who & what I represent…
    Let this be a lesson & an example to ALL of what one should never do in ignorance & betrayal!


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