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Several issues influenced the AIM decision to end the occupation. Of primary importance was the lack of food, electrical power, and medical supplies.

The occupation had lasted 71 days and both factions believed that morale and support were waning.

The increase in the lack of support from the press as well as the general public may have influenced the decision of AIM leaders.

AIM members also believed that the government attitude towards the occupation would eventually harden.

Senator Abourezk, under the authority of the U.S. Senate Subcommittee of Indian Affairs, conducted hearings on the events and issues that lead to the confrontation and occupation at Wounded Knee.

Tribal president Richard Wilson voiced his concerns at the hearing held at Pine Ridge on 16 June 1973.

The following day at Kyle, South Dakota, Russell Means aired his grievances towards the tribal government.

On 17 July Abourezk proposed a Senate Joint Resolution in order to establish an Indian policy review committee.

Its purpose included a review the legal relationship between Native Americans and the U.S. government and to provide support for the development of more effective policies.

(All the while, supporting & protecting AIM from their crimes as James Abourezk seized control of Indian Country by his agents, the American Indian Movement…)

If there is doubt of this amazing information read the Arlo Looking Cloud 2004 trial documents on Looking Back Woman WordPress blog or Rezinate’s WordPress blog to see how the court was manipulated by the Abourezk’s & AIM leadership for Arlo Looking Cloud to take the fall for all of those involved in the premeditated rape-execution of Anna Mae Aquash.

The only good thing is…there is not any time limitation for murder…premeditated murder, means the death sentence…for those involved, that would be the reason to motivate James Abourezk screaming at John Trimbach at the Dakota Conference at the end of April 2012, eh?

Now, the puppetmaster is now on the hot seat, along with his South Dakota judge son, Charlie… in the public’s glare, with a lot of explaining to do for abusing his (their) power & influence against 1st Nations people in the US, instead of what he said he was doing….protecting the rights of Indians.

The only Indians he protected were the faux-Indians, the American Indian Movement under his command.

We all have wondered who in the US Government gave the orders to rape & molest the children of the Protectors of the Sacred & the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin…

Now, we have a very good idea who’s idea it was….

AIM are thugs, not masterminds or legal minds like Abourezk & his South Dakota Judge son…who was writing laws for the Lakota people with out any oversight…for decades.

Let’s see how much money they have amassed for themselves off the Lakota people, their lands & resources over the last 40 plus years…shall we?

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