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“Not trusted anymore”-that’s about as plain a language as can be employed-and I would think puts the AIM, Means, Banks, Bellecourt supporters between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

The same crowd who always go on about tradition and respect for elders-yet we see it doesn’t present a problem for them.

They will either ignore this statement or attempt to say as some have that it is meaningless -even qualify that by going so far to as to say that if the traditional, legitimate, leadership was opposed to something what has been characterized as “hard core AIM” would circumvent them by gaining approval of the AIM wannabe chiefs the Oyate reference.

Places things in a different perspective doesn’t it? And now the same wannabe chiefs attempt to portray themselves as benevolent elders seeking to guide their people to the promised land, and the same disconnected mentality that supports them…

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