From the mail bags….Exposing the frauds (Phil Lane Jr. & Faith Spotted Eagle) illegal manipulations!

something in my inbox from INM fb page, asked...

Joe Wade 10:02pm Feb 6
Something in my inbox from INM fb page, asked this person if I could share it and never received a reply , so here is something of interest, name removed:

Wopila for asking Phil Lane that question about him carrying Crazy Horse’s Canunpa bundle.

I recently had a conversation with him regarding traditional protocol.
I am Ihanktunwan (Yankton) and we had a general council meeting just before Faith Spotted Eagle, and his (Phil Lane Jr.’s) “dog and pony show” they called an International Treaty meeting.
They used the peace treaty between the Pawnee and Yankton to manipulate their way into jumping on the STOP KEYSTONE bandwagon for personal gain.

I know traditional protocol and there are 6 Yankton Chiefs that signed this treaty that is not about the whole “Sioux” Nation but only about the personal problems between the Pawnee and us, Yankton.

I asked Phil Lane Jr why they did NOT first go to all the descendant families of those chiefs to consult with them on using this treaty?
I know they didn’t because I am a descendant of one of those Chiefs – Mad Bull.

He blew me off and changed the subject to how important stopping Keystone was.

His co-conspiritor (sp), Faith who may be a descendant of another chief – Struck By The Ree, used this treaty without the knowledge of the other descendant families and the whole Yankton people, and went to the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council, wrote a resolution there and made it appear that we sanctioned her actions, passed it, legally (all 7 treaty delegates are to sign each resolution and only 4 signed it.

She was the 5th but she does not represent or was sanctioned by us to do such a thing.

As I said before I thank you for asking him this because I know that they know nothing about traditional and treaty protocol and profoundly and blatantly disrepect it by doing and saying the things they do and say.
I hope that he doesn’t blow you off the way he did me.
Keep up the good work of exposing frauds as will I.
Wopila Tanka!

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  2. jpwade says:

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    The Exploitation needs to Stop!


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    When all else fails in your fraud with Arvol Looking Horse, Crow Dog & the others in your deceptive crew…you sink so low, as to do this type of cheezy, disrespectful actions of not discussing anything with the real native people who hold the positions to legitimately make these decisions…
    The only way anything you do, would be passed…is by deception.


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