More mail about more fraudulent manipulations….

another in my inbox: And can you make any...
Joe Wade 10:17pm Feb 6
Another one in my inbox:

And, can you make any heads or tails of this for me, Joe?

Got it in my inbox…I’ve removed the person’s name for their privacy…..

Hihanni waste’ You can add that so called International Treaty that was signed at the Yankton reservations Ft. Randall Casino last friday. The woman whose picture is posted all over fb and the internet DOES NOT know treaty and traditional protocol.

According to the signing of a treaty, there should be two nations represented and there were no US or Canadian govt. reps there. She mentioned 3 Canadian First Nations in her “Intl. treaty” and, first did she go to them and asked them to be included by name? And, their authorized reps were not there to sign. And when has there ever been a treaty from any First Nation signed in a casino?

And, on the 1863 treaty between the Yankton and Pawnee there are 6 Yankton Chiefs who signed it and she NEVER went to the other descendant families to ask them to use this treaty. She mentions “free, prior and informed consent” but she used that 1863 treaty without our free, prior and informed consent! She also went to a Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Mtg last Dec and wrote up a resolution, and presented it there on the spot to get that treaty council to pass it, which they sorta did – every resolution passed by the council needs all 7 delegate signatures and only 4 signed and because she presented it she signed for the Ihanktunwan/Yankton delegate.

This, too, was done without the free, prior and informed consent of the Ihanktunwan Oyate/Nation. Something like this should be first voted on by us in a reservation wide referrendum vote, she called an emergency general council meeting on Jan 22, the day before her “dog and pony show” was to begin. People who came to attend this, were arriving the same day as our mtg and she brought some of them in to speak on why they also want to stop keystone.

Because she backed us into a corner, her resolutions to approve the BHSNTC resolution was presented but as far as I can remember, wasn’t voted on and her resolution to have us sanction her show was passed 26 to 9.

She is not sanctioned by us to represent us on treaty issues. The treaty steering committe that only our reservation resurrected gets money, yearly, from our tribal budget that is a govt. to govt. entity and under Inherent Authority is a conflict of interests. And the US created a law that is the foundation for why we are to be enrolled that states that if an Indian woman marries a white man she is no longer considered Indian, she is white and she and her children relinquish all rights as Indians. She married a white man, a lawyer no less, so she has NO authority to be doing anything as an Indian.

I was at that general council meeting, I brought documents showing that we had no free, prior and informed consent of her actions including the enrollment law but only 9 people listened to me. Also there is always a small showing at gen. council mtgs when she is going to present as many of our People are afraid of her, because when someone stand up against her, she personally attacks them and harrasses them privately and publicly, and others take money from her to stay quiet, and then many consider her a joke and laugh at everything she does.

The scariest thing of all is that she brought a Pipe Ceremony into the casino, so she is also playing with our sacred ceremones. If she was doing this as an individual on her land, etc. that would be bad enough, but because she is doing this saying that We sanctioned this, she is bringing her “paybacks” onto our People.

On Jan. 22, one of the treaty steering committee member’s sister died. Instead of supporting and honoring this death, she left him on his own and continued on with her show without him.

I have discovered thru all of this…. that I, basically, am standing alone. I know that I have the sanction and approval of many elders, Chiefs and Medicine men off my rez, but have been told that she is an internal problem. So with my own People I stand alone!

hold your cookies! ,...
Joe Wade 10:27pm Feb 6
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  3. Beyond the U.S. law, there’s also a fairly interesting issue of how international law regards this sort of treaty-making. As I’ve written previously, international law imposes two conditions on treaty-making by a sub-national actor: (1) explicit treaty-making authority from the State of which it is a component part (whether ex-ante or ex-post); and (2) the consent of potential treaty-partners to the sub-national actors’ participation in the treaty itself. Here, it seems we have a willing group of treaty partners, so the treaty seems OK on the second element (that is, assuming the Canadian First Nations are themselves authorized to make treaties under Canadian law). Still, there are questions as to whether the United States has to authorize this treaty, whether it has done so (or will need to do so going forward), and why it would ever do so when the treaty’s objective would be to lobby and/or constrain federal government behavior. Now, there is an argument that, as indigenous peoples, Native American tribes should not be subject to the standard rules for treaty-making by sub-national actors (indeed, Article 36(1) of the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights makes just such a claim). But, the United States was one of four nations to object to that Declaration (along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand), so I’m hard pressed to see it getting traction in this case, especially where the treaty involves an alliance of indigenous peoples to oppose federal licensing efforts (and with it perhaps some key aspects of U.S. energy policy).

    As such, I think the ball is now firmly in the Obama Administration’s court. I’m interested to see how it responds to this treaty (including, which Agency takes the lead in responding to it). I suppose silence is a possible course of action. But, if the federal government remains silent, I think that might lead to arguments of U.S. tacit approval for this treaty in particular, and even more broadly, a right of treaty making with foreign powers for U.S. Native American tribes.
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    Turtle Talk

    Suzanne Dupree
    So, Phil Lane Jr….your efforts, as well as your fellow frauds manipulations in presenting this International Treaty against the Tar Sands… & speaking for native people is mute, unless Obama wants to continue to pretend what happened through the puppetmaster & his gang at the govt. staged event dubbed the Seige of Wounded Knee…. was not sanctioned by the Nixon administration & Indian Affairs Senate sub-committee…..
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