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Statement by Tegheya Kte in Suppport of Alfred Bone Shirt
Statement by Vivian High Elk in Support of Alfred Bone Shirt
Statements by Phyllis Young and Garry Rowland on Lakotah Oyate dot com
Statements by Alfred Bone Shirt, Phyllis Young and Garry Rowland on Lakotah Freedom
2008 Jan 5 Sicangu Lakota Oyate and Lakotah Freedom Delegation Victory Celebration

Statement by Tegheya Kte in support of Alfred Bone Shirt

To All Members of NDNAIM,

My name is Tegheya Kte and I am the AIM chapter director in Wounded Knee, South Dakota. I am also known as Garry Rowland and I am the director of the Wounded Knee Visitor Center. I am a longtime member of AIM and have just joined NDNAIM. I look forward to discussing with you some of the many issues that are affecting our indigenous people today.

I want to begin today by writing a strong statement in support of my fellow AIM brother and long time activist for the Lakota people, Alfred Boneshirt. Alfred’s good name was recently slandered on the internet. He was called an FBI informant which couldn’t be farther from the truth. This and other outright lies were maliciously written about Alfred. As someone who knows Alfred Boneshirt to be one of the most honest, loyal and trustworthy human beings that I’ve ever met, I have to write in strong support of Alfred Boneshirt’s honor.

I know Alfred to be an honest, trustworthy man with strong commitment to helping his people. He has always shown an unwavering sense of loyalty and dedication to working for the good of indigenous people everywhere, and specifically, his people on the Rosebud Reservation. Alfred Boneshirt is a man who represents extraordinary character and good will.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Tegheya Kte

Vivian High Elk Statement in Support of Alfred Bone Shirt

Vivian High Elk is a traditional Lakota woman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

Mitakuyepi (my relatives) and people,

I would like to make this statement worldly to Chiefs, Leaders, Lakota women, Tribes,Non-Lakota People as I have known my good friend and Lakota brother Alfred Bone Shirt from Rosebud of the Sicangu Oyate for many many years. It’s so sad that a form of retaliation took place against him as he caught this sly IKTO “Lakota Oyate” movement red handed. He was labeled an FBI informant. I would take it in a positive manner as Alfred has pursued and won issues that are/were unjust to our poor poverty stricken Lakota people, and seeked and brought out truth on such scams of these type or movement. These false impersonation type of movements or misrepresentations,etc. Alfred is truely a REAL Leader, very active in issues that are hard to beat and he doesn’t get paid for any of it, it all comes from the heart. It’s not like he gets paid thousands of dollars just to to take a solid stand, though he’s had many barriers and obstacles such as this accusation that is so immature, he doesn’t let anything of this type stop his love for his people. Someone claiming to be such a great leader as this Martin guy that claims to represent all of our Lakota People(s) is a shame. I have worked closely with Alfred on many issues and he puts all his heart, effort and endless hours into the people without $$$. This movement called “Lakota Oyate” is led by a non-Lakota named Naomi Archer, an adopted Lakota Oyate member by again a supposed man with many pseudo identities that calls himself, Duane Martin. Lila wicasa sni yakel skan. Check him out in the prison system site in Nebraska. This man calls himself Lakota and has been identified by many alias names. Presently, I believe he is being led with $$$ by this supposed non-Lakota Cante Tinza warrior woman that lives on the poverty of the people as a resource to get their $$$. Who did this honoring, what Chief? This man Duane isn’t even a Chief, but he purports himself in that status of a Leader of how many Lakota Nations and we have a big population of Lakota bands and members and this Cante Tinza and her leader John Little Horse are to lead us? I don’t think so. Making public statements that the media and Internet sites has/have been aiding without any thought. We can barely get that kind of attention.

I believe especially the Lakota women and their KATALA societies should go after this woman, Naomi Archer. How did she earn such a status so quickly? What did she have that many Lakota women can’t even get. Does it have to be $$$ that we don’t have? How can she be the spokesperson for all the Lakota Oyate, and do all this scamming with all these sites she claims to have. She puts the supposed Keeper of our Cannunpa (Arvol Looking Horse) and his shackup, (Paula Horne) to shame or it almost seems like there’s a network of these scammers, and they all are coming together in association, like a puzzle. All the thousands that come to these supposed organized poverty programs, we Lakota people still suffer. We barely scrounge for $5.00 for gas to get to town and stiil suffer with these slave driving (Tanf) programs that also get money for our poverty. I recall at one time it was claimed that these were based on Treaty benefits. I dont believe so as our Lakota men pay for Child Support in many fashions, prison, garnishng of wages and the women still have to work 20-30 hours per week. Where does this even benefit our Lakota people but more hardship as our children are left home alone as no sitters are available. Where do we get our gas to get to and from work, those of us that live distant from work sites. They keep us oppressed in all aspects and nothing of this type or manner has been considered by these so called Leaders or these scammers that get money on our poverty. Nothing has changed since I can remember on these reservations, Bands or Treaty Nations. Where are the Leaders, Chiefs? The poverty pimps? They dont care just so their pockets are filled, drive their new trucks, have their Range Units while there is some 500 limited jobs on the reservations that have 16,000 members or more. It’s the same old families that have the jobs with their same psycho, violent mentalities that create many of the violence as they dictate who gets assistance. Many are/were young drop outs that only knew about alcohol, sports sex and drugs, having babies that are impossible as they become the spoiled brats etc and carry the violence they knew and know from their parents, and they end up being the Leaders as they have the voting clout and these cycles continue. No Lakota (friendly) or formal education but are put into positions and worked up into higher positions.

These are the type that control this/these reservations. Their children are the most violent but get away with it as they know whose hind to lick,sitting with brown all around their mouths, who to sleep with or drink with, these continue and their is no Leadership qualities that would sit down and address these realities. And, where is the Lakota Oyate on real issues of this type. Maybe the supposed Keeper needs to address his supporter Naomi as he claims that traditionally women shouldn’t speak for the Nation or be Leaders of Treaty issues. After all, their movement Lakota Oyate, is based on Treaties. And, especially since she is a Non-Lakota supposed woman. She came into association with the supposed Keeper at the Rainbow gathering in the Black Hills called World Peace and Prayer Day in one of her statements. People wake up to these, while we suffer here on these reservations, somebody or IKTO (Trickster) is working hard while we/you are all sleeping,Ikto is happily rubbing his belly, living and pimping on our poverty.

Henala epinkte.

Vivian High Elk

Jan 14 2008

Statements by Phyllis Young and Garry Rowland on

Please share this information.

Lakota was the website established for the original delegation. It was paid for by Russell Means and established at his direction. Naomi Archer was the website coordinator. Upon the delegation’s return from Washington, D.C., Naomi was concerned about the funding, the integrity of the delegation and began to issue directives to the delegation to the media through Lakota Since decisions by Lakota are made by consensus and none of us were contacted by Naomi, Russell Means assumed control of the website and changed it to Republic of Lakota. Naomi Archer created her own website,calling it Lakota Oyate(people). She intensified her questioning of Means’ integrity and did not want money or funding to go to him. Lakota Oyate was created to circumvent the funding and donations from going to Russell Means. The Lakota Oyate Website requested that all funding go to a bank in South Dakota made to Duane Martin. This website was created without the consensus of Lakota people . Naomi is not Lakota and cannot represent the Lakota People, let alone a website.

It was the consensus of the freedom delegation to create the Republic of Lakota. The Republic of Lakota and the Freedom Delegation understand the international interest and support that we have for our people. We appreciate your interest. Our struggle that began in l974 at the FIrst International Indian Treaty Council on Standing Rock was and is to pursue the rights that are inherent to our survival. We do not intend to detract from that. We continue to struggle to represent ourselves at every level. This includes this new technology which operates by electric airwaves. Many of us are still in awe of this technology. Most importantly, we all have to be accountable to each other. If money is raised on behalf of Lakota, the People have a right to say who is raising money for us.

Again, pilamiya (thank you) for your interest.

Phyllis Young-Mni Yuha Maniwin
Jan 10 2008

* * * * * * * *

Neither Naomi Archer or Duane Martin, Sr., Canaupa Gluha Mani, are spokepersons for the Lakota people or the Lakota Freedom Delegation. They are working on their own and issuing false information, outright lies, and seem to be working as scam artists by setting up their personal bank accounts to collect donations from people who write into their web site and offer financial assistance to the Lakota Nation.

Teghiya Kte (Garry Rowland)

Excerpt from email Jan 9 2008

Alfred Bone Shirt, Phyllis Young and Garry Roland on Lakotah Freedom

Jan 7 2008

Following my words here is a message from Phyllis Young who is a member of the original Lakota freedom delegation.

The Republic of Lakota is the official site which Our People endorse, We do not support or endorse the actions of Duane Martin and Naomi Archer in their hurry to gather donations and money scheme using our Lakota Oyate.

We also know that many out there want to see these good efforts of Our lakota Nation collapse, which won’t happen, All this shows is some very greedy individuals who will stoop to any level to create dissension and animosity among our People, It is nothing new. Duane and Naomi only exposed themselves.

Please bear with Our Lakota People while this issue is being resolved.


Hecetu Yelo

Alfred Bone Shirt

* * * * * * *

From: Phyllis Young


The article below has caused questions on who you are. You do not represent the Lakota People. I gave you credibility as a volunteer who assisted in setting up the web for Lakota Freedom.Com. I have been most gracious to you. Russell Means paid for the website and as such, had every right to assume control of it. You called me and questioned the integrity of Russell Means because you are concerned who is going to get any money. This has been a concern of yours since we left D.C. On January 5, 2008, you again were concerned with Russell Means’ integrity. I responded to you that everything is trivial. My concerns are our struggle. Russell Means was shot on Standing Rock in l975 so I know about life and death.

If you have been involved with Paula Horne Mullen and raising money for her and on behalf of the Lakota People on Rosebud, then you need to provide an accounting to them. If you have been involved with Arvol Looking Horse and raising money for him and the Sacred Calf Pipe on Cheyenne River, then you need to provide an accounting to them. I was not aware of these efforts on their behalf until today. If money is your business on the internet, you cannot raise money in the name of Lakota. You must provide an accounting. The establish-ment and development of financial accounts may take time as all the things we are trying to do. Do you know that there is almost a billion dollars in the U.S.Treasury that we have never touched since l980. That’s 28 years.

Naomi, you cannot and do not represent the Lakota. That is one principle established many years ago; that no one speaks for us. We speak for ourselves.It’s a fundamental right we all fought for. I hope you understand that.We have many talented young Lakota who do website and computer technology, among other things.


Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 From: Garry Rowland


The article copied below has just come to my attention. In it you have grossly misrepresented the Lakota Freedom Delegation. In this article you are telling flagrant lies. I am deeply offended by what has been written here and find it ridiculous that you are now taking it upon yourself to speak for the Lakota Freedom Delegation as well as all Lakota people. Stop this outright lying immediately! You are underminding everything we have worked for all of these years and playing into the hands of the oppressor. You’ve deliberately tried to sabotage our efforts. I demand that you do the honorable thing and remove yourself from all involvement in the Lakota Nation.

Ho Hetchetu,
Tegheya Kte

wikinews – Lakota Freedom Delegation says spokesman Russell Means ‘hijacked’ organization
January 5, 2008 at 11:17 am · Filed under NewsLog, North America

Wikinews has learned that the Lakota Freedom Delegation, also known as Lakotah Oyate, an organization of activists fighting for the Sioux Indian Nation to withdraw all treaties with the United States, was “hijacked” by its spokesman, Russell Means, an activist for Native American Indians.

On December 19, 2007, Means and the “delegation” went to Washington, D.C. and hand-delivered a letter, signed by the Delegation, to the U.S. State Department claiming that the Lakota Indian Tribe was declaring that all treaties between the tribe and the U.S. have been withdrawn or canceled. They also held a press conference declaring their freedom.

“We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us. This is according to the laws of the United States, specifically article six of the constitution,” said Means during the press conference.

Since then, Russell Means has gone on to announce the formation of a “provisional government” of the “Republic of Lakotah” with himself as Chief Facilitator, as well as to promote the establishment of a bank and a utility company for the country. Despite the claim Means has made, Naomi Archer, liaiRE Your recent article on Waki.ems son of Lakotah Oyate stated to Wikinews that Means took control of the organization and hijacked it and its website on December 29. Archer also said that Lakotah Oyate or the delegation are not a government entity and do not make decisions for the Nation.

“The legitimate actions of the Lakota people are not determined by one person (referencing Russell Means) or even one group, but by the people themselves,” added Archer.

Other signers of the withdrawal letter are all still involved in the movement, including Canupa Gluha Mani who heads the Strong Heart Warrior Society which will “probably become the paramilitary force” of Lakotah, said Archer. Wikinews asked Archer if Means would still be involved in the movement, but she refused to comment.

The Bank of Lakotah and Provisional Government of Lakota are not supported by Lakotah Oyate; Means is acting without having consulted the other elders of Lakotah; Means is himself, at age 69 [sic], an elder, and “people need their elders to set better examples than that,” said Archer.

While the idea of establishing a power company, bank, and other such institutions was an idea that had come from Means and the rest of Lakotah Freedom Delegation knew that he was going off to Washington D.C. on his own to conduct negotiations, they did not know what the negotiations were going to be regarding. Lakotah Oyate hopes that this dispute will be resolved in a few weeks because this “all has to be about the people”.

Since the Delegation’s press conference, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and the Cheyenne River Reservation have rejected Means’s and the delegation’s declaration of secession.

“They’re individuals acting on their own. They did not come to RE Your recent article on Waki.ems the Rosebud Sioux tribal council or our government in any way to get our support and we do not support what they’ve done. We do not support what Means and his group are doing and they don’t have any support from any tribal government I know of. They don’t speak for us,” said Rosebud Sioux Tribe president, Rodney Bordeaux.

Despite those rejections rejection, Archer said that the Pine Ridge Reservation’s council will “consider the proposal.” A representative for the Standing Rock Reservation’s council has said that that reservation is also considering Lakotah Oyate’s proposal. Lakotah Oyate have also been holding discussions with “about 150” other indigenous organizations in the U.S. and mentioned particularly the Native Hawaiians.

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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