LCD crooks….

Uno de sus socios es el indígena Lakota Leonard Crowdog de Estados Unidos, quien encabeza un movimiento llamado Danza del Sol Ketzalcoasmica que opera desde el año 2010 en el Estado de Morelos. Cobra $1,000 pesos a cada danzante y $500 a los que sólo van a ver.

Hi Suzanne,

This is the updated version of the info exposing the Show Dog, LCD/NAC/New Age Alliance’s quest to legalize peyote in Mexico.

We know that they have already seen the previous version, this one goes out to the public as a “Happy Equinox”

Greetings and treat on Wednesday the 20th, includes many www links, including your blog.
You should be getting more information from the South soon!!
Keep up the good work!!
We will provide a full English translation in April.
We are trying to get more info on (Lakota) NAC “roadman” Marvin Swallow….
(*Connected to ALHs fraud via David Swallow Jr.)
Who along with LCD (Show Dog) is listed as  a minister and spiritual advisor of Mary Thunder/Church of the Blue Star.
 (*Mary Thunder is a LCD apprentice from Texas, who hosts a yearly Sun Dance for LCD on her property there….also a former Crow Dogs Paradise Sun Dancer who served AIM during the 1970s).
She is the AIM nutbar with Max, the Crystal Skull she pimps out for money, when not serving Show Dog & AIM…& selling Lakota ceremony globally).
We know you sent us a bit about him b4, can you send more….
He, Marvin Swallow is listed in New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans, but when we try to go in there we get an “access denied” to their forum, saying that someone’s computer in my server’s area has a virus.
Do you know anyone at NAFPS?
(*Alton Carroll, fraud himself…. of, Avol Looking Horse spiritual fraud & AIM supporter….)
If you can access Marvin Swallows info there, and resend it to us…. maybe we can check out his data there too…..
(*All you need do is key in my names, Looking Back Woman or Suzanne Dupree, & up comes Alton Carrol & his smear site of real authentic Indians…..
Check out the NAFPS site moderators, they are not real Indian themselves…but judge & jury to whom is & whom is not via their NAFPS hate website controlled by Alton Carroll, another wannabe Indian, but cannot prove his tribal affiliation claims, enrollment or blood quantum….)
*We will be waiting for the English translation…..!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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