Stopping my access to our hotmail, Face Book & WordPress will not change the truth…..

The most recent changes done to our computers by the hackers, which is preventing us from accessing our hotmail, Facebook or WordPress accounts will not stop the  truth from being revealed about the real perps behind the cold case premeditated rape-execution of Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou.

They, the people who committed these crimes against the innocent, perpetrated the crimes, & used their political power & position to protect themselves & their military force (AIM), & then covered up all the rape-murders, cultural thefts & spirituality hijacking….all of this will not go unpunished no matter what anyone attempts to do in the cyber hacking computer manipulations we are currently experiencing.

If you email us & we do not respond, complain to (Microsoft) Hotmail….which we cannot access to sign in to….

If we, after a period of time do not post on our Face Book wall….we are being prevented from accessing sign in to FaceBook….complain that this is occuring!

If no new postings come up on WordPress….we again are being prevented from accessing our sign in or log on to WordPress.

Again complain to WordPress this is occurring….otherwise, new information coming in will not be available to you readers & viewers, preventing you from knowing just how quickly the (*AIM & the puppetmaster) oppositions position is deteriorating so quickly they have resorted to making it nearly impossible for us to provide this new information unfolding on these social media sites…..

The only power that can do this type of silencing…is the same force that is silencing the survivors & victims of the Libya attack on September 11, 2012….the US Govt. which is currently in the process of spying on your bank accounts, phone records, health records…and, what you have stored on your computers & cell phones.

Despite all of the US Govt. coverup techniques being applied to this cold case (by design), the puppetmaster & his military force (AIM) still remain free, & are continuing to impact real authentic 1st Nations people, their lands, resources & spiritual freedom….

Though, the real perps of this crime, many other murders & criminal activities against 1st Nations people in the US & Canada…. are fully exposed with a landslide of information, showing the collusion between Judge Pirsol, & AIMs legal council, Ellison, (formerly sharing an attorneys office together way back when), the Abourezks & AIM leadership…

This evidence is shown clearly in the court documents unsealed pertaining to the recent dismissal of Arlo Looking Cloud’s habeous corpus by presiding Judge Pirsol.

They are all in deep, with no means of escape or excuses of why this all has happened….several terms comes to mind….

Greed, abuse of power & political position.

This case occurred in the 1970’s to 1st Nations people by the US Govt….now, this type of corruption & abuse of power is now bearing down on mainstream America….

If they-US Govt. got away with it with 1st Nations people then & up to now, what is stopping the US Govt currently from continuing their assault on all of our Constitutional Rights?

The correct response is NOTHING!

There is nothing to stop them, when good men do nothing to stop evil & corruption from prevailing.





About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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