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I’ve mentioned the fact several times before that the singular motivation that precipitated the events at Jumping Bull and led to the murder of agents Williams and Coler was Peltier’s belief they were coming after him for a warrant issued by  Wisconsin and a related federal fugitive warrant.

It is an undeniable truth that this is what Peltier believed and that he was also wrong.

Yet it has made no difference to either LPDOC or the Peltierites despite the fact that on more than one occasion Peltier has stated this.

Below is an excerpt from the ruling of the appellate court in denying one of his many bogus attempts to gain a freedom he does not deserve.

All the talk of Cointel, the feds, Nazis, Hoover, or political prisoners, cannot alter an iota of the truth, of Peltier’s own words.
A truth yet to be buried unlike Peltier’s and AIM’s…

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