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Been thinking just now about LPDOC-they’ve got quite a set up going on.

Millions of dollars in “donations” collected with attorneys working pro bono and staffed by volunteers.

Whether they pay taxes is something of mystery, at least to me, as they won’t open their books to the public-a public that includes contributors, and I don’t know if any tax filings are available.

Kind of makes you wonder where the money is and how it is spent doesn’t it?

I mean what are there, corporate jets, time share condos, conventions in exotic places?

Contributions to PAC’s or lobbyists attempting to influence and secure the coveted clemency? Do they wine and dine  journalists to insure favorable reviews, or “celebrities” seeking advocates?

Are there CEO’s with a large yearly bonus-is the money going to secure the finest healthcare for Peltier-who according to them is perennially at deaths door lo these many decades.

How about art supplies-do they take up the bulk…

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