This deserves a repost….from the horses mouth!

This came in awhile ago from a lady, she used to set up funds for impoverished Indians and worked with Russell Means, Dennis Banks, and Floyd Hand Jr, all white haters, she says.

Threatened to kill her if she didn’t turn over ALL the donations money to AIM leadership….

This information is in her own words!!!


I recently had a very nasty exchange of messages with Russell, when I commented upon one of his UTube videos in which he-Means perorated about matriarchy and the raising of children among Lakota people.

I remarked that he, Means had neglected his children all his life (I know a great deal about that, including this past month ) & abused all the women around him, (wives, girlfriends and others), & that therefore he had no business admonishing others about such matters.

Mean’s response, in private… was virulent , even indecent.

(Sounds like Silent Bear with his cyber harassment & internet stalking of myself, LBW as SB tries to justify his AIM hero’s murderous actions, & criminal activities at the expense of authentic 1st Nations people!)

I finally let Means have it , (also in a private message) & in answer to his racist comments directed towards me, I let him know that way back in the eighties, members of the Oglala Lakota college had shared Means genealogy with me, and that I have long known that to the Lakota people, Russell Means is a joke!

Means father was born of a marriage between a white man and a Crow woman, and his mother is a Yankton individual, a NAKOTA and not a Lakota.

Indeed this signifies that all his rantings about being an OGLALA LAKOTA PATRIOT have no validity whatsoever, as Means is part white , part Crow and part Nakota, not an Oglala for sure, not even a Lakota.

I have not heard from him since.

In one stroke, I dismissed all his-Means claims to representation of Lakota people, claims which are fictitious to the people in the know, traditional people of the Lakota Nation, and can only try to fool poor souls & the unknowing public in search of Indian gurus or fake wisdom.


Really too bad no one else seems to do their homework, before endorsing these AIMsters, or making Hollyweird AIM propagandist movies about AIM’s faux heroic exploits, and making evil AIM into heros and role models….for our authentic 1st Nations young.

They-AIM…. are not even real!!!

Russell Means had no TRIBAL AUTHORITY from the Lakota, & cannot speak for the Lakota, or any Tetuwan people, or secede the Lakota from the US with his faux-Republic of Lakotah, as Means is not even Lakota or a true APPOINTED representative of the Tetuwan Lakota people, period!

Only, an agent for the US govt & the State of South Dakota!

This is one of the biggest hoaxes along with the Arvol Looking Horse FRAUD IN HISTORY…

Hey Hollyweird, academia, the media…

Are you getting the facts straight now…?

No enabling AIM murderers, liars, rapists, pedofiles or thieves with your power, position, celebrity, or US Govt & South Dakota state govt. immunity!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    Means, never a Tetuwan Lakota.
    Bully, abuser, user, liar & master manipulator….
    YES, yes, yes…


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  4. Richard Boyden says:

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    When on Pine Ridge with one of over 25 loads of food total of over 500 tons and over $100,000 in wood burning stoves etc…I met Doris Respects Nothing who told me Russell Means with 8 other AIMSTERS GANG RAPED HER SISTER! Means also raped Suzanne Dupree, murdered Jancita Eagle Deer before she could testify against William Janklow who raped her…otherwise he would have never been elected Governor of South DaKKKota. Russells brother Bill and Clyde Bellecourt, Synagogue of SATAN JEW Bruce Ellison, and Charlie Abourezk..son of Senator James Abrouezk…were at Means home when Annie Mae Aquash was brought there as the final stop for her MURDER…and just after she was GANG RAPED BY AIMSTERS! Bill Bunting… my new “follower/Homoerotic Sodomite…watches videos’ that show women being RAPED! Real piece of animated by Satan excrement


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