Means, never a Tetuwan Lakota.
Bully, abuser, user, liar & master manipulator….
YES, yes, yes…

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This came in awhile ago from a lady, she used to set up funds for impoverished Indians and worked with Russell Means, Dennis Banks, and Floyd Hand Jr, all white haters, she says.

Threatened to kill her if she didn’t turn over ALL the donations money to AIM leadership….

This information is in her own words!!!


I recently had a very nasty exchange of messages with Russell, when I commented upon one of his UTube videos in which he-Means perorated about matriarchy and the raising of children among Lakota people.

I remarked that he, Means had neglected his children all his life (I know a great deal about that, including this past month ) & abused all the women around him, (wives, girlfriends and others), & that therefore he had no business admonishing others about such matters.

Mean’s response, in private… was virulent , even indecent.

(Sounds like Silent…

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