Aquash murder…the players, the lovers…the crime, who was involved.

If this post on LBW WP is what you are now reading today, we are making progress,…
Along with the fact, this 40th year of the US govt. staged event by the American Indian Movement, dubbed by the press as the “Seige of Wounded Knee”, could not make the big bucks off AIM’s criminal activities, murder, rape & theft of Lakota artifacts from the WK Museum…

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June 6-18, 1975: Annie Mae’s intimate relationship with Dennis Banks is revealed to Ka-Mook Banks prior to the Farmington, New Mexico AIM National Convention. Annie Mae is questioned by Bob Robideau, Dino Butler and Leonard Peltier as a possible informant at a nearby Mesa. Bob Robideau claims that the questioning of Annie Mae is done at the order of Vernon Bellecourt and Dennis Banks. Iris Thundercloud indicates to journalist Minnie Two Shoes that immediately after the interrogation, Annie Mae tells her that Peltier had stuck a pistol in her mouth during the interrogation.

June, 1975: According to Ka-Mook Nichols, while her and Dennis Banks are in Custer, South Dakota staying at the Bavarian Inn, for Dennis’s trial on the Custer riot charges, Leonard Crow Dog angerly indicates to Dennis Banks that he no longer wants Annie Mae coming on his land because she is an informant.

June 26, 1975: Joe…

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