Gearing up for May 17th…We will pray for you & have pity upon your foolishness & deception.

Calvin Dupree


I have encapulated the historical path that is documented historical/archival information pertaining to the original WBCP(s).
Martha Bad Warrior, ALH’s Great-Grandmother was adopted by Old Man Elk Head, as he was called. This came about from his time at Turtle Mountain Manitoba during ceremony with the SCFC between 1834-1839, recorded in the Nicolette Journals from that time period.
Old Man Elk Head was the representative of the Seven Council Fires Council from the Cheyenne River region of the Western Teton Sioux.
Martha Bad Warrior was born in 1837, and from the Elk Head families recent information sent to me in Nov 07, was a Dakota from the North, not a Lakota by birth…well, North of Cheyenne River is Turtle Mountain, Manitoba, just over the medicine line of North Dakota.
I have cross referenced this information with the Eddie Herman Collection in the SI, that says Martha Bad Warrior was a Dakota…and, was the only woman “Keeper” ever of the WBCP.
What is the beauty of this information is there is no bloodline between Martha Bad Warrior & the Elk Head family…and, she obviously married into the Bad Warrior family, which has been a recognized family of “Keepers”/caretakers of the original WBCP(s), and (is recorded as such, by Wilbur A. Riegert’s info of Martha’s telling of the linage of the Pipe(s) in “Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed from Wounded Knee” copyright 1975).
Since the origin of Martha’s Dakota birthplace was the area where the Tetuwan governmental body of the Siouan Nation was located, it is understandable why she took it upon herself to take possession of the Pipe(s) from Old Man Elk Head when he died, because her family/Oyate there at Cheyenne River was becoming Christianized.
From the family’s tone, the Elk Head family was not pleased by her taking possession of the Cannunpa Wakan, but from Martha’s original Dakota origin, could not dispute her claim to It, because the adoption, the making of relatives (Hunka Ceremony) between the Dakota, (which were the largest voting body of the Seven Council Fires Council) and, the Lakota “Keepers” of the Sacred Pipe(s), united the two Dakota/Lakota together by family (Oyate).
The Dakota’s larger voting ability would have allowed this to happen for the good of the people of the Seven Council Fires Council and all of mankind, as the original teachings of the Pipe(s) from WBCPW dictated from Creator.
The Seven Council Fires Council broke down in the 1860’s because of war, and the death of Sleepy Eye, who was the Grand Chief of the SCFC, had not named a successor. The tribes of the SCFC never had the opportunity to rebuild itself because of this. However, from all indications it was always the intention that it be rebuilt, and why Fools Crow’s presence at Turtle Mountain in the 1930’s shows this intention to do so, by the making of the 14 Buffalo Calf Pipes Fools Crow commissioned Standing Eagle/George Bryant Ojibway/Lakota of Pipestone, Minnesota to make for this purpose.
One for each of the men, along with one for each their female counterparts of the Seven Tribes of the SCFC…balance.
This also allowed the women to regain their rightful place in society & ceremony that had been lost with the patriarchial colonial concept that tipped this balance from its matriarchial origin.

We had been a matriarchial society before contact.

All of the information began to make sense, after the Elk Head information & the Eddie Herman Collection verified Martha’s connection to the Turtle Mountain Dakota.
At the end of the day, the current information provided is not accurate, and is self serving, where the original intention of the Pipe(s) is for the good of all mankind, regardless of race, creed, color, gender or blood quantum.
I am writing this disertation to provide this correct information to the people.
It has been quite a puzzle to reconstruct with the limited information available, (written mainly by non-native archeologists, self-serving anthropologists, the Smithsonian… from the deceptive data given them from the most current information available 1964-1967.

White Buffalo Calf Pipe Winyan....

White Buffalo Calf Pipe Winyan….

(Demallie) & given to the Smithsonian, but with much contraversy today) and, with so many other falsehoods out there by people with a personal agenda…but, it is all who are fighting the good fight… feel this is about to change with the newest information about AIM & Arvol Looking Horse’s fraud, & AIM’s  numerous govt sanctioned murder/rapes information shown in the “Conflict of Interest” series of blog posts on Rezinate’s WordPress blog.

Martha Bad Warrior, 3rd & last bloodline Caretaker of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin with the Seven Council Fires Councils Cannunpa Tetuwan Government (Pipe) in her lap, not a cane nor the Calf Pipe.

Martha Bad Warrior, 3rd & last bloodline Caretaker of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin with the Seven Council Fires Councils Cannunpa Tetuwan Government (Pipe) in her lap, not a cane nor the Calf Pipe.

 Known caretakers of the Cannunpa Wakan/re: accuate information available in “I am a Sioux Indian”/”Quest for the Pipe of the Sioux, As Viewed from Wounded Knee”/W. A. Riegert, author.

Calvin in Germany

*Wibur A. Riegert was a Dupris-Dupuis-Dupree’s life long family friend, former allotment agent at Cheyenne River (CRST) Agency in the 1930’s/curator for the Wounded Knee Museum prior to AIM’s occupation & the US Govt staged event dubbed by the media in the 1970’s as the “Seige of Wounded Knee” when AIM destroyed the WK township, & attempted to locate & destroy the original Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin/Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, of which AIM was unsuccessful in doing.

Frank Fools Crow 1970 at Senate

All lovey dovey at the Dakota Conference...

All lovey dovey at the Dakota Conference…

 (AIM leadership & the puppetmaster look a little concerned that Adrienne Riegert-Fritze & John Trimbach’s reality of events at their WK presentation, & participation at the Dakota Conference last April 27-28, 2012, do not match up with AIM & the puppetmaster’s carefully constructed, well crafted government-state lies/propaganda/ & Hollyweird’s creation (PBS)…. of these evil men as heros, role models & saviors of 1st Nations people…!)

#1) Standing Hollow Horn/Lakota, the good Lakota man/who was made Chief by his people for not participating in the molestation assault of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman.

*Standing Hollow Horn, turned the duties of the Sacred Pipe, White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman brought to the people over to Two Runs (no blood on the hands of the Cannunpa caretaker of any kind/Chief would need to protect & lead his people….where this blood transfer could occur, our holy men did not even hunt for their own food, it was provided for our Hunoup speaking Bear Medicine Society…no blood of any kind on the hands of the caretaker…not even the life of a bug.

 #2) Two Runs/Lakota, the second caretaker/ who expanded the duties & ceremonies used with the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin

 #3) Bad Warrior, next caretaker after Two Runs *(one)

 #4) Elk Head/old Man Elk Head/Red Hair…Martha Bad Warrior’s adopted Lakota father *(two)

 #5) Bad Warrior/Martha Bad Warrior/Dakota born…adopted by Red Hair-Elk Head *(three) Re: Third & last bloodline caretaker of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin(s)….The Trimbachs and Adrienne Riegert Fritze are available for speaking engagements...

*Martha passed the catlinite Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin (& buried the Buffalo Legbone Cannunpa, ((that WBCPW brought to the Lakota)) It was no longer to be used in It’s decaying condition) to my Uncle Andrew Dupris & his wife Ariel before Martha died on Oct 25th, 1936.

*This is to acknowledged by ALL!

Once a Cannunpa is buried in any manner, for any reason…once It’s use here on Earth has come to an end & It can no longer be used as intended…and, It is buried, It is NOT to be used again…period, especially for personal profit or for political gain.

*Andrew showed the Cannunpa Wakan to Wibur A. Riegert, who’s car Andrew borrowed when he & his wife returned the vehicle from their trip to Green Grass to Wilbur at Cheyenne River Agency, where Wilbur worked as the allotment agent, feeding the Lakota.

Also, recording births, deaths & marriages…(which is why Wilbur Riegert was the go to man…to know who was who, pertaining to the Cannunpa, & why Wilbur was chosen by Martha Bad Warrior to photograph the Seven Council Fires Cannunpa, & record the Legacy of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin in August 1936 before Martha died in October…1936, just a few months short of being one hundred years old.


Marie Elk Head Fiddler is a Grand daughter of William Elk Head.

This is the true original family of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe care takers, Marie and family are working at correcting the current misrepresentation of Arvol Looking Horse.

Arvol Looking Horse isn’t a blood family member of the Elk Head family as testified by Marie Elk Head Fiddler in May 2009 via Utube video on link above.

He doesn’t possess the White Buffalo Pipe!

The Looking Horse family never had it, what has occurred is nothing more than a FRAUD!!!!!!

According to reliable sources there are seven (7) modern day peace pipes in the Bundle they have at his place in Green Grass, South Dakota re: Proclaimation 2003 call to all pipe carriers to give Arvol their Cannunpas, many did including My Two Beads Worth, she said what she sent to Arvol was identical to what I carry, only without the two lightening bolts at the foot of the buffalo facing the bowl….

Marie has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness and desires to correct history concerning the true caretakers of the Sacred Cannupa, which are her family, the true descendants of Elk Head.

Arvol Looking Horse cannot produce his proof of his family lineage to the Elk Head family!

ARVOL LOOKING HORSE HAS BEEN INVITED TO NO LESS THAN THREE MEETINGS IN THE EAGLE BUTTE, SD AREA TO BRING HIS PAPERS AND HIS PROOF, but he refused to attend, or face his Lakota Elders & fellow Cheyenne River Tribal Members.

Our Group of Dedicated Lakota People have dedicated our selves to help this family correct and bring out the truth that Arvol has been fooling the world.

His immediate family hasn’t been portraying the spiritual family life style… unless money is involved.

His own brother is listed on the Rapid City, Eagle Butte newspaperS.D. Pennington County Sheriff’s web site as having a outstanding warrant for FRAUD and false impersonation.

Make up your own minds on what to believe, but you only have one opportunity to make the right choice & do the right thing…for our future & our children…!


*Andrew Dupris did not caretake the Cannunpa Wakan long, for he passed the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, to Nicolas Black Elk & his nephew, Frank Fools Crow….where It remained in their care together… caring for It’s daily duties until Nicolas died in 1950, & then Frank carried on alone….

Frank was always looking for the Tetuwan Lakota who would return from the Ancestors & the otherside camp…to love, protect, & move It’s teachings & temporal benefits forward for future generations…& as Martha recited on that hot August day as Wilbur recorded her words & took photographs…

The Sacred Pipe was to be used for all time, (but, It’s Legacy has been pimped out by Arvol Looking Horse & AIM for decades now, for profit & to garner further protection & immunity from their handlers)….for the betterment of all mankind, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or blood quantum…to be used as a Peacemaker between Nations…

Martha Bad Warrior with the Seven Council Fires Councils Cannunpa Tetuwan Government (Pipe) in her lap, not a cane or the Calf Pipe.

Martha Bad Warrior with the Seven Council Fires Councils Cannunpa Tetuwan Government (Pipe) in her lap, not a cane or the Calf Pipe….see the two humps on the Cannunpa, they represent Turtle Mountain & the Black Hills our Tetuwan Sacred sites.

*(Obviously, why the US/CA governments & it’s faux Indian Leaders do NOT want the original Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin available to heal & help the people…no money or glory in peace, eh?)

#6) Frank Fools Crow-Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man of the Western Tetuwans/Nicolas Black Elk-FFC’s Uncle & spiritual mentor/author “The Sacred Pipe” with Joseph Epes-Brown.

 #7) Dupree/Calvin-Professor of Native Studies U of Lethbridge/Sun Dancer/Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin carrier/caretaker

 #8) Dupree/Looking Back Woman-named by Frank Fools Crow August 18th, 1975 at Green Grass, South Dakota/gifted her 1st Cannunpa by the Lakota people when she was 20 years old at her naming ceremony Aug 18, 1975, the former personal Cannunpa of Red Hair, which she still carries today with the Calf Pipe.

Martha Bad Warrior, the third & last bloodline Caretaker of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, Aug 1936 at Green Grass, South Dakota with the Seven Council Fires Council Cannunpa Tetuwan Government (Pipe) on her lap...not a cane or the Calf Pipe!

Martha Bad Warrior, the third & last bloodline Caretaker of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, Aug 1936 at Green Grass, South Dakota with the Seven Council Fires Council Cannunpa Tetuwan Government (Pipe) on her lap…not a cane or the Calf Pipe!

*Martha Bad Warrior is viewed as the only Tetuwan woman (at the time/early 1900’s to October 1936) to be caretaker of the Calf Cannunpa, & Martha is considered the 3rd & last bloodline caretaker of the original buffalo legbone”Calf Pipe, she brought to the Lakota, as well as the catlinite, Standing Buffalo facing the bowl pipestone Cannunpa, WBCPW taught the Lakota Chief’s to make before she left the Lakota turning into a red, then… yellow, then… black & lastly a white buffalo (the colors of the four directions & colors of man) before she left us, with the promise to return when again when the white buffalo once again is born… as a sign of her pending return to us as promised.

*And, we all know how that has been working out…

Everyone trying to make a buck of the births, her return…like AIM, Arvol, & all the wannbe Indians/frauds….

But, when She Whope… does arrive, it will be as it was in the beginning…a vapor, snakes, & then a pile of bones where the offender had been!

To the Light & Love of Our Father, Creator…forever & a day!

Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka!

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    A photo is worth more of intent & a thousand lies….


  2. Some additional information:
    Call of the Prairie
    The First Dupree in South Dakota
    By Calvin Dupree and Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman/HakiktaWin

    Fredrick Dupuis and wife Good Elk Woman, with Grandson Pete Dupuis (in photo)
    Good Elk Woman had a son from a previous marriage that Fred adopted and his name was Chief Henry Makes Room Junior.

    Fredrick Dupuis came from Longueil, Quebec to Kaskaskia, Illinois and from there to the Cheyenne River South Dakota area. One Dupuis brother, Pierre (known as Peter) went on up into Montana where he married an Assiniboine Tetuwan (Sioux) woman.

    A French-Canadian, Fred Dupuis, arrived at Fort Pierre in 1838, and was an employee of the American Fur Company under Pierre Choteau Jr.

    Letters from the winter of 1861 were written to Charles Primeau from Fred Dupuis by MC Rousseau at the mouth of Cherry Creek.

    The letters are concerned with reports of the Indian Bands, and the number of buffalo robes Fred was sending in, and a list of the materials he needed for trading and maintaining his small outpost.

    The trader (Fred) is concerned in the letters, that the buffalo are becoming scarce and that the Indians and their horses are “poor”.

    By 1860, we must assume that Fred was married and busy with the affairs of a husband and father.

    Fred married a Minneconjou Tetuwan (Sioux), Mary Good Elk Woman, who became Mary Ann Dupuis.

    She had one son already, Heritary Chief, and Head Chief of the Minneconjou, Henry Makes Room Junior from her previous union/marriage to Heritary Chief and Head Chief Henry Makes Room Senior.

    Fredrick Dupuis adopted Henry Makes Room Jr when he married Mary Good Elk Woman.

    Good Elk Woman was the daughter of One Iron Horn and Red Dressing.

    Some Elders in the Dupuis/Dupris/Dupree family remember that Good Elk Woman was from Cherry Creek.

    Mary Good Elk Woman and Fred had nine children. They were Xavier, Edward, Pete, Fred Jr, Maggie, Esther, Armaine, Josephine and Marcella, “not one of whom could speak English”, with the exception of Edward, who was a student at Hampton, Virginia.

    After being an independent trader for some time (probably as the buffalo dwindled and the Indians were put on reservations) Fredrick became a stock grower.
    Fred built the family home in a beautiful wooded flat on the north side of the Cheyenne River, thirty five miles west of where it empties into the Missouri.

    The patriarchal home was described as being 20 ft by 60 ft, and built of cottonwood logs.

    As each son or daughter married a new small log house (called a tipi by the family) was built.

    These homes had dirt floors and gumbo roofs, and the homes were in a row near the main house.

    In addition there were (*usually a dozen or more tipis nearby, pitched by the full-blood Tetuwan (spiritual) relatives) of Mary Good Elk Woman/Mary Ann Dupris.

    The living arrangement was truly communal.

    The women had a large vegetable garden, the men worked the stock, and all the cooking and eating was done in one cabin.

    One of the women baked all the bread, another made coffee and served the food.

    Three times a day 52 people ate together, along with any strangers or friends who might happen along.

    Dupuis/Dupris/Dupree home was known as a place for sharing good times and good food in the true Indian way.

    This was the era of government ration/allotments (Wilbur A. Riegert’s job at CRST), and all 52 of the family members collected their share, which was hauled home in wagons from Fort Bennett, even though Fredrick was reputed to be wealthy, with several thousand head of cattle and 500 horses, a small domesticated buffalo herd, and a large amount of other property…(later of which ….Fred gave the land for the township of Dupree, South Dakota.)

    The marriage of Marcella Dupuis, Fred’s youngest daughter, to Douglas F. Carlin, a non-Indian, of Pierre must have been a noteworthy event since newspapers from Deadwood and Pierre covered the event.

    Mr. Carlin was noted as the issue clerk at the Cheyenne River Agency.

    The marriage ceremony was performed at the Dupuis family home on the Cheyenne River, with many important persons from the city, including the Pierre City Council, and unknown numbers of Tetuwan’s (Sioux) present.

    Forty fat steers were to be roasted for the feast.

    All the wedding gifts were put on exhibition after supper, the most impressive being five hundred head of cattle and fifty horses from the brides father, Fred.

    The Tetuwan (Sioux) dancing continued for three days with the only interruption being a pause for more eating every three hours.

    *The Dupuis family’s contribution to saving the buffalo:

    In 1883 (or possibly earlier) Fred and some of his sons and possibly Basil Clement (Claymore) went on a buffalo hunt for some buffalo calves in order to start a herd to preserve the species from extinction.

    By this time the great surrounds of the past were over and we can imagine that the desire to preserve at least a few of these magnificent animals so necessary, and so Sacred to the Tetuwan people, was strong…. (& was being preserved on Mary & old Fred’s homestead & lands, including the use of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin by Martha Bad Warrior, attending even by the Indian Agent at CRST sgency… before going out on the Dupris buffalo hunt.)

    The group headed northwest from Cheyenne River, and these men were gone for many months and in Montana or near Slim Buttes (reports differ), they located a small herd.
    They finally secured five calves, (other reports were nine buffalo calves), which were loaded onto the wagons brought for that purpose.

    The buffalo calves were taken back to pure-blood buffalos.

    By the time of Fred’s death in 1898 the herd had grown considerably, and was purchased by James (Scotty) Phillip of Fort Pierre.

    By 1918 (the herd) had increased to approximately 500 head. The state of South Dakota purchased 46 of these buffalo and transferred them to the State Game Park in Fall River County.

    Hearsay has it that Scotty Phillips sold the buffalo to other states and parks also, spreading the original Dupris pure buffalo stock back into many areas where the buffalo once roamed free by the millions.

    Fred Dupris died in 1898 at about the age of 80.

    Then, as now, a death was the occasion for sharing through a Giveaway of all of the deceased’s belongings.

    From Aunt Molly Dupris Annis Rivers, Fred’s granddaughter, we have heard the colorful story of how some of the Dupris/Dupree wealth was distributed.

    It is said that according to Lakota Tetuwan custom, any one who happened by the Giveaway was entitled to a gift, and this even included a group of Crow Indians, traditional enemy of the Tetuwan (Sioux) since anyone can remember, who just happened to be passing by at the time.

    The Crows were invited to join the other guests as they filed by a horse whose saddle bags had been filled with silver dollars.

    Each person took a silver dollar until they were gone.

    The next person in line was given the saddle, and the last person received the horse.

    In this way, and probably by other methods, Fredrick Dupris money and property were shared with the people.

    None of Fred’s oft-mentioned wealth was inherited by any of his children or family.

    Records indicate that Mary Good Elk Woman, Mary Ann Dupris, died in 1900 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Tom (Alma) Blue Eyes.

    One can only wonder about Mary Good Elk Woman’s life after Fredrick died, just as one wonders about her years of living, first as a child growing up a Cherry Creek, then as a young wife of Heritary Chief /Head Chief Henry Makes Room Senior, and Mother of Makes Room Jr, and later as Mary Ann Dupris, mother of nine half French half Lakota children.

    Mary Good Elk Woman’s life during the early time of tragedy and defeat for the Indian people cannot have been an easy one.

    Fredrick and Mary, and many of their descendants are buried in the Dupris-Dupuis-Dupree Cemetary on the hill above the river flat where their family home once was.

    Nearby is the old “Buffalo Church.”

    Fredrick and Mary may be gone, but South Dakota will not forget them.

    Dupree Creek runs into Ruby Creek and then into the Cheyenne River near the old home site, and the (town) of Dupree is located about 40 miles north of Cherry Creek where Fred carried on his fur trading.

    Imagine the hundreds of trips made to this creek & Circle P spring, winter and summer, to haul water for the Dupuis family living down the hill by the river in the 1800’s.

    *The name, though changed from Dupuis to Dupris, and in some cases to Dupree, has been carried all over South Dakota, and to probably every state in the US by their hundreds of descendants.

    *Suzanne Dupree is the daughter of Calvin Dupree
    *Calvin Dupree is the son of Adelia Fielder and Jonas Dupris
    *Jonas son of Sarah Red Horse and Frank Dupris
    *Frank son of Harriet Cadotte and Xavier (David) Dupuis
    *David son of Mary Ann Good Elk Woman and Fredrick Dupuis

    * In the book it states of the occurrence of the removal and
    returning of the Holy Pipe Bundle by the CRST Indian agent & It’s return.
    His son Elias Elk Head takes the same name as of Elk Head, as the next
    keeper of the Holy Pipe Bundle.
    At this time to practice our WBCP faith/religion was forbidden.
    They had ceremonies in secret and the only ones that knew about it were
    the ones that had attended.
    Elk Head Red Hair taught Nicolas Black Elk about the ceremonies and
    songs of our religion.
    Black Elk was 13 years old during the Battle of Little Big Horn which is
    when his teaching begun. All the bands knew that the Elk Head family was
    knowledgeable of our sacred rites as caretaker/keepers of the Holy Pipe Bundle
    that was brought by the Buffalo Maiden/Whope (Pte San Win). Black Elk wanted
    to learn about ceremonies, the Sacred rites and songs from Elk Head Red Hair.
    Red Hair taught Black Elk to be one with the spirits and to help the people,
    and to be an interpreter of the Spirits.
    In 1914 Elk Head Red Hair had passed away in Green Grass.
    After that Elias Elk Head is now the keeper of the Holy Pipe Bundle….is what the Elk Head/Bad Warrior
    men want you to believe, not that Martha Bad Warrior was the 3rd & last bloodline caretaker.
    The last time the bundle was open (August 1936) was in the year of 1936 during the Great
    The Seven bands gathered to have a ceremony praying for help and rain/*Actually the last telling in Martha Bad Warrior’s lifetime of the origin, history,
    linage, & ceremonial use of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, & why she had the Seven Council Fires Cannunpa on her lap, instead of the Calf Pipe…which is
    said Martha hid in her clothing at all times to protect It from family members.

    *At this gathering Aug.1936 was when Martha Bad Warrior announced “NO ONE IN HER FAMILY WERE WORTHY TO CARRY the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin”, which resulted in Martha’s death
    only a few months later on Oct 25, 1936.
    * The only purpose Martha Bad Warrior’s brother’s served was to translate to those who could not understand Lakota, hence the possibility, as in the case of Dallas Chief Eagle/Gilbert’s
    translation for Frank Fools Crow…was not accurate, & only confused things about the Cannunpa Wakan more…neither brother ever was passed the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, nor was Lucy *Looking Horse ever passed the original “Calf Pipe(s)!”
    Elias Elk Head cared for the Sacred Pipe Bundle until the year of 1941 when he passed away into the spirit world…. (false information).
    Elias had owned 250 head of Horses in Green Grass. He still practiced the ceremonies during his life and lived with his brother, Ernest #2/Two Runs, not the first.
    Elias Elk Head had made a winter count pertaining to the history of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

    Later there was a picture taken with the “Winter Count” and in the picture was Elias Elk Head, Ernest Two Runs,(*NOT the #2) Two Runs/caretaker of old)

    *with their cousin Gabriel Gray Eagle, One Bull which is the brother of Joseph White Bull, “sons of *Chief Makes Room of Cherry Creek, SD from the band Minneconjou”.
    (*Looking Back Woman/HakiktaWin’s direct relatives…)
    *Dupree Family Tree 1/
    *Dupree Family Tree 2/
    *Dupree Family Tree 3/

    The Winter Count was treated with great signafacence as a holy item that was kept in adjacent with the Holy Pipe Bundle.

    This is the falsified history passed down through the male side to Derek Fiddler to Looking Back Woman, of the falsified history of the said original keepers/caretakers
    of the Sacred Pipe Bundle.
    The Elk Head family descendants still reside in the community of Green Grass.

    *The inaccurate information provided here from Derek Fiddler/Elk Head Family

    *Calvin Dupree was a member of the faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta before his death in 1994.

    *Calvin was a five year Sun Dancer, a Cannunpa (Pipe) carrier, gifted him by Ceremonial Chief and Holy Man of the Tetuwan Nations (Dakota/Lakota/Nakota), Frank Fools Crow, in 1971 at Pine Ridge South Dakota, of Fools Crow’s Ceremonial Cannunpa for the Tetuwan Nations of both Canada and the United States, at Frank Fools Crow’s White Buffalo Calf Pipe Revival Ceremonies and accompanying Sun Dances in a series of five, that lasted 5 years (1970-1975) finishing in Green Grass, with Suzanne’s Lakota adult naming by Frank Fools Crow, of Looking Back Woman.

    *Calvin Dupree’s daughter, Suzanne Dupree/Looking Back Woman/HakiktaWin, is a Lakota Scholar, Sun Dancer (1975) historian, author/writer, journalist, Tetuwan Lakota Buffalo Calf Cannunpa Carrier, fraud investigator, Tetuwan Lakota ceremonial preservationist-activist.


  3. It should be noted here, that the Elk Head-Fiddlers, re: Shirley… have tried to keep the Legacy of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin at Green Grass, (for the $$$ involved & to save face) but…the mounting evidence show…ego, & money have been the motivator for the Looking Horse/Elk Head’s deception-fraud since Martha Bad Warrior died on Oct 1936….
    Which the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin should not be exposed to…& why It was removed by Martha Bad Warrior when Red Hair died in 1914, her statement that her family was not worthy to carry forward the Cannunpa Wakan stemmed from the fact, even Red Hair & his descendents were becoming Christianized…re: Red Hair photographed & in the SI, with a cross around his neck, holding his personal Cannunpa I have today…./was in the Calf Pipe Bundle with Frank re: newspaper article 1975/Stanley Keith announcement of FFC’s Revival ceremonies & accompanying Sun Dances, (1970-1975).
    It is clear by Martha’s well thought out decision to remove the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin(s) from the rest of her (Elk Head-Looking Horse family’s possession, was her strong feeling about co-faiths being involved with the Cannunpa & It’s true purpose, (like Phil Lane Jr & his Bahai’ faith involvement/*should NOT be done)…for Martha, it was so important to keep the teachings of the Cannunpa Wakan in It’s original state, brought from Whope/WBCP Winyan, from Our Father, Creator…that she ultimately gave her life for that belief, to left out on the cold Lakota prairie by her family to die at the onset of winter, for her announcement that hot August 1936 day, as Wilbur recorded her words via (my Uncle Andrew Dupris)…
    One can either prove their linage & truth…
    Or they cannot…
    Arvol Looking Horse is a fraud…remember that on May 17th, when he & is AIM co-conspirators try to pull a rabbit out of their hat, once again trying to hold onto….what they should not even be allowed around, much less saying they have.


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