This article is in response to letter Face Book post to WK seller, Cysniewski over
the desired sale of the WK township and parameter lands occupied by the American
Faux Indian Movement during the U.S. government and South Dakota State
Government’s staged event dubbed by the media and Hollyweird supporters as
The Seige of Wounded Knee.

Orchestrated and controlled evidence reveals that a Lebanese peddler’s son,
South Dakota Democratic former Senator, James Abourezk, legal council for the
American faux Indian movement for 40 years, has had power and control behind
the scenes.
Abourezk also headed the sub-committee for Indian Affairs, now CODE PINK
board member along with Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, and disgraced Colorado
wannabe Indian former professor, Ward Churchill, AIM propagandist and supporter.

Heading:  “Oh the Shame of it All!”

This shows CODE PINK was formed in 2002 by far left wing western activists’ hatred
for their own country – the U.S.  

CODE PINK members sided with enemies against the U.S. and its allies (Israel).

Our investigation also revealed Ward Churchill to be a U.S. gov’t. operative, interesting
since while his tenure as a Colorado professor, and exposed like so many faux Indian
wannabes using the academic system to spew leftist and American Indian Movement

His job was to negate the work of Professor Calvin Dupree, who had
established authentic Native American Studies, history and cultural beliefs, replacing
them with the bastardized AIM ideology, propaganda and ‘make it up as you go’
Lakota Spirituality for making money

Recently I was sent Koeningsberg’s article (New York Times) and other pertinent
documents, along with Carter Camp’s obit stating he was a spiritual leader.  

Let me state again for the uneducated in TETEWAN protocols – you may not Sundance
carry a CANNUPA or be a spiritual leader with the blood of the innocent on your hands,

No one in the faux Hollyweird created American Indian Movement, or their supporters
should be allowed to be identified as such, IT IS A LIE!  An outright, outrageous self
serving lie to garner donations, celebrity status and unwarranted recognition these
frauds seek to dazzle the masses with…B.S.!

Our research team, which spans the globe monitoring the acts of obstruction, corrupt-
tion, cronyism and fraud by AIM and their handlers/protectors within our own U.S.
and State gov’ts. have documented the psychological and physiological warfare used
AGAINST our own U.S. military, of which many thousands were either killed or
maimed for life, or that commit suicide once they return home.

The Executive Office turns a blind eye to the VA (Veterans’ Administration) scandal, IRS
scandal, Bengazi, Fast and Furious, EPA over reach, NSA over reach, violations against
our Constitutional rights, all dubbed by Obama as phoney scandals – not a smidgeon of
corruption, what about Obama Care?  Well, heh, Obama did come into the limelight
as a senator from Illinois, whose vacated senatorial seat was attempted to be SOLD by

Obama has been educated in leftist values by Rev. Wright, financed and mentored by
urban, militant, domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn – CODE PINK co-
conspirators since 1996.

Advised on the Middle East and Israel by the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain,
the son of a Lebanese peddler;  who is now peddling terrorism globally with his
CODE PINK organization of AIMsters and non university professors, academic terrorists,
Ayers, Dorn and Ward Churchill.

The WIZ is very good at interjecting himself into the limelight whether it be conflict of
interest, legal defense ‘psychodrama’ (manufactured lies) interference, which amounts
to ‘good ol boys’ trying to cover their collusion in many premeditated murders in Indian
country, always protecting their private militias (army) of psychopath/ narcissists Holly-
weird faux Indians programmed by CIA ‘PROCESS’ to take innocent young people and
turn them into killers to do their bidding without question…

An example is Charles Manson’s group destined to create chaos/ Helter Skelter, adored
by Dorn and Ayers as “cool”!   

When you look at the travesty of justice with the defense attorneys’ collusion with the
Abourezks in regards to Arlo Looking Cloud’s trial, when you see the father and son’s
role in the murders of Aquash and Robinson, and why investigations pertaining to their
murders by AIM was shut down, witnesses beat up to shut them up, or just outright
murder period, you understand why they panicked and called in a favour, asking Brendan
Johnson, Obama appointed state prosecutor, to shut down any further investigation into
Aquash or Wounded Knee 2 murders.

Then, you have Leonard Show Dog’s solution to their problem, both AIM’s and Abourezks’
Sell Wounded Knee to an actor, Johnny Depp, cousin to John and Wes Trudell, so AIM,
Abourezk can move the remains of AIM supporters who went into the Wounded Knee
Township, like Perry Ray Robinson, never to be seen again WHEN THEY OBJECTED to
what they witnessed there – all controlled and covered up by the ‘Wiz’!

The man with all the answers – who consorted with Arab terrorists and the Russians
since the 1960s and bragged in his own papers – Those AIM boys had kalishnakoff
rifles at Wounded Knee – Russian rifles!  BROUGHT IN by lefty Hollyweirdos by plane,
while Lakota artifacts were carted away for a certain media mogul’s eventual purchase

Now do you understand America why Obama stands by vacationing while the World
burns?  While Americans are being beheaded by ISIS?

Abourezk, Ayres, Dorn, Churchill and others have been working on this project “CODE PINK”
for over 40 years!  The Obama Hollyweird ‘puppet’ celebrity hungry person is “all in__”!

This is called treason and we execute people for treason.  BEHEAD THE SNAKE!


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    SHOW DOG, the FRAUDSTER CHIEF OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT. BTW, DO YOU PAY TAXES IN SELLING CEREMONY, LCD??? IRS revokes now passports so individuals who owe back taxes cannot leave the US….you & yappy Al Sharpton most likely get a CODE PINKO PASS, eh?


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    So this is why the now DEAD AND IN HELL TRUDELL worked to get Depp to buy Wounded Knee…to make sure the dead and buried murdered by DemonOwnedAIM would not be found. Trudell Abourezk and Ellison…all tied to the cover-up while AIM Kool Aid made from the blood of those murdered is fed to the brainwashed supporters of this owned by the devil crime syndicate faking as Indians!


  3. John Trudell’s son is Depps manager got the full meal deal….


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