One has only to review, if anyone could possibly tear themselves

away from their electronic toys long enough to process why this

should be of interest to them –




Long enough to locate Case 5: 06 – CV – 05062 – LLP Document 43

Filed 11/18/11 Page 1-10 Page ID # 152 (Supreme Court of South



To understand the length to which the Wizard of Oz, his son Charlie and

AIM leadership will go to cover their “Good Ol Boy” assets (*easy – find

Rezinate’s Word Press Blog)


To see how personal agendas and fear of discovery prevented a Tetuwan

Lakota War Chief’s lineage son, Fritz Arlo Looking Cloud, pulled into the

murder, mayhem & destruction by being controlled and allowed to be

hung out to dry (by AIM and the Wizard) for the Aquash murder (and of

course many others by AIM) by shielding themselves and their co-con-

spiritors with the aid of ‘conflict of interest’ actions and a corrupt legal



While meeting the agenda of the U.S. and state Gov’t. agendas – the

misuse and abuse of power and position.


The conflict of interest is irrefutable when you view the Dakota Conference

2012/40th anniversary of the phoney U.S. and State Gov’t staged event,

the Siege of Wounded Knee, with AIM and ‘Code Pink’ members, James

Abourezk & Churchill, all lovey, dovey while trying to interrupt John Trim-

bach’s Power Point presentation exposing their roles in the murders of

so many authentic traditional Tetuwan leaders who opposed them…


And even more to the point Buddy Lamont’s and Perry Ray Robinson

murders – where’s yappy Sharpton, Jackson, or Holder for THAT black



And of course the murder of Anna Mae Aquash, that does show AIM’s attorney

Ellison up to his arse in it! Along with Teri Gilbert (close friend and legal coun-

cil to Vernon Bellecourt), trial attorney Rensch, as well as the WIZ, behind the

scenes, and his adopted son, Charles Abourezk deliberately, individually and in

concert with each other made sure


Looking Cloud was provided ineffective assistance of council by protecting

their interests (co-conspiracy in premeditated murders) over the interests

of Looking Cloud’s defense…


They (AIM & Abourezks’) at the time never believing John “Boy” Graham

Would ever be extradited from Canada with Foreign Affairs Minister at the

Time, Peter McKay, (right hand man of Harper) who was preventing the 3

Judges ruling to extradite Graham from occurring!


2 governments, 2 countries involved in the AIM murders, over-ups, with the

WIZ (James Abourezk) at the helm and interjecting he and his co-conspirators

In murder and mayhem at every turn! These Good Ol Boys were not “Idle”

(no more eh?)


and They never were!


With Canada, California and Hollyweird giving safe haven from prosecution

for Peltier, Banks & other AIM leadership a free pass to lie, cheat, steal and

profit from faux Tetuwan ceremonies, while no-one asked the important

questions –


Why didn’t the Democratic former Senator, James Abourezk, if he and his

father, a store owner and supposed lover of Tetuwan Lakota and other

tribes, allow the destruction of a Heritage Site and burial ground / common

grave of Big Foot’s band of Minneconjou Tetewans’ to be the site of the U.S.

and State gov’ts.’ staged event, the Siege of Wounded Knee tolerated

and allowed??


Why didn’t James Abourezk/ the WIZ, the mastermind behind the scenes,

give support to the victims, “other Indians” like the Gildersleeves, Reigerts’

and others within the Wounded Knee township, instead of enabling and

supporting the perpetrators, the answer lies within the AIM trial documents –


If any journalist or authors other than the Trimbachs who did the work for

“American Indian Mafia”, could easily find, rather than continuing to spew

the same old “Good Ol Boy” gov’t. and state rhetoric and AIM propaganda!


These are the historical facts in Looking Cloud’s case – and you can decide

If there was or was not a smidgeon of corruption or conflict of interest in

these listed instances and evidence, which I, LBW, have tried to get people

to look at over the last decade.


Would you want this type of injustice?? Or to be in Looking Cloud’s shoes/



I think not, actually I know none of us would want to be – so where’s delusion-

Al Redford, Jerry Brown and the rest of Hollyweird lefty’s cry for a pardon for



All he did was show poor judgement when unlimited drugs and alcohol and a

phony AIM self serving cause was shoved down his throat with the AIM doc-

trination called “the process”.


HE did not rape Anna Mae like Graham did the night before Graham shot her

In the back of the head.


HE, Arlo Looking Cloud, has always tried to tell the truth and remain alive to

see justice for the victims of the WIZ and AIM


Whom, I will remind you has glorified and enabled thru academia AIM’s

murderous and pedophile exploits as what to aspire to, and unfortunately

crime does pay when the criminal justice system allows what has transpired

In Arlo Looking Cloud’s defense.


AIM has always used women and children (youth) to further their agenda,


Used our spiritual faith as a tool for profit for themselves and to control us,

manipulated the media and perception of right and wrong to the point

no one can tell the difference


-as we all descend into darkness and despair, obstruction, corruption,

cronyism and fraud going to the highest levels of state and government,

as I have exposed for decades now –


-with no one paying much attention – of (for) the gift of prophecy until

evil and terrorism is pounding at you and your children’s door with

state – gov’t. overreach, bias against faith, controlled news media,

executive office / DOJ flaming racism and abuse of power.


You only glimpse on FOX news the sight of Pelosi wagging her finger and

crossing the floor screaming at how insignificant the words of the people

are! Put a sock in it Pelosi, you who passes FAILURE (Obama Care)

before you read what’s in the law that leaves Americans uninsured to face

the onslaught of all the diseases and death…


and the illegal aliens along with ISIS terrorists are bringing into this country


You are an IDIOT, along with HARRY REID.


You both, along with Obama, Abourezk, ‘Code Pink’, & Holder, are what is

wrong with our country today –


It began in Indian country, festered and is now attacking why America WAS



How is everyone liking that “Hope and Change” you were promised by Obama?


If it sounds too good to be true – it usually is!


Now, you can explain to your children, if they survive, how and why you made

the decisions to allow it to happen, which the children will be paying for, for

the rest of their lives, IF and it is a big IF They survive at all!


No wonder all they want to do is lose themselves in their electronics when

they see the mess that has been laid at their feet and future –


Like our Native Youth, suicide is better than the darkness which has descended

upon all of us.


In Arlo’s case historical facts are:


  • 1) Attorney Rensch refused to interview AIM attorney Bruce Ellison or

call him as a witness despite Att. Ellison’s attorney, Jim Leach encourage-

ing Att. Rensch to do so.


(Ellison was under suspicion for his role in the Aquash murder)


  • 2) Vernon Bellecourt, who allegedly had a role in the Aquash murder, sought

to and apparently had tried to control who would represent Arlo Looking

Cloud and Bellecourt had an impact on who did!


  • 3) According to Looking Cloud, he fired Attorney Terri Gilbert upon learning

of his close relationship with Vernon Bellecourt; a relationship Arlo was

unaware of when Arlo initially retained Gilbert.


  • 4) Arlo recently (2011) discovered evidence that unbeknownst to him,

Attorney Charles Abourezk acted as an ‘ex parte trial council’ to

Attorney Rensch despite the fact Abourezk admittedly represented

“3 of the witnesses in this matter”


  • 5) Moreover Arlo has testified that Attorney Charles Abourezk was not only

present at Bill Means’ residence on the Rosebud Reservation when

John Graham, Theda Nelson Clark and Arlo stopped there shortly

before Aquash was murdered by Graham, but also that Charles Abourezk

let Arlo into the Means’ house to use the restroom.


Attorney Charles Abourezk should not have represented Arlo in any

capacity because Abourezk represented 3 other trial witnesses and

Abourezk was placed at an important scene along the route to Aquash’s



  • 6) Attorney Rensch subjected Arlo to a Charles Abourezk’s so called

specialty, which, recently, Charles Abourezk was in Oregon with a

self promotion workshop class on so called psycho-drama, the pur-

pose of which Arlo has never understood


     Attorney Rensch, Attorney Charles Abourezk and another member of

     the Abourezk law firm, Robin Zephier, participated in the psychodrama.


     The Abourezk law firm was representing 3 witnesses at the time.


     Arlo stated the Abourezk Law Firm along with Rensch present “had to have

him retell what had occurred” but for what purpose Arlo did not know.


(methinks, LBW SAYS, to see if Arlo was gonna rat them all out!)


     Also, this mode of psycho manipulation by Abourezk completely shows

that the “Process” was in play by attorney, state and government as LBW

stated years ago – re-read LBW – Suzanne Dupree’s Word Press blog!


     Setting aside the nefarious purpose of the attempt at fact finding recol-

lections of Arlo by Charles Abourezk’s dream legal team; and the fact Arlo

had no knowledge of Charles Abourezk’s representation of 3 witnesses


BUT Arlo did know of his presence (Charlie’s) at a key spot along the trail to

Aquash’s murder, Arlo never knew Attorney Charles Abourezk was represent-

Ing him (Looking Cloud) or had any involvement in Arlo’s defense – REASON?

-lack thereof!


This was only discovered and brought to Arlo’s attention after the Amendment

was filed while Arlo’s current council continued preparing for the hearing on

Arlo’s Section 2255 Motion


Attorney Abourezk’s involvement in Arlo’s case is particularly troubling

because Attorney Rensch neither told Arlo or sought his permission to have

Charles Abourezk’s involvement in Arlo’s representation as an “ex-parte

trial attorney”


Which Arlo would have objected to any such representation by AIM supporter/

member Charles Abourezk given the obvious conflicts of interest, mainly

to cover his, the WIZ and AIM’s obvious involvement in the premeditated

collusion in Aquash’s murder and rape –


One must also then acknowledge the roles of AIM women, so gloriously

touted in the current film, “AIM Women” of Thunderhawk and Decora in

both the Perry Ray Robinson and Aquash murders; which both women

refused to assist investigators in locating Robinson’s remains,


-though both have knowledge by their interrogation of Aquash before

Aquash was spirited away to her murder in South Dakota


-and their presence at the Wounded Knee infirmary when Chris Wester-

man was given the order by AIM leadership to hide the body of Perry Ray

Robinson where it will never be found in or around Wounded Knee Creek.


-anyone in the Wounded Knee township during this period of time when the 2

groups of “real Lakota”, Buddy Lamont and Crow Dog’s group, who, after 2

weeks wanted to leave, but were held at gunpoint, as newspaper articles

revealed, by hard core AIM militants, Means, Banks, and Carter Camp


-so much for being Lakota spiritual leaders, eh?


You just might want to have some Lakota blood to label yourself as such, which

Banks, Bellecourt, LaDuke and Camp DO NOT!


As many other AIM wannabe Indians conducting Lakota spiritual ceremonies


Arlo Looking Cloud and his current defense team have clearly showed to the

Court, the Defendant has made a sufficient showing that his right to effective

Assistance of council was violated.


-and has shown here Attorney CharlesAbourezk, council for “3 witnesses”

and a person who was allegedly a participant himself, like his father,

democratic former Senator James Abourezk of South Dakota, heading

the sub-committee for Indian Affairs –


-infiltrated the Looking Cloud defense camp and had actually gained infor-

mation and had self serving, protect your ass input into Arlo Looking Cloud’s

defense; setting Arlo up to take the fall for Senator Abourezk’s AIM buddies

and co-conspirators


-in PRE-MEDITATED murders in Indian Country, which further State and Gov’t

agendas for land and natural resources (water rights) etc. control


-remember Nixon had just signed the uranium excavation leases!


So, in light of all this nefarious conflict of interest historically and obvious

cover-ups leading right to the door over the last 40 years


-and actually since contact of the executive office of the Presidents of

the U.S., do you really think what is happening with the beheading of

journalists covering the atrocities in the Middle East, Iraq, Syria and

Israel by Hammas and ISIS is just a misjudgement by Obama???


THINK AGAIN, American patriots and vets. – this was orchestrated

and executed by Helter Skelter leftist activists’ hatred for their own



-which have sided with U.S. enemies against the U.S. and its allies


-This was by DESIGN when you look at the “shame of it all” in how

the Abourezks’ raped and pillaged Indian Country and set their

sights on the big prize – “One World Order”


-with their urban militant domestic “We are everywhere” terrorists,

Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Ward Churchill (gov’t operative), financial

supporters since 1996 of Obama


-with Abourezk once again interjecting himself – the son of a Lebanese

peddler, advisor to Obama for his Middle East and Israeli policies,

which shows in James Abourezk’s own personal papers, his involve-

ment since the 1960s to current




So, how did those phony cigar store felons, Hollyweird Indians, Brown

and Redford loved so much and enabled, get their AIM pedophile hands

on them??? (kalyshnikoff rifles)


A Hollyweird plane drops off supplies, and the Wizard of Oz, the mastermind

domestic terrorist, along with his PLO Ayers/Dorn ‘Code Pink’ urban



The cover ups, conflicts of interest and the sabotaging of America and

what we represented globally is as plain as the nose on your face,



Forget about pardoning Peltier, an unrepentant murderer – free ARLO



He, like us Americans, have been taken for a ride WE Shall Never in

our lifetime recover from!!!!


LBW Aug. 23/14                          










About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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