Megyn, still evaiding Abourezk, called her out on it

Megyn, still evaiding Abourezk, called her out on it, in the comments at

“the PLO was birthed in the Israel prisons , initially the local social mass’s denounced their terrorist actions primarily because the cultural world views were in contrast to the HATE ACTS and mentality of the organization.

As foreign security actions intervened to suppress the PLO’s terrorist activities , over time, the local social mass’s started giving more and more support to the PLO.

Over the years the News/Media though it’s embellishment and promotional hype about so called activists, has aided such terrorist groups to garnish both local and “global support” as those militant groups transformed from the PLO>Islamic BrotherHood>Al Qaeda>Hamas that has splintered into the ultimate HATE MACHINE ISIS.

The American Indian Movement (AIM) was also birthed in the prisons during those same years as the PLO’s birth AND much of the same for the 1st Nations on this continent, those of original cultural traits did_not support the HATE that group was founded on. The News/Media over the years , no different than that with the PLO has enabled that AIM HATE MACHINE by embellishing and promoting their domestic militant acts as “Amazing, as Megan categorizes Churchill” , thus today, here on the rez we live with the continuance of murder and mayhem within , because people have followed the lead of government handler tin soldiers like ChurchHill ….

ChurchHill and Ayres , no different than PLO icons that have risen through the ranks of leadership, for such HATE like ISIS, are nothing more than tin soldier’s for the likes of that piece of chit Arab Lebanese former senator JAMES ABOUREZK’s working groups , who has been in the mix of the PLO and AIM since the 70’s.

Megyn, it seems, has jumped into the golf cart with such sick social chaos programing with her recent glorification and promotion of those like Ayers and ChurchHill.

While Megyn says NOTHING ABOUT ABOUREZK’s activity since the 70’s with his PLO , AIM and working groups in Russia (the Ukraine) ???


Megyn has turned into a mouth piece for the likes of David Geffen’s “VOOM” brainwashing scripts, being directed straight out of the golf cart, occupied by decision making yoyo puppet masters, and there is NOTHING PATRIOTIC about bringing murder and mayhem into the mainstream American social fabric by being such a YOYO MOUTH PIECE.

Yes, Megan’s moral and ethical compass is rolling around on the floor with a string attached to it, she is like that yoyo trick “walking the dog” being tugged back to a puppet masters hand after she struts her stuff.


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