Senator James Abourezk: “Palling Around with Terrorists”

It takes a really SICK MIND to brag about PALLING around with TERRORISTS by one of Obama’s advisers (of course with his russian indoctrinated twist of justification for doing so)

Senator James Abourezk: “Palling Around with Terrorists”
by Senator James Abourezk – 2012

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3 Responses to Senator James Abourezk: “Palling Around with Terrorists”

  1. Abourezk would have been tried for treason back in 2004 if it were not for buddy/Good Ol’ BOY Judge Pirsol, the very Judge currently keeping Arlo Looking Cloud in danger & behind bars…The same Pirsol who was formerly in law practic with Ellison. Forget Peltier being a political prisoner, Arlo Looking Cloud definately is….
    All because he saw Charles Abourezk/James Abourezk’s adopted son at Bill Means house while on the way to Dick Marshal’s home to pick up gun used to kill Anna Mae Aquash.
    Abourezk Sr currently on board/Code Pinkos, advisor to Obama on Israel & Middle East policies that are againt US & our allies.
    BTW: Abourezk is Syrian…figuring it out yet?
    US & allies being set up for a Communist Party takeover…
    Russians ready…
    Iran ready…
    North Korea ready.
    Obama crying on news about gun control to disarm Americans, the only ones murdering US citizens are Abourezk/Obama/terrorists they’ve let into the US & enabled.


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    Keep your friends & loved ones close, & your guns loaded & closer than you ever imagined….


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