Wounded Knee Incident & AIM – The Truths’s photo.

In 1970 Fools Crow conducted an opening prayer before the U.S Senate, he was invited to do so by James Abourezk (a Nixon Tin Soldier) who was a S.Dakota senator at the time.


During the same years Oglala Lakota Elder and Spiritual Leader Frank Fools Crow, who held complete support of the Lakota/Nakota/Dakota Nations 7 Councils in his attempts to have the BlackHills returned to the Lakota Nations, conducted a ceremony in D.C February 2, 1970 , for Congress, he was invited to Congress by James Abourezk. https://www.facebook.com/362949370395312/photos/a.671893092834270.1073741826.362949370395312/696108103746102/?type=1

1970-75, Frank Fools Crow conducted and revived the White Buffalo Calf Woman Ceremonies. https://www.facebook.com/362949370395312/photos/a.671893092834270.1073741826.362949370395312/696110137079232/?type=1

11-1-1972 , AIM burns Historical Records at BIA, including records of family ancestry (genealogy records). Money that was to be used for tribal member travel pay to return home to this day is unaccounted for. , https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=163228003819361&id=362949370395312

In the midst of those years, the American Indian Movement (AIM), entered Wounded Knee shooting up residents homes , residents that included native and non-native family member who were taken hostage for AIM’s Siege of Wounded Knee (WK2).
(Hostage Interviews: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=428606803885330&id=362949370395312

James Abourezk contacted Russell Means (part of the AIM leadership , which included WardChurchill) the second night of the WK Siege by phone, Abourezk in his own words says he made contact with Means by phone, “by chance”. [Bull Chit].

The Siege and actions by AIM included murdering innocents within the WK2 encampment which were reported by Chief Frank Fools Crow’s interpreter Mathew King to the FBI (unmarked graves with women) , AND THEN AIM walked away from those actions with the blood of innocent people on their hands, raised to the level of 1st Nations Hero’s by the news media and hollywood.

“May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.” (FBI Airtel 5/14/73 – FOI)”

In the years that followed the Wounded Knee Siege, the reign of terror across the Dakota’s by AIM, Frank Fools Crow was burned out and tossed to the curb, because he refused to release the Spiritual Legacy of the Lakota to AIM (Leonard CrowDog, family of ex-parte CrowDog) AND the AIM hand picked Faux Arvol Looking Horse, who was assigned as the “White Buffalo Calf Woman Pipe” Bundle Carrier.

**** Ward ChuruchHill who holds not Native Ancestry as he claimed, is assigned by Abourezk’s working groups as the Academia Indian History Guru

Keep in mind it was PATTY HEARST’s family that opened up the Homestake Mines in S.Dakota, (Gold Mine in Lead S.D 1877 – closed 2002), and during the time of the WK2 days and reign of terror , Hearst joined up with the SLA (New Left) / PLO , this all the same years that Abourezk was the 1st U.S diplomat to enter dialog of the Palestine/Israel issues since the days of the Arab/Israel war, in support of the PLO. The same years Abourezk was in the Russia doing so called humanitarian support for the Ukraine, and that Russia was a strong influence creating chaos between Israel and Palestine during those days.

**** “The Geneva conference represents nothing more than a “change of venue for technical m i l i t a r y talks” claims Iraqi Undersecretary Shata el- Taqa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Taqa and other government and Baath party officials received Sen. James Abourzek. D-S.D., here for discussions of the Middle East conflict.

While this represented the first visit to Baghdad by an elected American official since before the 1967 Arab-Israeli w a r , government and diplomatic sources here said the visit does not represent a softening in the Iraqi position.

Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22, Thursday, January 10, 1974

**** nov. 1978 – “Arab American graduate student Sama– Esmail arrived here last week aboard an El Al jetliner, after Israeli authorities, bowing to international pressure, released him from jail, placing him on probation, and expelled him from their country. Esmail, 24, born in Brooklyn, and a graduate student in electrical engineering, Michigan State University, was arrested in December 1977 on his arrival in Israel – Zionist Israel – on his way to see his dying father in Namalah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Israeli police acted on information supplied to them by close association with the FBI and CIA. Esmail’s release came one day after the Palestinian human rights campaign in Washington, D.C., sent an appeal for his release to President Carter, an Israeli attorney– attorney general, the appeal son– was signed by the Reverend Ralph Abernathy and Senator James Abourezk, Democrat, South Dakota, Reverend Robert Carr, Democratic Michigan who lost this– the election, Reverend Tom– uh Representative Thomas Harkin [D-Iowa], who– and also a loser and over 100 other prominent figures. ” ~jim jones of the peoples temple~

**** it looks like Jim Jones and ex-senator Janes Abourezk with Rockfella’s working groups , had a falling out with Jones, a tad bit of time after Abourezk and friends lobbied Israel to release from their jail a PLO/lebanise? terrorist , who was then flown to Jim Jone’s peoples temple in Jonestown..

“Most of the reserva– reserves of coal and uranium left in USA are on Indian territory. This is what Senator McGovern is bringing out, and Sen. Amourzek [James Abourezk] is the reason why all of the treaties with Indians have now been made null and void, but even such liberal sell-outs going along with it as Senator [Edward] Kenne– Kennedy. ” ~Jim Jones ~

source: JonesTown Tape # 398 , News and commentary (August 29, 1978) , http://jonestown.sdsu.edu/?page_id=28703

******** Roll on up to around 2010
the Hearst gold mines officially shut down 2002. A portion of the BlackHills goes up for sale, with Abourezk’s ripple effects of AIM lastrealindians and the Lakota Peoples Law Project (Abourezk is an adviser of, his son an attorney for) doing a global fund raising scam under the pretense to save the Black Hills (Pe’Sla)

Native Sun News: Tribes worried about BLACK HILLS URANIUM MINES
Wednesday, September 10, 2014

RAPID CITY – In the wake of federal hearings about reopening uranium mines and milling in Black Hills treaty territory, members of the Washington, D.C.-based Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) must decide if Native American sacred sites would be adequately preserved under the hotly contested license for the proposal.

The proponent, Powertech Uranium Corp., which is changing its name to Azarga Uranium Corp. and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff, argued at August hearings that a Programmatic Agreement for phased-in surveys of cultural resources is sufficient to justify granting the license to operate in the 10,500-acre Dewey-Burdock mining area of southwestern South Dakota.


ABOUREZK > PLO > HAMAS > ISIS , AIM’s CHURCHILL (who taught the Weatehrment how to make pipe bombs) AND the WEATHERMEN WHO LOVED MANSONS HELTER SKELTER ATTEMPT TO CREATE RACIAL WARS (now RE-ARISING WITH Fergason, with the new_black panther’s heads popping up in support of Jihad, CODE PINK sitting next to Obama , etc … , etc … , etc …

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