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“Conflict of Interest” Lakota War Chief Descendent set up to take the fall!

Ellison (AIM) Abourezk (Charlie, AIM) and Renesch in collusion with Piersol who worked with Ellison as a lawyer at an earlier date before Arlo’s trial. Arlo’s denial of release  2014 by Piersol is a motion to prevent exposure of

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“Red Alert: CODE PINK THREAT” Nov. 27/14

Addressing the Ferguson riots, in your best interest as American and American allies, I and research shows, my opinion is this… once again the “Trojan Horse”, the same

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Joe Wade: Nov 29

the more i hear from this guy , the more i like his world views …. it is evident he understands what led to the destruction of the 2nd Temple …. “The Zealots are one of the first organizations in … Continue reading

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NEW CONTENT! 2nd addition of Frank Fools Crow Knowledge and Truth now available.

NEW CONTENT! 2nd addition of Frank Fools Crow Knowledge and Truth now available. All new complete edition. Buy the book

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RED ALERT ! – Code Pink harassment

Disconnected/no longer in service, # (number) unavailable, # of caller after *69, …. 1-979-696-0833 south eastern Texas near the border – listen up Syrian or Farsi, 1st language speaker – caller, tell your superior the # has been traced by … Continue reading

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International Creative Design Inc., by Kent Duane Greve

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Review of FOOLS CROW Knowledge and Truth

Review/Comments of “Fools Crow Knowledge and Truth GIFT FROM THE ANCESTORS” 2nd Edition by Suzanne Dupree Looking Back Woman When Brian Wilkes appropriated the 1st edition for his own agenda, including historical inaccuracies and lies, it reminded me of the … Continue reading

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