“Conflict of Interest” Lakota War Chief Descendent set up to take the fall!

Ellison (AIM) Abourezk (Charlie, AIM) and Renesch in collusion with Piersol who worked with Ellison as a lawyer at an earlier date before Arlo’s trial.

Arlo’s denial of release  2014 by Piersol is a motion to prevent exposure of this conflict of interest, and info. that recently has become available that it is this Administration’s irectives that Arlo remains imprisoned to protect James Abourezk, Obama’s advisor to the Middle East and Israel, former Senator of South Dakota, which formed and headed the Subcommittee of indian Affairs during the faux gov’t staged event called “the Seige of Wounded Knee” 1973, and resulted in the murders of Buddy Lamont, Perry Ray Robinson and others.  As well as the murder of Anna Mae Aquash, which Arlo remains imprisoned for his participation.

No precedent has been recorded or found in Charlie Abourezk’s ex parte consultant position, and that Piersol allowed , though Looking Cloud was never told of Charles
Abourezk’s involvement in Looking Cloud’s defense with Renesch – one only needs to review Renesch’s billing documents to locate just how many calls between Charles Abourezk, Piersol and Renesch to set Arlo up, and prevent Arlo from revealing who the mastermind was behind the Aquash murder.

Court documents/depositions show recently from Renesch/Abourezk they now say it was the other in relationship to the ex parte ploy used by Charles Abourezk to have access to Arlo’s file before his trial and Piersol was involved throughout Arlo’s defense process without his knowledge or permission.

Ellison was to testify, he took the 5th, and AIM had in their possession Arlo’s file after Charlie Abourezk’s involvement.

Obama appointed Brandon Johnson to shut down Rod Oswald’s investigation into the Aquash/ Perry Ray Robinson murders because Oswald was pressuring Thunder Hawk and Decora, even offering immunity, but they refused, though both AIM women were participants leading up to the murders of both Robinson and Aquash.

Oswald was also involved with the trial and conviction of Aquash’s real murderer and rapist Dec. 2010 of AIM member John Boy Graham.

This collusion, cronyism, corruption, obstruction and fraudulent “good ol boy” criminal action behaviour in Arlo’s case, as well as the cover up of Aquash/Robinson/Lamont’s murders by AIM show how concerned America and its Allies should be when they review the “Code Pink” Red Alert  and see for themselves the threat we all face, and one name remains consistent –
JAMES ABOUREZK, whom Piersol allowed to sue in 2004, individuals who then pointed out his treason and were silenced.


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    Corruption, racketeering, money laundering, child sex abuse, terrorism, real estate fraud (Pe’Sla sale/provenance of land questionable) word is Abourezk brokered the deal for 9 million selling Lakota lands back to the Lakota, 40 acres & an ASS/SYRIAN SIOUX/Abourezk.


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    Oh no…more evidence justifying the JUDGMENT and JUSTICE of the “Mystery” whoever that is according to the “Lakota Know It All’s” except for this “mystery” LOL.

    So then I guess it is all a matter of “spiritual DNA” i.e. genetics of the “natural man” huh? Guess everyone has an excuse for being good or not good! YIKES… guess the “Great Mystery” created this spiritual chaos and therefore…we just act out our “karma” with to worries because according to the “Traditional Know It All’s” what evil is done to others in the realms of time by evil …whoops…evil…and they get away with it…then NO WORRIES because to quote one of the “know it all’s” allies…”It’s like this whole concept of guilt, sin, and blame…it’s all BULLSHIT. I’t external programming put into us! What we are is just natural human beings, natural human beings when we are honest with ourselves, when we tell ourselves the truth, and then we act accordingly… ”

    Now if there was EVER a quintessential oyxmorinic “coyote logic” statement from a documented complicit in the murders and rapes of innocents his “natural manliness”, then John Trudell wins the Nobel Prize for BULLSHIT and as voted for…by those that idolize him and consider him a now dead and IN HELL “ally”! 🙂

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