“Red Alert: CODE PINK THREAT” Nov. 27/14

Addressing the Ferguson riots, in your best interest as American and American allies, I and research shows, my opinion is this… once again the “Trojan Horse”, the same as  what was employed during the staged gov’t. event dubbed by the media and academia as the “Seige of Wounded Knee” is fully in play.

Charles Manson’s “Helter Skelter” chaos which failed over 40 years ago, and was  supported by left-wing activists which/who have sided against America and its allies (Code pink) are using the same tactics;  (the death of Michael Brown), riots, pipe bombings, brain washing (the process), murders and mayhem that Hollyweird, academia have immortalized in history as a platform for Native Americans led by a group of  gov’t trained activists, urban militant domestic terrorists, and managed then by former Senator of S.D., and protected, who formed and headed the Sub-committee for  Indian Affairs against authentic traditional Native leaders in a land and resource  power grab, is now on the board of “Code Pink” and is currently advisor to Obama on Obama’s policies on Israel and the Middle East.

The “Wizard”, the man behind the curtain (Syrian by birth) has been consorting with the Russians and Arab terrorists since the 1960’s, and along with Valerie Jarrett,  Obama’s unelected Iranian born ‘joined to Obama’s hip’ advisor… if one digs deeper  finds the alarming family connections in Chicago to Bill Ayres family spanning nearly 100 years with the Communist Party USA ideology and fellow “Code Pink” board  members, along with A.I.M. (American indian Movement), academic fraud wanna be  Indian, Ward Churchill.

Are you understanding the threat we are facing?

Kenyan born Obama has been mentored since he was 9 and in Hawaii by ValJar’s and Ayres  Communist Party USA (Sex Rebel) child porno extended “family”, the very same “family  values” as Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter family that Ayres, and his wife Bernadine Dorn supported when Manson tried to start “race riots” by killing rich Hollywood elite, and  trying to by planting evidence in LA’s Black neighbourhoods to insight the “race wars” between blacks and whites then, as now, with the support and enablement by Obama, Jarrett (who prevented Dem. Governor in Missouri from allowing the National Guard from stopping the Ferguson riots), Eric Holder, and yappy tax leined former Coke dealer turned Reverand Al Sharpton, and other brainwashed co-conspirators and black activists reaction of violence and Helter Skelter of the DOJ’s leaked information of the Grand Jury’s decision in the Michael Brown self-created death by attacking a Ferguson police officer.

And, the release of the Officer’s home address by the NY Times only shows how extensive  Ayre’s book 1973, “We are Everywhere” is and why these very people involved and their  co-conspirators wish to disarm Americans from defending themselves.

I am sick of hearing all over the news – not mainstream Obama controlled media of  course – “Why isn’t Obama taking action?”  He is taking action, but not in the best  interests of Americans and its allies, quite the opposite.

The Dark Horse of the Apocolypse is upon us all, and not because he/Obama is Black But because of the Darkness he serves, as the Pte Hincala Cannupa Kin warned in 2007, 2 years before Obama took office, when its message was confirmed by Harvey Arden’s email to “My Two Beads Worth”, when Harvey Arden crowed “We have the next president  in the bag, back off your investigation into AIM, Wolakota, and Peltier’s non-profit non- filings to the IRS!

Arden went on to say – David Geffen Dream Works Films/ Hollyweird withdrew his financial support from the Clintons when Bill did not pardon Peltier before leaving office, and backed Obama; and why Obama’s campaign ads were so false and compelling, which got him elected,  since the Dark Horse also had financial support from Dorn and Ayres since 1996 and of course Valjar and Chicago based Communist Party USA hovering behind the curtain with the Wizard, all waiting for their opportunity to destroy America.

By the way, our small group of investigators providing the truth, are daily under assassination threats, poisoning, hacking, Muslim phone calls from Hern Texas, phone taps, stalking, har- assment from this very group that wants the destruction of America and it’s allies,

However the absolute power of the Star Nation, Thunder Beings and Our Father Creator via The Pte Hincala Cannupa Kin’s message is “the Light will always overcome the darkness and  evil”

Hoka Hey All My Relations


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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