!Voice of Freedom! RACISM

Why as Native Americans do we need a Black female Senator saying what is racist against us? The Red Skins football team’s name is used by us in our own schools, our chiefs wear Red Skins’ ball caps and have been photographed enjoying watching the Red Skins’ play. Were they protesting against the name? No, only the faux Indian AIM activists like Clyde Bellecourt, with not enough indian blood to have a decent nose bleed, like Ward Churchill and Winona Laduke who are cultural appro- priators, are up fist pumping in protest and trying to sell themselves as the Voice of Our Nations and pretending to be something they are not. INDIAN! Can’t they sell their own predominant cultural DNA? Obviously not! As for the black female Senator – a Democrat, (no surprise there) should be focusing her attention on the murder by the American Indian Movement’s David Hill, and rally all the Black Activists, yappy Al Sharpton, ValJar, Holder and Obama to move forward with the Perry Ray Robinson and Anna Mae Aquash murder investigations; that Obama appointed Branden Johnson shut down right when Rod Oswald was making serious progress after decades of a well planned and executed cover-up to protect “THE WIZARD”, the man behind the curtain, (James Abourezk) the handler and decision maker, as well as legal council protector of his private militia, gov’t funded and protected American Indian Movement, cigar store Hollyweird make believe Indians – while in reality only thugs, urban militant domestic terrorists. The reason why the Black Activists, Obama and their “crew” are not pursuing justice for Perry Ray Robinson Jr. is because it leads right to the White House and James Abourezk – Obama’s advisor to the Middle East and Israel, “Oh the shame of it all!” This core group, through our children and youth (education), are brainwashing our children to side against the U.S. and its Allies, abandon their faith for Islam and Communism, and destroying our country from within; just like they did in Indian Country with Manifest Destiny and genocide and AIM. It is this group in power, we elected them, we allowed them to control the edu- cation of our children, control our health care, abandon the men who fought for us for our freedom, (this group in power) lies, lies time and again to the American public, control the news media network content and have utter con- tempt for us, and then says in public that “we are stupid!”. This just didn’t happen overnight, it has been in the making for nearly 100 years if you look into ValJar (Valerie Jarett, Obama’s top advisor) and Bill Ayres family ties – Looking at the Obstruction, Corruption, Cronyism and Systemic Fraud and overt deceit, all people who have tried to warn the America we love have had “June Mail” the FBI’s covert term for an ELSUR / electronic surveillance file, separate from regular FBI files which pertain to wire taps, bugs, breakins, and mail opening, all in a private special room, is being used against us. All this has been in play against me personally, all of it, and I have the evidence to prove it in court, if there was a court now in America who would rule in favour of the victim, not the perpetrator/traitors who control nearly every aspect of our lives. I remember clearly the violence, starvation, abuse and murder used against Native people since contact. When we unknowingly gave our hand in trust and friendship to what eventually became America, we were forced to give up our weapons, our faith, everything that made us who we were, and assimilate or die. Well, to those who have come since, legally or illegally, assimilate or do not come and change America. If we Native peoples had not fought among ourselves and fought against our common enemy, the invasion of our country would not have been successful. Take a lesson from our mistake, and as Bond says in Skyfall – bet it all on “Red” and the Circle of Life. And, if anyone takes offense to the truth and common sense written here, and I am silenced and murdered, I will be martyred, and what I have tried to warn you of, the threat, that darkness settling over us all in rules, regulations, laws and ruination of our civil, constitutional rights and freedom, will live on forever! I was born a wild Indian, lived closely to Mother Earth as a wild Indian, a dirty savage, a red skin, and I will die proud to be one; and I don’t need any black democratic female Senator, toeing the line for Obama, to define what racism is for Indian People, in one word, “HYPOCRACY!” Justice for Robinson and Aquash! Despite where it leads and what, who and why (it reveals) – your children and your future depend on your joining together to fight the common threat and remember, “there are no rules of engagement” to their treachery, their goal is to destroy and conquer America, to bring you and your family into submission or die. And please, we plead for your support in the release of Arlo Looking Cloud, a Lako- ta War Chief descendant, whose only mistake he made was being lured by AIM and their handler/protector into believing in their lies, their noble fight against the US Gov’t., when on the contrary it was the complete opposite (they were and are urban militant domestic terrorists protected by and working for the government) Arlo Looking Cloud was set up to take the fall for the traitors and frauds, and he has always tried to tell the truth and stay alive against all odds – if they can do it to him, they can and will do it to you with IMMUNITY. Freedom for Arlo Looking Cloud, freedom for us all, and no parole for Peltier! Hoka Hey, it shall be so! LBW Freedom for Arlo Looking Cloud, freedom for us all, and no parole for Peltier! Hoka Hey, it shall be so! LBW

About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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