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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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  2. Joan Heart says:

    don’t know if this will go through, also looking for your e-mail address, fm Joan lifted off of Facebook: Denise Pictou Maloney shared Red Warrior Camp’s video.
    August 23 at 5:58am 路

    Unity only comes when those stepping up to be united are truthful and have integrity. Few have the courage to call out true injustices. It has consequences, lives are lost, and people are shunned and shamed for daring to speak the truth and refusing to become part of a lie. It is clear the bigger battle is not only with the Oppressors but within our own psyches as we purposfully decide to engage in events we know could bring about change. DO NOT lose your integrity or your spirit to hypocrites and liars who pose as revolutionaries. Lateral violence is their shield and hate is their weapon. Stay the course Standing Rock . We in the north support you and all those pure of heart fighting for our water, but we will never forget the lies and betrayal this man represents and the pain he brought upon one of our most beloved and honored defenders of the land Annie Mae.

    (picture of Clyde Bellecourt)

    Red Warrior CampLike Page
    August 22 at 3:18pm 路
    American Indian Movement Co-founder Clyde Bellecourt issues call for action to support the nonviolent direct action to block the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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    William Firecloud Jr.
    William Firecloud Jr. I got along with Vernon..but always locked horns with was the pretty boy who had many female admirers and Russell went Hollywood..馃槑
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    John Jonas
    John Jonas Every day almost I hear tribal officials here ranting about gang violence but hold these predatious thugs up as hero’s for our young people. Confused much? Blind? STUPID??? WTF?
    Like 路 Reply 路 8 路 August 23 at 7:01am

    Joan Heart
    Joan Heart when you support darkness and evil, darkness and evil grows… when you support Creator Great Spirit Great Mystery, and listen to the noble ancestors who were good and great, then goodness love and light grows, but it is a battle now for every heart an…See More

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    Paul DeMain
    Paul DeMain Sorry to see that some people who don’t know about Clyde Bellecourt’s and Dennis Banks involvement in the murders of Annie Mae Aquash, black civil rights worker Perry Ray Robinson and other Native people, and then still posting their crap like they speak for our communities today. We have better choices.

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    Marlette Tasunke Wakinyan
    Marlette Tasunke Wakinyan They weren’t peaceful when they came to our community of Wounded knee and unleashed evil here! How dare he!!

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    Marlette Tasunke Wakinyan
    Marlette Tasunke Wakinyan Vernon was the winkte!!Could”nt be truthful about his own sexual preference! Vernon Bellecourt was too ashamed to come out of the closet!!

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    William Firecloud Jr.
    William Firecloud Jr. I always called aim the “asshole indigenous movement .”
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    Geoffrey W. Stump
    Geoffrey W. Stump So, people need to know that the Standing Rock issue is about keeping the Great Missouri River and Basin clean. This is not an AIM propaganda event and it is painful to see him tie this in with his organization. Please stand with the people protecting the land and don’t be wrangled in the web of confusion.
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    William Firecloud Jr.
    William Firecloud Jr. Well said Geoffery..but we as protectors must stand up to the imposters that come to the camps..beware of false prophets..
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  5. Unknown subject perp(s) at gate 4:am turned around in driveway went back down toward Orient & Kettle River bridge….truck.
    Now they never travel alone, only in packs of several vehicles together…
    New KIA White Soul SUV newbie a staple now first a Greves for several days, then Malmede, same timeframe…now “Crackshack” Stanley’s/white mid sixties plus grey haired shoulder length woman driving vehicle, male passenger…not local plates, looked like Texas!
    Awaken @ 3:am dogs barking wildly, just settling down & being quiet.
    Reuben McMichael sound advise was, “Shoot first, ask questions later, no one honest has any business on your property without an invitation, especially in the middle of the night!” “Use the 20 gage I loaded especially for the Syndicate of Satan bastards, send them to their “true” Father, Satan where they belong!”
    And, if you come again, demons in the flesh, I shall!
    Without hesitation!
    So, beware…!


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