These ratbags have no place to hide anymore – J.H.

pt. 1

I arrived at my friend’s place on Friday 13. After much love from animals, horses, dogs, cats, good food from fabulous cook/friend, I went into town on Sat. to do errands.

I was followed at a distance, even though i was crawling along at 70 to 80 km/hr., by the platinum vehicle of the Malmedes drug runner, dog boy and obedient slaves to Kent Duane Greve. They are on welfare, they never work, and they have lots of gas, vehicles, possessions, and etc. it was the guy and their 2 kids.

pt. 2

The entire weekend there was harassment, following, stalking, and leering faces from vehicles waving at me. The drug cartel and pervert pedophile ring knows I have helped and supported my friends in their documentation and step by step discovery of mortgage fraud by the Dickies, stealing of water and power by Greve, Dickie, Malmedes. and Stanleys, manufacture of crystal meth and crack cocaine smoke and crack shack cooking, as well as Keith Wilder and his underground bunker, pick-ups and drops of both drugs and money by UPS and the postal services, as well as all the sentinals, and drug runner dealers going back and forth in their vehicles. It’s all documented.

pt. 3

On Saturday I took a shower, and I was sick throughout the day, tingling, stomach intestinal pain, diarrhea the rest of my visit there, pain in my body… the same old symptoms from when my friends’ water was tampered with throughout my visits there, including last July when it was severe. I have had myself and the water tested, and i have thallium in my body, and my thyroid crashed so severely in Sept. I went to the hospital emergency in Prince Rupert, and even though i have had a dosage variation of .2 over the decades (minimal since I started taking it), I had to have my thyroid med. boosted from .025 to 125. mcgms, the first time ever. I’m sick and my friends and their animals are sick from the tampering of their water source, which is controlled by valves up above at Kent Duane Greve’s place.

pt. 4

On saturday night after dark the good ol boys were parking their vehicles on the access road, the upper county road, and directly into Suzanne’s place from the county road that goes by her place. So she has high powered cameras and flash, which she activated, taking pictures of their intimidation, and racing around, all to deflect their drug cartel activity, and to scare and intimidate us… 2 old ladies in the middle of nowhere… drug production and pervert pedophile country

pt. 5

On Sunday I walked up the hill on a beautiful day, to go to my favourite mound/ hill/ rock on my friends’ property, and I had difficulty doing it I was so sick…
I discovered beer cans and a plastic bottle littered on their property, where the crack heads can spy on my friends, and as I was sitting down relaxing, enjoying the day, Chris Dickie fired off his rifle with a loud crack in the air.
I was concerned it might be my friends, so i started down the hill. They are Canadians, but one friend is a dual citizen, and she has weapons and ammo, in case the abusers want to come on in.

pt. 6

I walked past the mailbox of Kent Duane Greve, where the flag was up on a Sunday. We have watched from my friends’ place, while they drop off and pick up drugs and money from the mailboxes, and also in the grass around them.
I was so curious, but i know the drug cartel watches everything, and sure enough, Chris Dickie fired off 4 or 5 more shots.
I wasn’t afraid for myself, but i wondered if my friend was being harassed.
The druggies must have got jiggy and antsy, because they didn’t do a pick up or drop the rest of the daylight hours, which is unusual for them on Sunday.

pt. 7

the most recent lie and illegal activity uncovered by my friends is that the phone company who charged my friends repeatedly for a private line, sneered at them and called my friend down when she said her calls were being listened to, hung up on, tampered with, false messages and etc., she was called a crazy etc., well, a documented backdate that a customer service rep. finally found showed that the phone line hasn’t been private ever, it’s a joint amplified line, all illegal, all showing collusion with all the criminals in the area. They have been listening and tampering with their private info. The phone company will be sued along with the electrical and many others. There is much fraudulent and illegal activity in the area.

pt. 8

all documentation of 5 years of intimidation, harassment, fraud, collusion, attempted poisoning by the water flow, credit rating and finances hacked, cell phones and computers hacked by Kent Duane Greve and his son Seth, who are computer and digital geniuses, indeed my computer and cell phones have been tampered with, has all gone to criminal attorneys and legal offices of gov’t, both state and federal. The problem is, recently, this June mail assault has brought fed vehicles out, raiding the home of Greve, and then leaving… what gives? Greve have immunity, and Wilder, protected by gov’t?

pt. 9

I’m back home, and it’s not reassuring that docs. that were photocopied and due to be sent off this afternoon will ever get to the offices involved. I did the photocopying and preparing of the packets after consulting with my friend, and I was followed to the office by the crack girl from the Malmedes, and the wife of a man who poisoned an old man for his pension money and possessions.
The owner of Don’s Printery assured me that the envelopes would be posted, so I hope it happens. You never know who is friends with whom, and who has been paid off in the community, like the UPS truck and 1 postie for sure, in and out stealing and doing the money and drugs.

pt. 10

Take care my dear friends, these ratbags have no place to hide anymore.

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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    Drug manufacturers/distributors/pedofile/protectors/enablers Stevens County Sheriffs Office/Rasmussen/Tivit/Avista Supervisor/Centurylink Quest old party line listeners &all Corrupt Stevens County Officials you are done!


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  4. No, the ratbags…though many in numbers no longer have any place to hide on Mother Earth!
    Know thy ENEMIES, so they may be destroyed for attacking God/Creator’s Faithful!
    Power unto God FOREVER, Our Lord!


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