A Call to Seventh Day Adventist Child Sex Abuse Victims

Please contact Suzanne Dupree for further evidence supporting your (victims) case against the Seventh Day Adventist Church, chapters North-eastern Washington state, Oregon and Maryland. You may contact me via any of my social media or website (lookingbackwoman.ca), yourselves or through legal council.

You are not alone, there are other victims/children who have been sexually abused by the perpetrators and more yet to date being sexually abused, exploited and abducted. We can stop it and bring the perps to justice.

Currently they are focused on third world and Aboriginal First Nations children, who have the highest numbers in-country for human trafficking, child sex tourism, and sexual abuse (like Pakistan, Nigeria, Malaysia, and the Philippines – next to the United States).

The perpetrators, abusers have private network – Internet networks which fellow pedophiles can subscribe to. Sexually abused children through physical and sexual abuse bond to their abusers, and through programming are used as mules in drug manufacturing and distribution as well as child pornography, prostitution and body organ harvesting like ISIS is doing. This is ongoing internationally/globally. We want nothing other than to put a stop to this systemic child sex abuse and expose why these behaviours/acts have flourished; and how far up the abuse goes. I will do so here in this post.

You will not be ignored, abused, forgotten or murdered any longer. The perpetrators hide behind their so-called faith, church, and so-called good works via international child care foundations. It is not a religion but a cult. Like Jim Jones, Manson, American Indian Movement, Reverent Sun Moon and Scientology, all based on the “process” used to brainwash and indoctrinate the victims, followers, and cool aid drinkers into the fold. It MUST BE STOPPED NOW!

To give an example the level of corruption and child sex abuse and why nothing has been done to stop it, is because Kenyan born Barrack Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA member who worked for the most egregious communist front in the history of this country, the American Peace Mobilization Force (Dupes) was founded on the COM Interns Initiative in Chicago (September 1940) which formed from the age of 9 years old Obama’s ideological route. Obama and Weathermen Bill Ayres colleagues eventually served together as board members at Woods Charitable Fund, funded by the Erikson Institute, specialty in “child advocacy”.

This is called intent, motive, opportunity and access!

Also connected via Obama’s non-elected senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, whose grandparents headed the Chicago housing authority, active in Planned Parenthood. This is why it is so easy for the perps to acquire IRS non-profit status. Note: Valerie Jarrett is the most powerful figure in the White House, rivalling President Obama, in the scope of her influence over the fate of the Republic. Wednesday, September 8, 2009 Post (source) Valerie Jarrett’s mother and Bill Ayres father are also connected.

Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s mentor was under FBI investigation for 19 years in Chicago, moving from Chicago to Hawaii in 1948 leaving behind a colleague named Vernon Jarrett; both wrote a left wing newspaper called the Chicago Defender. In 1971 Davis was introduced to 9-year-old Barrack Obama, mentoring him for 9 years until he was 18. In addition to Frank Marshall Davis, being a Communist Party USA member, wrote pornographic books delving into child molestation, and one book “Sex Rebel” did just that.

Vernon Jarrett is the late father-in-law of Barrack’s most trusted confident, Valerie Jarrett. The woman identified as the other side of Barracks brain was a colleague of Barracks childhood mentor, Davis. THAT’S CALLED ONE DEGREE OF SEPARATION!

Jarrett’s mother, Baraga Taylor Bowman, was on a board with the father of another notorious figure, Tom Ayres (Bill Ayres father). Bowman has run the Chicago based Erikson Institute, also an early board member was Chicago business man Tom Ayres.

A liberal activist, father of Weather Underground, TERRORIST LEADER, and long time Obama colleague is Bill Ayres. Ayres wife, fellow Weatherman, Bernadine Dorn, also served on the Erikson board in recent years.

Source date 11/12/14 Valerie June Bowman Jarrett, born in Shiraz, Iran, November 14 1956, is senior advisor to Obama, President of the United States and assistant to the President for public engagements and intergovernmental affairs in the Obama administration. Proof of the influence is Obama’s failed immigration policies, “the children of third world countries”, delivering themselves to their fate, and Iran’s nuclear framework agreement skirting congressional review. Of course there is also DOJ, Obama’s protector, Erik Holder and why congress held up the confirmation of Holder’s successor until the issue of human trafficking was addressed. All this corruption and abuse of power is connected to 2002 formed original Code Pink organization with Syrian born James Abourezk, Obama’s advisor to Israel and the middle east, Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dorn, Ward Churchill (AIM academic activist fraud), as well as other left wing western activists whose hatred for their own country, United States, has sided with US enemies against the US and it’s allies – Israel being one (using psychological warfare against our own US soldiers). Source www.jewishworldreview.com – 2010 – Heading: Oh the Shame of It All. Also tying in Russia acquiring 50% of the US uranium mining that supplies Iran’s nuclear needs with help from the Clinton foundation.

As far back as 2000 and before evidence shows attempts to stop Abourezk’s Arab terrorist/Russian affiliation agenda. However Judge Pirsol, the same judge in collusion with the Abourezks, Allison, and Rensh, in the conviction of Arlo Looking Cloud (Lakota) in the Anna Mae Aquash rape, execution/murder by John Boy Graham and the cover-up of the Perry Ray Robinson murder by David Hill during the staged government event dubbed by the media as the Siege of Wounded Knee 1973 by govt/Abourezk heading the sub committee for Indian affairs by holly weird frauds and child sex abusers, the American Indian Movement; headquarters in Minneapolis Minnesota, the same location for the highest number of home grown terrorists ISIS wannabes. Judge Pirsol allowed and protected Abourezk to sue those seeking Abourezk in 20004 to be tried for treason. The same Judge Pirsol that keeps Arlo Looking Cloud behind bars today. (Arlo Looking Cloud refused to murder Anna Mae) – the intent, motive, opportunity and access of Pirsol was to protect former senator of South Dakota, James Abourezk, Obama, and the Code Pink agenda that has now, 6 years later, shown beyond any reasonable doubt by the overwhelming evidence listed by numerous sources, shows the Communist Party USA/International pedophiles hold our ultimate fate in their evil greedy hands.

I’ve connected the dots for you, contact me. We shall win. We the people. We the victims. You are not alone. All of this was done by design.

Read more: Techniques used to Stop the Truth from Prevailing.”


About Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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