Helter Skelter has begun

The militant urban domestic terrorists of the 1960’s – 1970’s are now the “PIG” Elitists that they sought to bring down!
The blueprint of chaos that Manson & his followers sought to incite in 1969 with the Manson murders, documented in the true story of the Manson murders by the district attorney who put the puzzle together (best seller), Vincent Bugliosi with Curt Gentry in the chilling 64 page photographic record of the victims, the killers, and the evidence in the book “Helter Skelter” released Nov. 1974.

Also in the documentary by Leo Rive aka Louis Lawless, filmmaker best known recently, of “Unrepentant” (2006-2007) with Kevin Annett on child sex abuse, and murders that occurred with Aboriginal children within the Anglican Church residential schools in Canada for decades…this won best documentary 2006-2007, and which was infiltrated by gov’t agents – Gov’t funded American Indian Movement frauds Russell Means and Dennis Banks- resulting in the attacks on Annett after Means’ death, after AIM taking on his (Annett’s) cause, celebrity and global attention which eventually resulted in Annett’s downfall.

In the book (Helter Skelter) Bugliosi shows Manson’s purpose to make it look like the murders were committed by LA’s black communities, citing racial unrest. Manson’s words discussing Helter Skelter agenda with Tex Watkins P. 332-333
“This would only be the beginning – Manson explained to Watkins after the Tate/LaBianca murders which “Pigs” was written in the victims’ own blood…”

“These murders would cause mass paranoia among the “Whites”. Out of fear they would go into the ghetto and just start shooting black people like crazy. But, all they would kill would be the one’s that were with Whitey in the 1st place. The “true black race” – whom Manson identified at various times as the “Black Muslims” and the Black Panthers – “wouldn’t even be affected by it.” They would be in hiding, waiting. Manson said. After the slaughter, the Black Muslims would “come out” and appeal to the
Whites, saying “Look what you have done to my people” And this would split Whitey down the middle, Watkins said of his conversation with Manson – “between the hippy-liberals and all the uptight conservatives…” And it would be like the War between the States, mother against brother, white killing white. Then, after the Whites had mostly killed off each other, the Black muslims would come out of hiding and wipe them all out.” All except Manson and the Family, who would have taken refuge in the bottom- less pit in Death Valley.

The karma would then have turned. “Blackie would be on top.” And Blackie would begin to “clean up the mess, just like Blackie had always done…He will clean up the mess that the white man made, and then build the world back up a little bit, build the cities back up. But then he/Blackie wouldn’t know what to do with it. He/Blackie couldn’t handle it.

According to Manson, Watkins said, the Black man had a problem. He could only do what the white man had taught him to do. The Black Muslims wouldn’t be able to run the world without Whitey showing him how.

Watkins: “Blackie would then come to Manson and say, you know______, I did my thing. I killed them all and, you know, I am tired of killing now. It is all over.”
“And, then Manson would scratch Blackie’s fuzzy head and kick Blackie in the
butt and tell him to go pick cotton and to be a good nigger, and we would live happily ever after…” (the Manson family)

The Family “Manson”, now grown to 144,000, as predicted in the Bible – a pure white master race – would emerge from the bottomless pit. And “It would be our world then. There would be no one else, except for us, and the black servants.”

According to the gospel of Manson – as he related it to his disciple Paul Watkins – he, Manson (Charles Willis Manson), the 5th angel, JC (Jesus Christ) would then rule the world.”

Paul Watkins, Brook Poston, and Greg Jahobson had not only defined Manson’s motive, Helter Skelter, Watkins had supplied the missing link. In Manson’s sick twisted, disordered mind, Manson believed that he would be the ultimate beneficiary of the black -white war and the murders which triggered it.

Manson reiterated to Watkins and others that Blackie had no smarts, “that the only thing Blackie knows is what whitey has told him or shown him and so ‘someone’ is going to have to show him how to do it”.

Bugliosi asked Watkins: “How to do what?”

Watkins answered, “How to bring down Helter Skelter. How to do all these things”.

Watkins: “Manson said the only reason it had not come down already was because
whitey was feeding his young daughters to the black man in Haight Ashbury, and Manson said, “if Manson’s music came out, and all of the beautiful people – “love” Manson called it – left Haight Ashbury, Blackie would turn to Bel Air to get his rocks off”

Blackie had been temporarily “pacified” by the young white girls, Manson claimed. But, when Manson took away the “pacifier” – when Manson’s album came out and all the young loves followed the pied piper Manson to the desert – Blackie would need another means of getting his frustrations out and then Blackie would then turn to the Establishment.

But, Doris Day’s son – Terry Melchor didn’t come through, the Manson album was not made.

Sometime in late Feb. 1969 Manson sent Brooks and Juanita to Barker Ranch. The rest of the Manson Family moved back to Spahn and began preparing to engage the helter Skelter agenda.

While at the Gresham Street House, Manson had told Watkins that the atrocious murders would occur that summer of ’69. It was almost summer and the Blacks were showing no signs of rising up to fulfill their karma. One day in late May or early June of 1969, Manson took Watkins aside and confided “The only thing blackie knows is what whitey has told him, I’m going to have to show Blackie how to do it!”

Sept. 1969 in discussing Helter Skelter with Watkins Manson said without explana tion “I had to show Blackie how to do it!” referring to the Tate La Bianca murders.

The one consistent supporter and admirer of Manson’s murderous agenda was urban militant domestic terrorist, mastermind of the Weathermen Underground, Communist Party U.S.A. supporter, Code Pink member, colleague of President Obama, Bill Ayres and supporter wife Bernadine Dorn.

Yes indeed Manson showed the Communost Party USA / Code Pink members how to “do it” and now 54 yrs later the left wing activists who have sided against the U.S. and its allies are in power and the Helter Skelter agenda is upon us – the billionaires and elitist politicians have acquired enough $ to go underground (the bottomless pit) to be sheilded against what has been set into action,

“We the People” their left wing agenda dictates will perish and eventually the Black Muslims believe they will rule the World, but there is always the Whitey standing in the wings waiting – making behind closed door deals – selling out America and its uranium resources to U.S. enemies thinking after the kill off – whitey will send Blackie back to the cotton fields of Arkansas after Blackie does the dirty work of Helter Skelter for them.

I gave you this information in 2009 when Obama was elected, guess you were all too busy to pay attention.

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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