A message from Rezinate: PARALLELS

A message from Rezinate:
by rezinate

AIM firebombs indigenous reporter Tim Giagos newspaper office. A wheelchair bound Nogeeshik Aquash dies in a fire the

night of the day he says he has discovered who was responsible for the murder of his former wife Annie Mae Pictou Aquash.
John Trudell loses his wife and children to a fire. Mt. Rushmore is bombed by AIM with Dave Hill executing the plan.

Annie Mae Pictou Aquash is murdered after being labelled a snitch. Perry Ray Robinson Jr. is murdered due in part to the same suspicion.Multiple unmarked graves populate the wk2 area for the same reason.

AIM corrupts ceremonies with the presence of alcohol and drugs. Russell Means admits to selling and using drugs in his autobiography and wants to open his beer store in WhiteClay, even applies for a license. Clyde Bellecourt is arrested, charged with being a major drug dealer and convicted. Organized crime and common drug dealers engage in the same distribution.

Russell Means, Dennis Banks, and Leonard Peltier author books extolling their virtues as liberators and warriors.

Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, and Leonard Crow Dog name brand and promote for profit ceremonies.
Not being satisfied with mere name recognition Means and Banks take turns proclaiming they are the face of AIM and Clyde Bellecourt incorporates the brand while Crow Dog bestows the title of “chief of chiefs” upon himself.

Means alludes to being Crazy Horse come again and an authority on the subject of matriarchy – not to be outdone Dennis Banks opts for “spiritual leader” and a man who loves all women.

The leadership as an entity takes the majority payout at the BIA takeover and parties with it, literally tens of thousands of dollars – to a man they make a career of running scams.

Dennis Banks, Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt all share a history of incarceration prior to the formation of AIM – Russell Means and Leonard Crow dog later join the fraternity of ex cons.Not to be outdone petty lifelong thug Leonard Peltier murders at least one federal agent and spends the following decades behinds bars attempting to convince people he is a victim and “courageous” warrior, a “hero”.

Criminal organizations routinely resort to intimidation, threats of violence directed at family members and children as a means to to insure silence and control, AIM follows suite doing likewise and includes their version of enforcers.

Criminal organizations have a well defined hierarchy.who issue orders and engage in turf wars – AIM parallels the model.

There are other victims, other criminal acts illustrating the parallels that exist among the AIM leadership and other criminal organizations like the Mafia, but it would be a lengthy process to enumerate all of them and this short list suffices.

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Tetuwan Lakota scholar, educator, historian, Sun Dance participant, Cannunpa carrier, cultural & spiritual preservationist, journalist-writer and fraud investigator.
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